YugaTech-WidgetCity X-Mini Giveaway

YugaTech-WidgetCity X-Mini Giveaway

Many of you might be familiar with our giveaway sponsor this week, Widget City. We’ve bought a number of items from them and also regularly borrow units to review. They’re also very kind to send us stuff to give away to readers.

So we got three (3) X-Mini speakers to give away to readers. Just scroll down below and follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget.


We start accepting entries today and end it on Saturday next week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Widget City for these free stuff to our readers.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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579 Responses

  1. elaine says:

    I want this!

  2. Aldrin Lozano says:

    these is cool stuff. WANT. NEED.

  3. Francis Gamban says:

    I wanna win :D More power yugatech

  4. Marco says:

    I just joined the raffle. Make me win please :)

  5. Tsiremo says:

    Never tried buying from Widget City..but i love those speakers!!!

  6. Lourdes says:

    I used to have one because my mom wanted it. I gave it to her so I need a new one :)

  7. jean paolo says:

    I want one!

  8. ryan sison says:

    been thinking of buying at widget city, but will welcome this giveaway of course even if i haven’t bought one yet at their store…..

  9. Giannreli says:

    They have a wide range of products to choose from.

  10. victor says:

    Haven’t tried buying @ widgetcity but my officemate did. And said lot of good things like low price, easy to transact with and delivers item online.

  11. richard says:

    my wish since i got my first ipod :D

  12. Alexander Genvarev says:

    I’d love to try buying from Widget City. Thanks Widget City and YugaTech for the giveaway!

  13. Ron says:

    Amazing set of portable speakers!!!

  14. victor says:

    Haven’t tried buying @ widgetcity but my officemate did. And said lot of good things like low price, easy to transact with and delivers item on time.

  15. John Matthew says:

    I love to buy at Widget City .

    Unfortunately . I don’t have money LOL ..


  16. NemOry says:

    I want this speakers.

  17. juicyjor says:

    not yet. but if win8 phones come.

  18. LunaTech says:

    i hope i win this time… ganda eh

  19. Robert Cyril Soria says:

    The best yugatech!☻

  20. arvin says:

    I Haven’t tried ordering from them. Though we frequent their site to check out their latest offerings. I found the Galaxy Nexus quite tempting. :D

  21. trisha aguilar says:

    I love it :)) superb

  22. Geno Romblon says:

    I’ve been looking for a perfect portable speaker for my Galaxy Note right now. This will be the right time! hope I win.

  23. Denia says:

    Not yet, but hopefully soon. :)

  24. Gaizel says:

    Amazing! I want this!

  25. ferdie romero says:

    Tried once when I bought my Sony Smartwatch. I love them because they have low prices and they even have items that are not normally available locally.

  26. Lyle says:

    Great store!

  27. Gerald dela Cruz says:

    I’d love to. :)

  28. Denn Michael Pablo says:

    I want the X-Mini Max Speakers

  29. Ja says:

    Been thinking of purchasing stuff from them. Heard about good reviews regarding their service. Naks!

  30. Sancho Bacagan Jr says:

    wow! what a timing! my portable speaker gave up on me.hehe.. Hope to win one! :)

  31. rafraf says:

    I’d like to try one of these days, nagiipon lang muna. :)

  32. Aecee05 says:

    I haven’t but, I’d like to try.. :)

  33. Ace says:

    I hope I get one of these. Think this will be a great addition to my tech gear.

  34. Charduz says:

    They have the lowest price for Xperia S! One of those would be a great combo with that phone!

  35. jasper says:

    not yet but soon.. waiting for ip5

  36. Denn Michael Pablo says:

    I want to win the X-Mini Max Speakers

  37. Charles says:

    not yet but im a fan of widget city im using them as reference on gadget prices xD

  38. Sonny David Huab says:

    Not yet =)

  39. Margaret S. Chan says:

    have not yet brought anything from widget city since I seem not have seen their store yet

  40. Potpot says:

    i purchased X-mini II on Yugadeals! The sounds are really fantastic!

  41. jason says:

    Planning to buy a tablet, I’ll try widgetcity

  42. Richmond Cenizal says:

    yup! bought my Sony Xperia Sola at Widget City. ^_^

    they reply fastest among the online stores i know..

  43. jason says:

    Planning to buy a tablet, I’ll try in widgetcity

  44. JCO says:

    X-Mini Speakers, good audio in small packages…

  45. lloi says:

    No. But i heard u got cool stuff…

  46. ban says:

    I want this too :)

  47. Brownspank says:


  48. allan says:

    twice already… they have cheaper price compared to malls.

  49. alaine says:

    i wan’t one! hahaha

  50. Gian L. Pacaña says:

    Yes, Widgetcity is a reliable online seller of gadgets at a good price. They’re easy to deal with, just look at their website for the item that you want to buy and the availability, then text them your order, then they will tell you when and where to pick-up your order. POOF! Done deal!

  51. mon says:

    ipad 3, widget city is reliable and most advance online store.

  52. Sancho Bacagan Jr says:

    Haven’t tried buying online from widget city but got a recommendation from a friend. might check it out

  53. mary grace decena says:

    I’m planning to buy SE Sola on widget because its more affordable and trustworthy because of the positive feedback by their customers

  54. chakz says:

    not yet… but maybe in my next purchase…

  55. Ron says:

    i’ve never won in a giveaway contest so i hope i win this one.., xD

  56. JV says:

    I have my 1 year old X-mini still rolling and rockin my desk.

  57. Mark Jensen says:

    Yes, they have affordable, up-to-date gadgets! And they have reasonable price, too! :D

  58. rainegoAway says:

    Because Widget City has the best prices and fastest service!

  59. ace says:

    not yet, because they’re cool

  60. Laurence Beruin says:

    Not yet but it’s on top of my list when I buy gadgets online sometime in the future.

  61. LuckyLeo says:

    Have you tried buying from Widget City? Why do you like them?

    No, But I’m willing to buy, given the fact that is very convenient and the product is affordtable :)

  62. Kilbaine says:

    Me likey! :)

  63. Crisi says:

    Widget City is cool with their wide range of tech stuff. My bf bought his samsung galaxy s2 and sony experia arc s there :)

  64. Abiecapz says:

    Wow! Want to have those!! :)

  65. ray says:

    Prices are quite cheap compared to others…

  66. B166ER says:

    I already bought Senns earphones from WidgetCity. Affordable prices! They were also our sponsor in our event. Easy to deal with! Definitely won’t be my last transaction from them. :D

  67. Oh my. Such cute speakers! <3

  68. Eds says:

    I haven’t but i have heard good feedbacks about them.

