YugaTech 2008 New Year Giveaway

YugaTech 2008 New Year Giveaway

While we still have a few more days left for 2007, why don’t we cap off the year with yet another round of contest and giveaways? Thanks to the support of our friends at Auction.PH, we have more stuff to send out on top of what I have in my storage box.

Here’s what we’ll be giving away this time around:

  • Creative 2.1 Subwoofer System
  • Php2,000 Gift Certificate on any Nokia Stores*
  • Shell-Ferrari Model Cars**
  • Apacer USB 2.0 Drive
  • 20 pcs. Auction.PH T-Shirts
  • 2 accounts for 1-year Free 1GB Hosting and Domain***

Here’s how to win in the raffle:

For the Auction.PH T-Shirt, just leave a comment with your gender and shirt size. We’ll have 10 for males and 10 for females.


For all the rest of the prizes, just mention/trackback this contest/giveaway in your blog with a link to our sponsors (Auction.PH and plogHost).

You can win more prizes by commenting or blogging about this. Winners will be raffled and announced here on Monday, January 7, 2008. Total prizes cost over Php25,000. Happy New Year to all!

* GC valid on ff. store: Digital Exchange in Glorietta 3; Podium in Ortigas; and CyberZone at SM City, North EDSA
** Models depend on availability
*** Powered by plogHost (any .com, .net, .org with 1GB webspace & 20GB bandwidth valued at Php9,000 a year)
– T-Shirts will be shipped by Auction.PH anywhere in the Philippines via courier
– some items (2.1 Subwoofer) will have to be picked up at Makati

– I’m the owner of web hosting company, plogHost.com
– I’m an official endorser of Auction.PH

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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133 Responses

  1. Joseph says:

    Ang galante ng auction.ph. Hope I would win! Male / medium here.

  2. uhm. can we join for the shirt AND other prizes? Parang ung isang contest? Male/Medium din po

  3. jplamano says:


    sali ako…

    size -> Medium

    Gender -> Male

    :D Happy new year!!

  4. quezacolt says:

    sali ako pero tingin ko wala akong size

    male, xxxl! hehe =)

  5. deuts says:

    Re: for the rest of the prizes, how would you know, or should I say, I would we know that we have a qualified entry for the raffle?

  6. yuga says:

    @ sylverblade, yes you can join in both.

    @ deuts, I will leave a comment in your entry saying so. ;)

  7. Hehehe. Another contest :3 I want a tshirt: Male Large.

    BTW, it seems that Auction.ph hasn’t emailed me yet about my price on the previous contest. Sigh.

  8. another great great great giveaways!! I want the Tshirt! Im a Male, Large.

  9. otoymreyes says:

    pwede sumali :) kahit yung free t shirt heheh XXL :) happy new year to all!

  10. Lyle, RN says:

    Hope I win. Happy new year!
    Male, Large

  11. boddah says:

    1GB webspace & 20GB bandwidth? Wow, Reseller Plan! Pwede…

    male, medium

  12. Paul says:

    Pasali uli ^_^
    Male Large size hehehe pwede may kiss ni Alessandra hehehe

  13. nonoy says:

    Male, Large pls. Hehehe

  14. manu says:

    Hi guys! im incharge for Auction.Ph prizes….For those winners who linked our site and the promo, please email me at [email protected]….
    Thanx Master Abe!

  15. Gender: Male
    TShirt Size: Large

  16. Lace says:

    Yey contest! Female/medium :)

  17. RM says:

    i want to join this. i hope i win.. now, i’m sad coz my fon yesterday was snatch.

  18. Gender: Male
    TShirt Size: Large

  19. Noemi Dado says:

    I want to win Abe!

    for t-shirt- gender (Female)
    Large size

  20. Thanks for the wonderful gifts. I hope I win one !!!!

    Male – Large size

  21. Male – Medium (ehehe)

  22. Ryan says:


  23. Ryan says:

    ay mali, eto pala ang tama


  24. Tonyo Cruz says:

    Sa dami ng prizes, hindi ako makapamili.

    I have two choices:

    Hosting for a new blog I’m starting next year


    the Nokia GC

    And so I will make a post about this shortly.

  25. Gene says:

    ok ang mga giveaways natin ah.

  26. Ryan says:

    Yuga? panu naman kung outside metro manila ang winner? how can he claim the prize? such as the subwofer?

    Just mentioned it on http://shannonxj.blogspot.com/2007/12/yugatech-year-ender-giveaways.html

  27. jervis says:

    yugatech, everyone,
    have a blessed new year. :)

    (male, medium)

  28. calvin says:

    abe ako pasali. di pa ako nananalo ng mga online contest hahaha. sige mention ko itong contest sa blog ko.

