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Winners of our #ExploreBeautiful Contest

We’ve finally selected the winners of our first leg of contest for the #ExploreBeautiful #ExploreWorldwide series with Acer. Check out the list below if you’re one of them.

Our winners will get an Acer Jade smartphone each and a dinner date with Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano during the awarding this November 27.

Being hospitalized several times when I was a child, I developed a fear of people wearing white uniforms. They always give me nightmares before because whenever they come around I feel pain. Without even knowing that the pain they give me is a part of the "process" which in turn will make me stronger, better, and healthier. I guess that's how life is. The more you get rid of something, the more it comes to you. I am now a Registered Nurse, I now wear the uniform I was once afraid of. I am wearing my uniform with dignity and compassion because I know that there is a reason why I became a nurse, that there is a reason why I became one of those people I hate before. I have discovered the beauty of this profession, and that is being benevolent and beneficial to others by providing quality healthcare that everyone deserves. #ExploreBeautiful #ExploreWorldwide

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Congratulations to Dez Carino and Really Ner Balot.

Important note: Winners must be able to attend the awarding and dinner with Toni Gonzaga/Paul Santos on November 27 at Vyne, BGC. Otherwise, we will pick the runners-up in their stead.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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10 Responses

  1. Jheng Pascual says:

    Lasalista pa nanalo, :(

    Yugatech guys always FAIL me, since the start. :(

    Now I completely lose hope in joining your contests. :(


    • Geek says:

      I feel you bro. From the very start. -_-

    • Miss Call says:

      So the winner is chosen based on the reason that she is a “Lasalista”? Okay…

    • Jheng says:

      Hi Geek! Gal here. diba? its been a long journey, di mo malaman if mga kakilala nila yung mga winners or what.

      Hi Miss Call, okay lang sana kahit sino, kaso mas marming better entries. I wonder bakit sila pa nanalo.
      Congrats na din.

    • So accurate nakakabwisit yang Yugatech team nagpapa-contest tapos sila-sila lang din nananalo minsan tinitingnan lang sa look tapos hindi siguro binabasa yung ibang entry. Sana huwag na kayong sponsoran ng mga sponsors niyo puro kayo peke karamihan sa blog niyo epic fail! Bwisit #ExploreYugatechSoBulok!

    • Jheng says:

      O db? may “runners up” daw sila.

      If only I am not a fan of Toni G., baka di na ko sumali ulit sa susunod n contests nila. I lose hope but will still try if meron pa si toni Gonzaga.

      Sana maging professionals din sila sa pagpili. :D

  2. diego delos santos says:

    The energy and enthusiasm of the youth. I see no beauty in the current state of our primitive healthcare system. Have this kids been hospitalized or experienced any similar situation? Have they been to PCSO and fall in line at 4am in the morning to get medical assistance? HAVE they smelled the stench and have they seen the faces of those dying people falling in line? Have they experienced the stone cold compassion of those personnel approving the medicines to be given? I dont know why kids today are easily corrupted by external mumbo jumbo. I have a wife and two kids. I see no beauty in raising them. All i see are expense accounts. The only beauty i see is im wiser, tougher and darker as the years go by. Also i see no beauty and art in those write ups. I apologize if i offended anybody for this is the kind of beauty i see in life.

    • Asawa ni Diego says:

      Diego, asawa ko! Umuwi ka na po. Miss ka na namin ng mga anak mo. Palagi kang hinahanap ng panganay mo. Sige na mahal, uwi ka na. Hiwalayan mo na yang kalaguyo mo.

    • kapitbahay ni Diego says:

      Si Mang Diego Delos Santos nga to? For real?

    • Alagang aso ni Diego says:

      Mahal kong amo ano ba ang kinain mo at nagka ganyan ka? Dati-rati’y ako pa’y napapasyal mo sa damuhan para mag laro, subalit ngayo’y hindi mo na ako napagtutunan ng pansin dahil sa iyong trabaho. Ang payo ko sayo ay bumalik na lang tayo sa damuhan. Love Blacky.

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