  69. richard says:

    want to test this speakers

  70. slither1004 says:

    i haven’t tried but I’m willing to buy!

  71. Adrian says:

    Coincidentally planning to buy an X-mini from WidgetCity due to their very affordable prices but might not if I win. :)

  72. manerdie says:

    bought 3 times!!! love their prices

  73. richard says:

    not yet tried buying from widget city, not sure if they have a stall here in pampanga

  74. Arjay Carbungco says:

    i haven’t but i know they are trust-worthy because my other groupmates bought some awesome gadgets from them at lowest prices :))

  75. BA Racoma says:

    Nope. Almost, in a deal site. But I’d rather buy from them straight, based on my experience with those deals.

  76. ryan says:

    widgetcity offers gadgets in lower price than the other stores in malls and other online stores. they have also good customer service, they replied fast when I texted them to inquire.

  77. ryan says:

    widgetcity offers gadgets in lower price than the other stores in malls and other online stores. they have also good customer service, they replied fast when I text them to inquire.

  78. Erwin says:

    Im Planning to buy a Unit in Widget city :) i love the way how fast they response to my questions..

  79. angel says:

    twice already. mas mababa ang price.

  80. Francis Falucho says:

    I havent tried to buy at Widget City but I like to have those cute mini speakers!

  81. Anthony says:

    planning to buy a new mobile phone or a brand new tablet at widgetcity

  82. Bomel says:

    i haven’t tried buying but i always check their website to look for low price gadgets

  83. Abetoy says:

    Haven’t have a budget to buy a gadget but definitely I will choose WidgetCity because they offer gadgets in lower price and heard from friends that service is really good! :)

  84. Eds says:

    i have not but planning to purchase xperia U

  85. jhepoyski says:

    Haven’t tried buying but as i have seen the prices are affordable

  86. Jomar Cariaga says:

    I want this…. :)

  87. Christian Ferrer says:

    I bought my macbook pro @ widget city. Very accommodating and great to transact with.

  88. Robert Cyril Soria says:

    The best yugatech☺

  89. Been planning to buy a portable speaker, it would be really nice to have one :)

  90. aldreen villapando says:

    I hope its me this time.

  91. Robert Chun Wong says:

    i haven’t tried, but i heard prices are great and can save a lot of money.

  92. ronald says:

    Nope but the prices are the lowest i have seen. Soon i hope to buy from them

  93. Nik Menguito says:

    Wow, sana manalo ako dito :D

  94. aldreen villapando says:

    I hope its me this time. :]

  95. john says:

    x-mini still the best mini speakers for me hehe.. mura lang din kase

  96. ma nel says:

    i haven’t bought anything from widget city coz i think we don’t have a branch here.

  97. Chino says:

    Nope, but they are selling gadgets at a reasonable prices compared to SRP. They also have wide variety of gadgets. Keep it up Widgetcity!

  98. Susana Irenea Borja says:

    I haven’t tried but my son recommends WidgetCity to me and his friends. So I might end up asking him to buy and pick-up my next phone from WidgetCity. Cheers!

  99. Uy Alkino says:

    I still am saving up for my dream phone, but I absolutely love Widget City, I haven’t even bought the phone yet but their high service quality is already apparent. They reply quickly and provide detailed information regarding product and warranty.:)

  100. Jocy says:

    haven’t tried yet.

  101. Robert Cyril Soria says:

    The best yugatech!☺

  102. Ernesto Luis Mabunga says:

    I’ve been to Widget City before and they seem good. They have a lot of items for sale there along with some rare finds. X-Mini speakers, they’re good to bring anywhere because of their size and style

  103. azeroth says:

    good news: 1 of my friend bought an xperia play in widgetcity for a very cheap price and its brand new!
    bad news: only service warranty is covered, when it got broke, they onl;y repaired it and on the other day it broke again.

  104. Howee Marquez says:

    I like Widget City because they sell gadgets at the most affordable prices and they supply the newest smartphones!

  105. lui says:

    i will have it!

  106. Annabelle Pamisa says:

    I have bought once, and I am going to buy more in the near future.

  107. Jian Salalima says:

    I need this little speakers on the go.

  108. Redgie Louie Campani says:

    i want one! :))

  109. Ricafort Cenizal says:

    I like Widget City because of the promptness of their replies to customer’s questions.

  110. edriangelo paule says:

    i really love to listen to my playlist so this speaker really fits to me.

  111. Grace says:

    I don’t always join free raffle stuffs, but when I do, I get my hopes up :) I hope I’ll get one of those..Thanks Widget City and Yugatech

  112. Ermilo Gialogo says:

    Widget City is awesome! The latest devices on the most affordable price!

  113. Ermilo Gialogo says:

    Widget City is awesome! The latest devices at the most affordable price!

  114. Wendell Tan says:

    No, lately I haven’t purchased any gadgets for last few months.

  115. Sarah Kaye Rosales says:

    I like that speakers:D Hope to win:D

  116. Jerome Kang says:

    this would be great with my Nexus 7! :D

  117. Bought an SLR bag and Itouch charger at an affordable price! Thanks to Widget City! :)

  118. Christian says:

    wHat I love about Widget City is they have gadgets not available in other store

  119. Louie says:

    Im the winner

  120. Francis says:

    I need one for my Ipod.

  121. Michael Jara says:

    Yes. Got my Samsung Galaxy S2 with them. Simply cheapest but still quality.

  122. Eugenio says:

    i bought my nexus 7 from widget city..great service overall..transaction was fast..price was very competitive..great buy from them.

  123. Bobby says:

    i bought my iPod touch there 2 years ago! The staff are super friendly ^_^

  124. Angelito Budomo says:

    This will be a good addition to my stuff infront of my desktop PC.

  125. Michelle Ledesma says:

    I havent tried buying from widget city but I’ve heard a lot about them. If yugatech buys from them then they must be good. :)

  126. Glenn Michael says:

    I want one!

  127. Jin Cruz says:

    I haven’t but I surely will.

    I need xmini speakers for dance practice :3

  128. Rene Gatdula says:

    ..haven’t tried…maybe some other time….