  29. backdraft says:

    size: XL
    Gender: Male

  30. jervi reyes says:

    male, XL

  31. jervi reyes says:

    sna khit wla blog un iba members sna mkasali sila sa raffle hndi lng sa t-shirt… sayang e

  32. marhgil says:

    pasali!… male / XL here

  33. tina says:


  34. Jeric says:

    Male Medium here :)

  35. Dexter says:

    Baka sakali .. Pagpalain na ako ngayon dito sa contest na ito.. he he he

    Xtra Large po…

  36. charles says:

    Im in too.
    Male – Large. ;)

  37. Flish says:

    Oooh, another giveaway! Yay! Female / Large :)

  38. thanx says:

    male, small skin ha… rakista kc eh…
    gusto ni pa bang kumita ng pera? bisitahin nio lang to!

  39. Beverly says:

    I would definetly post this on my blog, sana manalo ko! I would like to have the 1 year free hosting package, hehehe gusto ko kasing magkaron na ng domain eh…Napaka bait naman ni Sir Abraham aka Yuga to have something like this to give away, hehehe good luck to all of us!!!

  40. Flish says:

    Hi Yuga,

    Just mentioned your contest in my blog:

    Felices Pascua Y Prospero Año Nuevo! :)

  41. Ederic says:

    Sali rin ako. Hehe. Male, medium. :)

  42. kates says:

    basta makaka libre sali ako dyan.

    :gender => ‘male’,
    :size => ‘medium’

  43. ralph says:

    male here

    size: small

    im a winner hehehe

  44. Melvin says:

    Bait ni sir, Happy New Year!!!

    male, Large

  45. Mayolin says:

    I love this blogsite.

    female, medium

  46. arnold says:

    Sali ako
    Male, Small

  47. Aiza says:

    Weee!! Female, large ata… :-p

  48. James says:


    gender: Male

    Size: Large


  49. Carl says:

    Nice to be back! I’d like to have that tee shirt (male, medium size). Thanks!

  50. I am male same size with you – Large!? :)

  51. connie says:

    wow galing!!! I won the last time..thanks yugatech..sali ulit ako… :)

    female, small

    and hope i could the 1 year free hosting and domain or the 2K worth GC

    just blog about this

  52. Wow, another big contest! Nice Yuga n’ the rest of Auction.Ph!

    Let me in— male/medium



  53. ayos! happy new year to all! :-) congratz in advance sa mga mananalo hehe

  54. benedict says:

    male large
    Happy New Year!

  55. Count me in!

    Gender : Male

    Size : Medium


  56. Jay Ar Juan says:

    Male- Small

  57. LJ Lee says:

    Astig, Abe! Happy New Year!
    Female – Medium

  58. Gabriel says:

    Isali nyo ako dyan :D


    Btw Advanced Happy New Year

  59. jay says:

    weeeeeeee. happy new year! i’ll post a pic of mine wearing that tshirt if ever i will win on this. :P
    – male/medium

  60. topdog says:

    I’m a size small or extra small. :)

  61. ARISTOTEL says:

    sana manalo po ako ng usb o kaya naman po eh yung t-shirt nalang small size lang po… tnx happy new year to every one..^_^

  62. ARISTOTEL says:

    salamat sa auction.ph ANG GALING!!!

  63. Jun Fonte says:

    Advance Happy New Year…
    Male – Large

  64. Wow! Ang daming response! Kuya Abe, you never fail to amaza me. ;)

    Mentioned it here. .


    Goodluck everyone!

  65. uhh I think I just lost my site >_

  66. err.. comment got cut off. In the case that the Atma Xplorer is no longer recoverable ito na lang po:


  67. windy says:

    Oh, hello, I’ll join as well, haha. Here’s the page: http://windracer.multiply.com/journal/item/358/YugaTech_2008_New_Year_Giveaway

    At yung sa shirt naman po, female, medium. Good luck sa lahat~ :D

  68. David Dunn says:

    Hi there,

    This contest looks really good, with some really cool prizes. However, residing in the UK, I was wondering if there are any of the competitions I could enter?

    If so which ones?

    Just wondering because it would be difficult for some prizes to be shipped here.


  69. jun says:

    male – XL…

    Hapi New year Abe. Hope to catch you soon.

  70. I wanna win all those prizes.

  71. Jan Alvin says:

    Happy new year ABE!!!

