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Digital Tour on Studio 23 is off the air

DTourLast night, tech TV show Digital Tour on Studio 23 aired its last episode according to Rain. ABS CBN’s dedicated forums for the show did not contain any updates as to why the show was junked not does their official section page on the network’s website.

DTour, which used to air on Sundays at 8PM on Studio 23, is one of the last few remaining tech-oriented TV shows being aired locally. The show is hosted by Iya Yotoko, Manu Sandejas, and Archie Alemania. PTB was featured on DTour last Sept. 2005.

I’m curious what could be the reasons behind junking the show. Could be bad ratings which is usually the main reason most of the time. Tech oriented shows attract very few Filipino TV viewers because of the geeky nature. Even during my several interviews with several of the local TV networks, the segment producer would always advise me to talk in Tagalog or use layman’s terms when answering questions.

As what Al Gore would say — it’s the awful truth. Say goodbye to tech on TV.

On a side note, the only blogger who was able to penetrate TV is currently just MLQ3 (The Explainer on ANC) but I heard there’s another show being being inked with another blogger this season. Now, that’s something to watch out for.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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15 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    i used to watch d-tour whenever i could. it was hard to follow though because it was aired on a late night time slot. i just wish s23 didnt cancel it. it was one of those smart tv programs out there.. now there’s only net25’s convergence for me.

  2. Jaypee says:

    That’s too bad. DTour was one of my favorite local tv shows in the Philippines. I even dreamed of becoming one of the show’s hosts. Hehe :D

  3. Nick says:

    Who’s the blogger ready to put ink on paper??

    By the way, Abe, did you get a chance to get a copy of your interview on Mel and Joey? I’ve been waiting for the video, or whether or not you would be able to get that copy…

  4. quezacolt says:

    sayang favorite ko pa naman yan

  5. Dexter says:

    Even in Saudi We can watch them.. and sad to know that it is off the air now..

  6. Aww. that really is a sad news. Sigh. I am an avid fan of their show especially because they are the only tech show out of the handful that are aired locally.

  7. L.A says:

    I saw it last night, it’s been months since i’ve been longing to see the show again but the part that I only saw was the the part were they bid goodbye…. :(

    I like the show ^^

  8. vance says:

    ah man and I missed the goodbye show… so I guess no more techie show on tv. What is the reason behind being cut? i can only second guess that DTOUR’s rating for the past year or so has been going down.

    and I do agree with Rain’s comment about net25’s convergence, eversince the original host left I find the show boring..

    When will there be a pinoy techie vodcast? we already have dozens of pinoy podcast, isn’t time for a vodcast of new technology related stuff? e.g. dl.tv, and commandn.

  9. vance says:

    by the way, the dtour’s forum said that the show will be bidding godbye next week…. ah scks…

  10. JP Loh says:

    Maybe because tech news doesn’t fit television. We have the internets remember?

  11. paolomendoza says:

    i tagged you with a meme…

  12. Miguel says:

    I remember, I appeared on Digital Tour in its early days. The topic was information security. I was interviewed at my office back then.

    Back then, Studio 23 was “sosyal.” When they reformatted to be “masa” (upscale branding didn’t work?) Digital Tour reformatted as well.

  13. Dex says:

    Aw. Too bad they’ve canceled Dtour. I’m a fan of the show from way back. Another great Studio 23 show bites the dust. :-( I was a fan of Guide to Urban Living too when it was still airing.

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