  129. Angelito Budomo says:

    I haven’t tried buying from online stores yet. I don’t have the means. But I know of WidgetCity because of Yugatech. I am browsing their products from time to time.

  130. Art Reyes Jr says:

    When I find new gadgets, I always make sure to check Widget City first if the y already have it. So far, I made 2 transactions with Widget City already and I’m always satisfied. Looking forward doing business with them again.

  131. Rayvic S. says:

    i want and i need one for my laptop.. =j Hope i could win this one..

  132. Aaron a says:

    Haven’t tried widget city but their price is very cheap compared to other retailers

  133. rose says:

    i been wanting this speakers for a long time now.
    i hope i win!

  134. halojin says:

    Sana swertihin na ako ngayon hehe :D

  135. Weng says:

    me want x-mini speakers. :)

  136. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    I haven’t, but I really would love to if my budget permits me :)

  137. Darius says:

    I want one!!

  138. Neil John Ocampo says:

    I haven’t tried but I would love to buy one soon!

  139. pautlgn says:

    Cool! Well i’m waiting for the 30th to purchase Xperia Sola @ Widget City!

  140. jums says:

    haven’t tried buying from widgetcity. but im planning to get my mba from them. i hope theyre still offering the “free” installation of windows for mac :-)

  141. allan bautista says:

    definitely one of the best compact speakers!!love it!

  142. Vivian de los Reyes says:

    I want one so bad!!!!

  143. Yves Parma says:

    Yes! It is the ideal place to get the latest gadgets for low prices.

  144. Ferdie dela Cruz says:

    Eto ang hinihintay ng iPod touch ko!!

  145. Mina says:

    Not yet, but I usually browse the site and I like the variety that they offer.

  146. ammiel says:

    I like them because they give very competitive prices

  147. Jo Narca says:

    I haven’t yet but I’ll reconsider if I win. Hehehehe

  148. Vivian de los Reyes says:

    Yes! Their products are affordable and authentic!

  149. not yet. but their product lines are impressive. might consider buying soon :D

  150. Andrea says:

    Have tried buying from
    Widgetcity before, my xperia ray. Very easy transaction and very accomodating as well

  151. leo rances garcia says:

    yap:) their product is so affordable

  152. dencio says:

    like them because they are small and compact.

  153. ungas101 says:

    i need one :))

  154. I already did. Bought a Sony Smartwatch. I like the prizes, so competitive.

  155. ungas101 says:

    i need one :)) cool speakers :))

  156. nie says:

    nope…but I like to try is someday

  157. ungas101 says:

    :)) cool speakers :))can i have one??

  158. adrian says:

    Not yet, but next time I will try

  159. Karl says:

    I have bought stuff from Widget City and I must say that I liked them because the prices are reasonable! :D

  160. Voice within says:

    Really nice! Good luck to all for this give away :D

  161. glen ford says:

    Not yet, but I hope I will in the future. Their prices are cheaper than other online shopping sites, like the xperia ray. I guess they have the cheapest price of it online.

  162. Ed says:

    Not yet, but planning to buy my next gadget through widget city

  163. Jeremy Kua says:

    I haven’t tried buying from widget city but honestly, if I win this, I might start to do so! I like them cause they’re responsible for cool deals such as this giveaway right here! More power to you, Widget City!

  164. Jedd Axell says:

    I haven’t tried buying anything yet, but I like their prices for being lower than mall prices

  165. council says:

    I haven’t tried buying anything from Widget City yet but I’ve been visiting their site and find the items on hand of good quality and competitive prices.

  166. Intsik says:

    Cool speakers.. Suki na ako ng Widget City and their prices are way cheaper than other online stores.

  167. lionell says:

    Panalo mag advertise mura pamagbenta

  168. CliffRosario says:

    Widget City always offers the latest and the cheapest gadgets online!

  169. Kelvin Sarmiento says:

    i havent bought from them yet but i heard they have competitive prices especially their tablets :)

  170. Billy Hung says:

    i havent bought anything yet but i heard and i saw thaat their prices are really chep compared to mall prices

  171. Rejoy says:

    i haven’t try widget city. im here just for the give aways :) mope power yugatech

  172. ver louie gautani says:

    Bought nokia bluetooth headset. Very competative price!

  173. ojay says:

    nice…………!!!!!!!!! iwant one!

  174. PJ Cunanan says:

    havent tried widgetcity yet but ill definitely do so when i have the money.. :D

  175. Emmanuel says:

    I haven’t really tried buying from widget city, but the products on their site looks really promising. Maybe one of these days I can try buying from them. :)

  176. Berto Putik says:

    Good luck sa mga participants:D

  177. Berto Putik says:

    I haven’t tried either, hopefully manalo and after that, I might buy from them if the giveaways are really good.

  178. I bought my Galaxy Note from them last January. I like them because the price was well below SRP and the meetup at Gateway went without a hitch :)

  179. Because they’re one of the cheapest yet reliable sellers I’ve known.

  180. Jim Lipscomb says:

    I haven’t tried them yet, but giving this away is nice

  181. Cedric Paul says:

    nice. give away time again

  182. Bryan_0906 says:

    Always wanted to have my own pair of mini speakers so I would love to win!

  183. braylle says:

    I haven’t tried them yet

  184. srxt says:

    havnt tried, but i heard it is quality with low price.

  185. Harold Isaguirre says:

    I want these! lmme win :)

  186. choi says:

    Widgetcity is one of the cheapest,affordable,up to date online store (not to mention closest in my place..1 jeepney ride away) that sells cellphones,camera stuff,tablets,cp accesories etc. bought my xperia arc S and galaxy s2 there.

  187. mandy says:

    nice items for grabs ^_^

  188. Adrian says:

    cool speakers!

  189. Justine Juan says:

    I haven’t bought from WidgetCity yet, but I believe they have reasonable prices for their products

  190. Gerald says:

    Another Giveaway!!! hahaha

  191. james says:

    i want one :)

  192. steve del castillo says:

    i haven’t bought anything to that store but im looking foward if i win to this contest. he he!

  193. smartiesko says:

    I haven’t tried Widget City yet, but from what I’ve read in some sites their prices are relatively lower than offline stores.

  194. Justine says:

    I haven’t tried it

  195. Jared Jumagdao says:

    Yes I have and the convenience not to mention the affordability makes me want to come back for more. :)

  196. Trixia says:

    WOW, nice giveaway. That’s timing, i don’t have mini speaker yet.