    Male /Medium po sakin…

    Thank you din po sa auction.ph at sa inyo sa e-money…


  72. danix says:

    yuga’s really bigtime now eh!
    i didnt know u ownd plogHost.com hehehe
    anyways, started reading yugatech a long time ago when it was still hosted on another site which i totally forgot now.. not yet the domain name..hehe
    anyways, hope i win the hosting and shirt! ehhe

    size medium..male :D tnx mr. abe! :D

  73. Ada says:

    female – small

  74. billy says:

    wah…this is really nice idea

  75. Leojay says:

    Great prize from Auction.ph, wish I’m one of the lucky winners, if ever, my size is medium. Happy New Year to everyone!

  76. anna says:

    sali ako!

    female/small =)

    happy new year!

  77. deuts says:

    What about me? Male, XL. :)

  78. sherry says:

    female – small … Happy New Year!!

  79. Azrael says:

    i like to join
    and try my luck in grabbing that subwoffer hahahaha


    happy new year yuga! and to all your blog readers too!

  80. Hi yuga! Me want shirt too. Female here. Small size please. Medium is ok too coz I have big boobies. ;-) Tnx!

  81. This is my first time to join your contest. :) Hope I win.

    Gender: Male
    Size: Extra Large

    Thanks Yuga!

  82. McBilly says:

    Oh Wow! I want to join too.

    Gender: Male
    Size: Medium

    Thanks a lot Yuga. Happy New Year too! :)

  83. JM says:

    Wow dami giveaways! sama ako! JM here, medium sized shirt please. =)

  84. JM says:

    Hehe… male medium sized shirt here.

    Also, I wrote about this on my blog:

  85. Hapson says:

    I hope i will win a tshirt also. Thanks for this to Yuga Tech

  86. Kevin says:

    male, size small :D

  87. Lyle, RN says:

    Mentioned the contest at Pinoy R.N. (www.PinoyRN.co.nr)

    Here’s the direct link:

  88. i will try again… i can’t find my post on dec 28 eh… but still pushing my luck and pray that i will win… female/large for the tee and hope subwoofer will be mine… happy new year everyone

  89. manu says:

    For the 15k e-money give away pls. see winner list here: http://www.auction.ph/index.php?module=Help&action=QnA&qid=226&cid=160

    For those winners who haven’t received their prizes yet, kindly email me at : [email protected]
    Congratulations! Happy New Year!

  90. henryc says:


    heres my entry for this contest

    user id in auction.ph: henryc

    t-shirt size XXL or XXXL or JUst XL

  91. oliver says:

    Nice contests!

    Wishing for a better luck on 2008…crossing every fingers i have.


  92. yace23 says:

    Hope I win.

    Gender: female
    Size: Small

    Thanks Yuga!

  93. atomicgirl says:

    Happy New Year! Female. Large. And yeah, I’ve got a post on this one: http://atomicgirl.blogdrive.com/archive/706.html

  94. Allen says:

    Hi I’ve blogged about this too. I wish I can win something hehe ^_^


  95. vhonne says:

    abot pa ba sa T-shirt?



    here’s my entry:


  96. djoching says:

    Hi, i’m new in blogging and i hope i could win this contest to help me improve my site. thanks.


  97. asdix says:

    okay, so i forgot i needed to post a postie on my blog to win the domain and hosting.. hehe

    here’s my entry.
    please, let me win.. hehe


    Thanks sir abe! hope i win :)
    domain domain domain.. heheh

  98. nag babakasakali…


    ^___^ Happy New Year Yuga! :P *kahit di mo ko kilala.. hehehe :P*

  99. Hello Master Yuga, here’s my blog entry:


    Incase the trackback won’t register instantly.

    A Nokia GC voucher would be nice.

    Thanks ;)

  100. hi.. sali ako.

    i hope manalo din ako.

    female/small size.

    here is my blog entry…

  101. brVince says:

    Me, Im contented with the T-shirt for me (for male, medium size) I wish I have one from you :)

  102. brVince says:

    LoL! Tapos na pala, di ko na maihabol pa

  103. weng says:

    i want a shirt… ;) medium..:D

  104. Don says:

    any shirt left 4 me?(english) may stock pa ba? (tagalog)shongshengshilogistixmusheemushee (chinese)medium po meehehe

  105. oh yea.. getting started.. female : so good..

  106. It had been a while since I visited website with such high quality information. Thansk rather a lot for the helpful data

  107. Hi! Very valuable tip on this post! It does not take little tweaks that can make the largest shift. Thanks a great deal for sharing!

  108. mister a says:

    monggo di tengok punya ku :) makasih

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