  197. Gem says:

    I haven’t tried them yet, but i have some items that i really want to buy back then. but dont have enough money yet. :( But thanks to the giveaway.

  198. love these cool speakers!

  199. franciselmer says:

    fast response and low prizes!hehe

  200. ArnoldSJ says:

    I’m a regular buyer of widget city, bought a lot of phones from them since last year, very reliable, and very competive prices, I always let them ship my phone to Nueva Ecija, no problems so far. :-)

  201. Justin says:

    Didn’t try to buy there yet but would love too! =)

  202. nivrehs says:

    Haven’t tried buying from them yet but the price of their gadgets are competitive and reasonable

  203. Trixia says:

    I haven’t try any items in widgetcity but i search on the net and they have good items in a reasonable price.

  204. Jan Denver says:

    Wow! Cool speakers!

  205. Michael B. Silva says:

    i haven’t tried yet, but surely I’ll try buying within the year! :)

  206. Ann Clare says:

    haven’t tried buying from them yet..but heard good feedbacks from buyers..might buy soon..great giveaway! :)

  207. Just what I need to my music-craving!

  208. Lee Magpantay says:

    price is cheap for an online electronics store

  209. Camm says:

    Widget City has VERY affordable prices and good customer services like meetups for example :D

  210. jv says:

    not yet, but hopefully soon. :)

  211. duke_06 says:

    I haven’t tried yet… They have relatively low price offerings, so it’s tempting to buy from them.

  212. Bought from Widget City almost 5 times. Worth it! ;)

  213. jenny says:

    yes,it’s affordable!

  214. Phia Villanueva says:

    I haven’t tried buying from WidgetCity or any online stores, but their price is relatively cheap :)

  215. Yes, their items are relatively cheaper

  216. I want this one,..good for my business orientations

  217. jenny says:

    yes, and it’s affordable!

  218. Christian Ampoloquio says:

    I haven’t tried any Widget City products. But from the looks of those speakers it’s really cool and nice. And from what i heard they have affordable prices on their products? I hope to buy some soon.

  219. arlie says:

    Widget City is the most affordable gadget store in the country. But unfortunately I have not yet tried to buy any gadgets from them.

  220. Ralph Jamili says:

    Already bought there. it’s very good. nice service :)

  221. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    first time i visited the site today. Great site and I didn’t know that there were cheap gadgets being sold online. will purchase something one of theses days.

  222. LAN says:

    I haven’t tried pa..

  223. Sarah Almonte says:

    I haven’t bought anything from Widget City yet, but I have been eyeing an X-Mini speakers for quite a while now. It looks cute and from what I heard it sounds just great and it’s affordable on top of that.

  224. Jgab says:

    hope to win this time :D

  225. Nouel says:

    Bought twice at WC before, great service and we are satisfied by the price. Other than online store these days, they offer a much faster transaction and much safer to buy since their shop is just in manila.

  226. Jgab says:

    i bought my android phone in widgetcity. very reasonable price and fast transactions.

  227. ewancoo says:

    i havent bought anything for the last 2 years, but if i’ll do i’ll check out widgetcity first because they have the lowest price in the market today :)

  228. Arwin says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard about Widget City, but by the looks of it, they offer cool stuff like this one. So why not try some time? It’s funny cos I’ve been looking for X-Mini speakers these past days. I hope this giveaway is for me. :D

  229. pat says:

    widgetcity FTW!!

  230. arjay says:

    Not yet, but given the chance I would because I’ve heard many good feedbacks about them.

  231. Romeo Cajayon says:

    Nice Small Speakers!

  232. Buying stuff from Widget City ensures you that you are buying authentic and quality products.

  233. Christian Francisco says:

    Cool! I want this

  234. ninomunozMT says:

    hindi pa ako nakabili sa widget city.. but im looking forward in buying my second android phone from them,,

  235. Nix says:

    Bought once here at widget city and the deal was superb!

  236. Dre says:

    Just had a demo with the X-Mini. This is good! =)

  237. ac cruz says:

    cool :D

  238. hplar says:

    cool! would definitely be a proud owner if I won this.. =D

  239. art nacianceno says:

    i bought a couple of gadgets from widget city. great prices and items.

  240. Christian Pungtilan says:

    I haven’t bought from them yet.
    I like them because they provide gadgets for yugatech reviews and prizes for contest like this.

  241. sherwood says:

    Never tried buying on Widget city but from reading feedback and comments, one day i’ll purchase one.

  242. cyber_ito says:

    ‘Di pa ako nakakabili sa Widget City, but I’ve been hearing (and reading) good things about them

  243. Noel says:

    ‘Di pa ako nakakabili sa Widget City, but I’ve been hearing (and reading) good things about them

  244. dee says:

    Never tried buying from WC yet, but I love x-mini speakers!

  245. They have cool products from what I hear and I want to try one.

  246. Carlos Lo says:

    ok ang widgetcity. bought my lumix ts3 and optimus 2x. smooth and hassle free transaction.

  247. Not yet but it’s a good thing that I am rearing good write-ups about them.

  248. carlo says:

    Haven’t tried buying yet, probably someday when I see the right gadget :)

  249. Brent Amurao says:

    Because they have the best price in the market!

  250. Never tried buying from WC because no widget city here at palawan

  251. byker says:

    i want it !

  252. jeffrey espe says:

    Will be buying soon, just waiting for them to release the unit here in the Phils

  253. Lawrence Miranda says:

    I bought my HTC Desire HD and Canon kiss x4 at widget city.

  254. bryce says:

    pick me! pick me!!!

  255. Janniel says:

    I bought Sony earphones from WC last year, and guess what, it’s still kicking!! I love that store!

  256. RG says:

    Haven’t gotten anything from Widget City yet, will do so if need, opportunity and good price arise.

  257. Richard says:

    Not Yet.. But they are among my first priority on where to buy my next smartphone because of their prices which are quite affordable compared to those in the malls

  258. josh says:

    WC has the best price out there

  259. Adelbert Villacorta says:

    Great tandem from Widget city and yugatech!

  260. Abi says:

    Kabibili ko lang from widget city last time. Well, ang maganda is nung may reklamo kami s product e pinalitan nmn nila agad at ndi na nila pinatagal pa at hinanapan ako ng kung ano-ano.

  261. mas says:

    Haven’t tried buying anything from Widget City. Does it have a QC store?

  262. Jill says:

    I haven’t tried buying from Widget City but I heard a lot of feedbacks about them.

  263. ferdinand sayson says:

    yes i bought my experia ray from widget city. the liason officer is on time and the items are alot cheaper than other sellers

  264. Richard B. Medrano says:

    in a race all of them run but only few will get the prize. this time will it be mine?

  265. d4ryl3 says:

    Not yet. Soon I might. :)

  266. Benchmark says:

    I already bought there trice and I am loving it because it’s much cheaper than the mall and they are very accommodating (in my experience). More power Yugatech and Widget city!

  267. Jc says:

    I haven’t yet, I am saving up money to buy my very first product on WIdgetCity Soon!

  268. Elly says:

    I bought some Sennheiser and Klipsch earphones from them! They’re a lot cheaper than the ones in the malls, and the quality is just the same. I even give those to my loved ones and they love it too. <3

  269. cy manzo says:

    yey! thanks yugatech and widget city! =D

  270. Jen Manangan says:

    Haven’t tried buying widgetcity and that’s why I love to win this so much. It looks cool and I’m sure it will so useful for me.

  271. Reiniell Liwanag says:

    havent tried buying pero im planning to lalo na pag may great deals sila

  272. heckiboi says:

    Have you tried buying from Widget City?

    Why do you like them?
    *One word, Cheapest!

  273. Rho says:

    please pic me.

  274. rho says:

    prices are cheap compared to others.

  275. nino says:

    i have not bought anything yet from widget city. i might like them because they have a wide range of products.

  276. daniel o. barga says:

    Have you tried buying from Widget City? Why do you like them?

    No, i haven’t but im always monitoring their website and pages for great deals… well all their products are the best deals you can find in this country.

    I like them because they reply to facebook questions and prices are so bloody cheap! Even though i di pa ako nakabili sa kanila… ni-recommend ko na talaga sya sa classmate ko and she bought an LG Optimus 2x! ang ganda mura daw!

  277. Allen Espeleta says:

    I want this. I hope rafflecopter will pick me.

  278. tommy says:

    I’ll probably buy my next gadgets on Widget city. What I liked about xmini speakers is it is a powerful mini speaker. I like the quality of the bass and treble.

  279. Ellis vinluan says:

    Yup, I tried to buy a new cellphone last Saturday in widget city in a cheaper price than the store mall prices. I can say that it was in condition with a reasonable duration of warranty.

  280. Jerry says:

    Not yet, but if ill have the money will soon buy from them…

  281. Reiniell Liwanag says:

    not yet but im hopefully next month, mura daw eh

  282. Peter James Escobar says:

    Not yet but I will try it to buy at the store!

  283. Mike says:

    me want them! :D

  284. Jing says:

    No, but theyll be the first store ill buy my next gadget if ill hve the bucks.

  285. einnor says:

    not yet:)

  286. Mark Oliveros says:

    This is great! Another cheap alternative store to buy the latest gadgets.

  287. Laz says:

    :D woooh SOunds Great

  288. Ohman, been wanting to get new X-mini speakers since mine broke down a few years ago.

  289. Reiniell Liwanag says:

    soon. because it has cheaper price than the store mall prices.

  290. i want one especially my birthday is coming up. thanks in advance! Ü

  291. Jan Karen Ku says:

    Hoping to win :)

  292. Reiniell Liwanag says:

    sana manalo!

  293. roiji says:

    i love widget city!
    i bought my LG Optimus 2X from them

  294. Biggs says:

    Because they sell the Galaxy Nexus at a reasonable cost.

  295. charisse says:

    sana ako manalo!haha XD

  296. RickyO says:

    I hope I win 1 x-mini…

  297. cj says:

    They have the best price! I am planning to get a gadget from them soon :)

  298. MIGUEL says:

    I haven’t bought from them yet but im looking on getting a nexus from them :D I hope I win… I really need portable speakers..:P PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  299. Marlon So says:

    Not yet

  300. Jenny So says:

    Not yet

  301. Marc says:

    not yet. still planning to buy from widgetcity

  302. joi rosacay says:

    I haven’t bought from Widget City yet but I love that I get to know the latest gadgets from their facebook page as well.

  303. Manuel So says:

    not yet…

  304. Verlin Casunuran says:

    I haven’t tried purchasing any gadget from Widget City. Maybe in the next months to come.

  305. Mike Mamaril says:

    hope i win this time around!

  306. Williamson says:

    Iwant to win Cross fingers!!!

  307. Angela S. says:

    Not yet, but Widget City offer gadgets at reasonable prices.

  308. Wynner N. says:

    didn’t buy from widget city yet but i know they offer great items

  309. Kai says:

    Nope not yet! But if i win this, i probably will! Hahaha

  310. alfred g says:

    Tried and they have most value for money among all stores, online and physical shops.

  311. Louie Jaco says:

    haven’t bought anything from them yet, but looking forward to! potential customer here! :)

  312. Yobitnoh says:

    I hope i could win this x mini.

  313. mmel518 says:

    hoping na manalo…

  314. mmel518 says:

    maging akin ka na x-mini…



  315. jom_antonio says:

    Great speakers, I wish I could win one.

  316. Hope to win… Bagay yan sa Ipod ko…..

  317. Joemel Oplado says:

    I’ve bought numerous things from widget and all I can say is that the transaction is speedy and they are the the latest dealers for newest gadgets.

  318. JonDumlao says:

    Cooool speakers…i hope i could win one=)

  319. Runel Moncada says:

    wow!!! i want to try this speaker!

  320. Jhomar Sta. Cruz says:

    I really like this speaker.. :)

    Perfect on my mobile phone.

  321. Jameson says:

    Wow!!! I want one!!!

  322. Jeff says:

    I love x-mini. Great thing comes in small packages. Sound beyond size.

  323. diemhang says:

    cool.. i really really really want this one

  324. rodel urot says:

    not yet! hopefully soon when i win this :)

  325. Martin says:

    Haven’t tried buying from Widget City, hopefully soon as I’m seeing that they have the latest and competitive prices for these gadgets.

  326. Jill says:

    Great speakers! Hope to win one..

  327. Paul N says:

    I love X-MINI!

  328. James says:

    Hope I could win this :)

  329. Nibs says:

    Hope to win this!

  330. Eloesita Valderama says:

    Honestly not yet… but willing to try!

  331. Kervs says:

    Good gadgets at an affordable price, yeah, who wouldn’t want that?

  332. Tina Elaine Resuello says:

    Haven’t tried visiting their store yet although it’s quite near us. But I’d love to try their speakers and stylus. :)

  333. ErvinC. says:

    this would suit my laptop cause my laptops speakers aren’t that great.

  334. rose ann dalida says:

    weee..cool speakers! really want to try it NOW! :)

  335. Karlo says:

    How nice. I would want one, but those kinds of designs aren’t here in Davao. ;(

  336. nueljose says:

    need new speakers badly :| hope to win! :)

  337. Zyra Anne says:

    I tried Buying from Wideget city. I like there customer relationship and gives very important to there work!

  338. louieness says:

    Perfect for outdoors… very portable… For music players, laptops, tablets and phones…

  339. Mizeteo says:

    Good luck to me :D

  340. Rommel F. says:

    I need this portable device..Perfect for me! I wanna win please!

  341. Jayson says:

    With Widget City, you don’t need to pay first class for any first class device you need!

  342. sheine Deanna Ramos says:

    not yet.. i would try soon!

  343. Dexter says:

    I did not try to by from Widget City yet but it will be lovely to have those speakers. :)

  344. Kendrick Pingkian says:

    This is perfect for my Apple and blackberry gadgets! :) I love this cute speakers. i want this :)

  345. Mark V. says:

    I’m a fan of widgetcity.But still saving money to buy gadgets from them :) Hope to win

  346. gerome says:

    i need this mini speaker :))

  347. Angelo Alfonso says:

    perfect for road trips and getaways!

  348. Cedie says:

    Woooot hope i win

  349. wiel says:

    not yet. i’m not convinced. LOLJK

  350. Glenn says:

    I haven’t tried buying anything yet from Widget City. I’ve now bookmarked them just like my other online stores.

  351. mhardee says:

    I want that item because it’s perfect for my gadgets!and the style of the speaker is really cool!

  352. John Rey Sencir says:

    I haven’t tried to buy a gadget from widget city yet. But I’m planning to buy my next phone there because their price is so cheap..

  353. Queenie says:

    Perfect for travelers like me! very portable and stylish.

  354. bongc says:

    hope to win one of those

  355. Dave says:

    never had one.. hope i win..

  356. RJ De Leon says:

    I like Widget City’s selection of hi-tech goodies & gadgets at affordable prices.

    Here’s hoping lady luck finally smiles on me, so I can gift one of these X-Mini speakers to my daughter. =)

  357. I haven’t bought anything from Widget City but I am looking forward in purchasing one of their items because of their competitive prices.

  358. I wanted to replace my old mini speakers which is almost 4 years old now. I do really hope i can win something like this and never had a luck winning from this one!

  359. Nikko says:

    Been looking for a good portable speaker since I lost mine last summer

  360. Nikko says:

    Here’s my twitter btw

  361. Marian Peralta says:

    twitter: LadyinPinkTee

    those are nice and cool gadgets:)

  362. Sevb Capili says:

    I haven’t tried buying from Widget City yet, but I might do so in the future. I like them because they are reliable and sells gadgets at a much cheaper price than in malls.

  363. I have been thinking of buying one of this x-minis. hope i can win. =D

  364. john says:

    speakers on the go.

  365. tiffany says:

    i need mini speakers for my netbook. :)) i hope ill win. :))

  366. I have not bought from widget city yet but with these amazing “toys” they have there, I sure will visit them.

  367. Agnes Dc says:

    Never bought anything from Widget city. would be nice if there will be a store near me , Harbor Point is one :)

  368. quick brown fox says:

    Laptop speakers suck. I want this.

  369. bill says:

    want those!

  370. Ronson Alejandro says:

    Already bought 3 gadgets at widget city. Great price and service (i bought one phone thru their meet-up option). Will definitely consider buying again from them

  371. Eize says:

    I’m joining! :)

  372. daniel says:

    I bought xperia pro from widget city. very good price and and will certainly be recommended to my friends. i`ll be buying my next phone from them. xperia acro s. Thank you widget city. :)

  373. daniel says:

    bought 5 phones already. 3 for me and 2 for my friends. cheap price for good quality. :)

  374. jek says:

    I haven’t purchased from them yet, but have liked their FB page for months already. Their prices are pretty good, with lots of promo offers.

  375. kArLaLa says:

    Haven’t tried buying yet but I’m eyeing on their SmartWatch item for Sony! :D

  376. April M says:

    Haven’t purchased from them but I heard of cheap prices and very good staff and aftersales. I keep visiting their multiply site :)

  377. rianna jane balan says:

    haven’t tried buying any gadgets from widget city..

  378. Mark says:

    I wanna win one of those!Will purchase a gadget soon from them!

  379. princess olivera says:

    haven’t bought any.

  380. zoan says:

    Have you tried buying from Widget City? Why do you like them?
    –>nope, I haven’t tried, but I would love to try out their products because if I’d like it, maybe I’ll buy more. Christmas is fast-approaching so, I might as well buy from Widget City gifts for my friends:)

  381. bonifg says:

    I want this for our dance rehearsals!

  382. Haven’t actually tried buying from widgetcity but my friend says that I can trust them because he’s bought from them countless times. So yeah, I like them because they have a good rep :)

  383. Not yet because as of now, I really don’t have anything in mind that I need. But, I know of them and I am considering them as an option when I need something in the future. With Windows 8 devices coming, I might need some accessories :)

  384. kiko says:

    Ill probably buy from widgetcity if I win :)

  385. amorbana17 says:

    joining again!!! awsome speakers! wanna have them! good luck everyone!

  386. Yves says:

    they has competitive price.

  387. Niel Kangkangkoy says:

    Very good giveaway from widgetcity and yugatech :)

  388. Jelo Manongsong says:

    I haven’t try buying from them. :)

  389. Juan Paulo Ducut says:

    wala akong pera. so this giveaway is very convenient. salamat sa panalo ko ha hehe

  390. jaypheeslabog says:

    the smaller the better

  391. kenth says:

    Widget City has pocket friendly prices and great items. :)

  392. Nelma Rose says:

    Widget City has the cheapest price..

  393. Joebert says:

    I haven’t bought yet. Widget City is the BEST..

  394. boom says:

    Xmini, the first burger style speakers and the best known in its class.

  395. John R. says:

    I love Widget City ang Yugatech!

  396. Good giveaways for music lovers! :)

  397. marvfri says:

    Honestly i haven’t tried to buy at widget city but i checked the site. it’s cool and their price for the gadgets are less cheaper than the stores :)

  398. Reiniell Liwanag says:

    hopefully soon :)

  399. Lilia So says:

    not yet

  400. I haven’t tried to buy at Widget City. But I believe they offer good deals and also heard good comments about them, maybe soon, I’ll have my first transaction with them.

  401. Michael So says:

    I haven’t tried buying from Widget City.

  402. Jocarl Zaide says:

    I haven’t but Id love to.. Heard so many good things from them.

  403. Chito Reyes says:

    With all its offerings, buying would be sooner than later.

  404. mcometa says:

    Haven’t bought but I think the convenience of having an online shop for gadgets is real nice.

  405. jeffy says:

    I love widgetcity, and i would love them more if i win the speakers. yeehaaaw.

  406. MarkyS says:

    Wow! hope i will win!

  407. Arnel Hemady says:

    I really hope I win this time. Been joining ever since but haven’t won even once. Though once is enough for me. ;)

    Thanks WIDGETCITY!

  408. Guillermo Dela Cruz says:

    Cute ng speakers. Sana manalo ako. :P

  409. Stephen Marin says:

    small but awesome speakers! ^_^

  410. ivy says:

    wow i wish i have this on my table soon

  411. Merry Jane Ocol says:

    not yet!!! wish to buy

  412. Never tried to buy from widget city but looking at this giveaways, their products seems awesome. Looking forward to buy from them one of these days.

  413. riyuwenji says:

    At last! A replacement for my old speaker.

  414. riyuwenji says:

    I never tried buying from widget city but since they’re giving this x-mini speakers and if I got lucky and won one of these. I might change my mind.

  415. joestar555 says:

    Small Size, Big Sound….

  416. Hazel U says:

    Not yet. But i would like to try, these are awesome mini speakers! It’s the first time i’ve heard of them actually. Thanks for sharing :)

  417. Franc Loise says:


  418. Mariel Villanueva says:


  419. Mark P. says:

    never tried to buy on their website but these speakers are the best. I had the old ones but I would like to have the new ones, of course.

  420. Paul A. says:

    I have always wanted to have this mini speakers.

    Hope I’d win 1 :D

  421. Ronnie Cruz says:

    nope, i never tried to buy at widget city…but I’m SURE that their products are cool and worth it. ;)

  422. rdjgonzales says:

    Not yet. But will try in the future.

  423. caryn says:

    not yet.. would definitely buy in the future.. it would be a nice birthday present for my hubby..

  424. Will says:

    My friend bought a phone from Widget City yesterday. He got it 25% cheaper.

  425. Ariel says:

    wow awesome giveaway, I want one, please pick me :)

  426. Inez Celestino says:

    Yes, I have. We bought a Nexus. I like them because they have a lot of meet up places and the prices of their phones/products are cheap.

  427. Mark Louie Meru says:

    not yet.. wanna try

  428. xander says:

    Awesome Giveaways from widget City..!! I want!!

  429. I haven’t tested Widget City speakers yet. I currently have Creative speakers. They are too old. I am planning to replace them with Widget City soon! They’re cool!

  430. Jim Lipscomb says:

    Not yet, but they seem cool so far

  431. Bryan says:

    free speakers!

  432. The speakers are nice. This would be good for my music editing for making routines most especially if it’s time to hear it in an open place after carefully hearing beats from my head phones. I hope to get one among the three

  433. arvinparedes says:

    not yet. i will soon when i get enough spare money :D

  434. Not yet, I just know your site through this giveaway. But hopefully If I won these and tried and found that it’s good quality. why not ^_^

  435. I need this in our CT-Scan office to listen good music :)

  436. gian loresco says:

    i want new nice speakers.

  437. This portable speakers would be perfect for my samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus and and would also be a good article to review on my blog,

  438. I heard about widgetcity but this is my first time to have a check on it. It’s amazing how you could afford latest gadgets here with an amazing low-price compared to others! Now I’m planning to buy here!

  439. JasonAnthonyCanete says:

    I have been dreaming of those speakers! hope I win so i could use it in real life! :) thanks Yuga and Widget City for the opportunity!

  440. Juliet S. Banzuela says:

    nope, maybe some other day…
    the spaeker looks nice perfect for my soundtrip moments.

  441. Albert says:

    very good speaker, i want that!!!

  442. Angel John says:

    not yet.. i like them cause its cooool! :D

  443. Gracey says:

    I haven’t tried buying from the Widgetcity yet since I just only heard it from this site. But looking from this awesome giveaways, I think that the shop has lots of cool items/products to check out for.^^

  444. Louie Jacob says:

    never bought from widget city before, but looking forward to! :)

  445. Francis Antonio says:

    Never been. But I’m willing to buy a gadget from them because their prices are lower compared to others. :)

  446. Arby Castillo says:

    Hopefully i win! :)

  447. i bought my phone at widget..fast transactions and they are on the lowest price..LOVE WIDGET!!

  448. momo says:

    i bought like headsets from them before. what i like about widget store is their product availability. if they dont have the specific item you’re carrying, they provide u with better options.

  449. i bought my phone at widget..fast transactions and they are on the lowest price..

  450. Mark Ace Mallo says:

    I sure do hope to win.. The prizes look awesome!

  451. MyMaria says:

    Haven’t tried any purchase from WidgetCity but if they have really cool promos and discounts, then I’ll probably get some gadgets and goodies from them!

  452. Baby says:

    Not yet..bec of budget constraints. But I will…

  453. BJ Mandia says:

    Haven’t tried buying from Widget City. But I like them because they offer great discounts and products are really updated.

  454. Shim Santiago says:

    i want one!

  455. Karen says:

    Haven’t tried purchasing from them yet, but I would love to check out their products. :)

  456. ma clara p reyes says:

    have not tried yet but maybe i will.

  457. Romar says:

    I haven’t actually. But I would love to if ever i want to buy a product online :)

  458. Rommel Marcos says:

    not yet but will check the products!

  459. Ron Allan Santos says:

    I hope to win. So dope and slick! :)

  460. Ciel says:

    no i haven’t had the chance to buy from them.

  461. I Haven’t tried buying at them yet, but they sound interesting and will definitely visit the store one of these days.

  462. Allen Espeleta says:

    Sana manalo ako. :))

  463. I bet these speakers are great. Hope to win. :))

  464. milton cruz says:

    These speakers are awesome! Hope I’ll win! :)

  465. ryan says:

    I haven’t tried yet but planning to buy there soon..:D

  466. arvi says:

    not yet but I’m always checking out their store online :)

  467. dexter says:

    Not yet, but I constantly check for prizes of the interesting gadgets that I plan to buy.

  468. Paulo A says:

    Not yet, but I regularly visit the website to check the latest gadgets available.

  469. Rex says:

    Been drooling this speaker for years :(.. but ended nothing..

  470. kimberly says:

    I havent tried buying from them yet

  471. exx says:

    i bought my galaxy tab 7.7 from widget city because they had the most competitive price at that time(Feb 2012)

  472. Lorie says:

    Coz they sell gadgets giving value for money. :)

  473. Tomas Chua Jr. says:

    not yet can find them

  474. Annie says:

    I haven’t tried any.. hmmmmm.. Maybe someday.. :D

  475. Iamsantelmo says:

    i have not tried widget city. maybe in the near future…

  476. Allan Reyes says:

    not yet but I will asap.

  477. Joana Gonzales says:

    Hope to win!

  478. Diana Ong Bantayan says:

    I haven’t tried this product but it really looks great!

  479. Havent tried it yet but heard it from a techie friend; he loves to buy items

  480. Mark Lacson says:

    I bought my very first Xmini at widget city and it still works fine up to now.

  481. Hanz R says:

    These are BIG for its SIZE! Great!

  482. Jerome san juan says:

    I waaaaant thiiiiis

  483. Abigail Sy says:

    I haven’t tried buying there yet!

  484. Kathrine I says:

    I want one of these! :D

  485. j-roam says:

    my earphones just died sooooo……….. xD

  486. edson iglotia says:

    nope, i havent. but i like to buy nexus 7 from them soon. :)

  487. haven’t tried nor bought anything from them yet

  488. haven’t tried nor bought anything from them yet.

  489. Maly says:

    I haven´t tried but I would love to win the speakers.

  490. Kevin C says:

    haven’t bought from them yet but I almost did

  491. harvey says:

    i would definitely love to try and of course have it! ;)

  492. joseph says:


  493. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    Hindi pa

  494. Carolyn Ong says:

    Haven’t bought from them yet.

  495. Melit de Guzman says:

    Haven’t tried buying from them but planning to and saving up for my dream gadget already.:) Cheaper price and convenient.:)

  496. wilmer says:

    I want to win!!!

  497. Jessa M says:

    Haven’t bought yet..

  498. charles says:

    wow! cool give away, i hope i win :)

    widget city has one of the lowest prices out there.

  499. ryan says:

    i bought my dslr from widget city and i have no complaints! :-)

  500. I can’t wait to have it!

  501. Duds Ignacio says:

    I hope I win this!

  502. Paolo Jorge says:

    I WANT THIS.. GIVE IT TO ME!! heheh thanks…

  503. Carl Lamiel says:

    Haven’t tried, but is looking forward to making some deals with them :)

  504. Janine Dalugdug says:

    Never tried but I’m interested in purchasing some items from Widget City :)

  505. erleen says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  506. Ronwill says:

    Haven’t tried yet…. :D

  507. Ryan says:

    Never tried yet, but hopefully in the coming days.

  508. Pia says:

    X mini!!!! i love this!!! super quality sounds! me and my boyfriend is going to collect all the colors for even more wonderful sounds! (ayoko ng exclamation point)

  509. Julius says:

    Haven’t tried yet, but looking forward for my 1st purchase.

  510. Girlie Marie Joyce K says:

    I haven’t tried anything I want to have this amazing gadgets to rock my world with my friends or even alone.

  511. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    havent tried buying, but will surely do in the future

  512. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    havent tried buying, but will surely do in the future.

    hope i win

  513. gotta have this! sira na mini speakers ko

  514. Joyce says:

    Haven’t tried buying, but hopefully soon :)

  515. Isabel says:

    I soooo love it and want it! :))

  516. Mark Echaore says:

    No, I haven’t. but i will, soon :)

  517. Andrew Barrida says:

    Haven’t tried buying, just want to have some cool speakers :)

  518. Laila Husin says:

    Never. Their products look cool though.

  519. Therese says:

    i haven’t tried it yet.,but it looks durable..hopefully i would love to try it..

  520. Blogged about this raffle too..hopefully I’ll bag any of the X-Mini speakers

  521. Chris says:

    I definitely want this! :)

  522. RUBY says:

    Havent try but looking forward to buy.

  523. Jmark says:

    i crave for this!

  524. Al PAtrick says:

    Haven’t yet tried buying, I just want to have some cool speakers….
    Thanks for this giveaway:)

  525. Emmalyn C. Salavaria says:

    hindi ko pa na try pero gusto kong subukan kung my budget me.

  526. Kany Vic Perez says:

    i tried buying from them once! They are so trustworthy and great

  527. Julie Gonzales says:

    Da best ang Widget, Good customer support

  528. Donna de Luna says:

    nope havent tried buying from widget city yet

  529. Ed says:

    haven’t tried buying from widget city as well

  530. KC Borja says:

    never tried but i’ve browse some products of them. it look’s cool and will not scam their customers

  531. KC Borja says:

    never tried but i’ve browse some products of them. it look’s cool and will not scam their customers

    never tried but i’ve browse some products of them. it look’s cool and will not scam their customers

  532. Claire C says:

    nice speakers…

  533. no widget city in Gensan! :)

  534. solitaryCross says:

    I bought one before but from a retailer and I really liked it for my laptop.

  535. Simonette says:

    I haven’t been to one but I’ll check it out. Are they here in Cebu? :)

  536. Jenero de Guzman says:

    wow. cool. awesome. :D

  537. Leina says:

    I want this!

  538. michael dg says:

    bumili came sa widget city. okay naman ang item kaso masungit yung magasawa.

  539. Francis Falucho says:

    Not yet. But planning to, in the future. Love their gadgets

  540. Ma Gerlie Espinar says:

    Nope. But I love