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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Zoom Mini Plus 6.3 now official

It came out of nowhere, and after months of waiting — it’s finally out. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Zoom Mini Plus 6.3 is the company’s next flagship phone, and it features a combination of all the things that you would actually look for in a phone.

s4 active zoom mini plus 6

Earlier this morning, the company’s CEPNATSOC (Chief Executive in Product Design, Naming and All Things Samsung Of Course), Samson Sung, was asked in an interview on why they would release such a product. Here is his reply:

“We already have a lot of great products out in the market already – and yet, people are complaining; why can’t we just produce a device that had it all? And so we made the Galaxy S4 Active Zoom Mini Plus 6.3.”

Originally, the display of the device should have been at 8-inches, however they thought of adding the Mini moniker to it, so they had to make it the same size as the Mega 6.3 instead – 6.3-inches.


In addition to that insanely small form factor, Samsung puts the sensor found on the S4 Zoom and adds it to the device, calling it larger than life. Also, as inspired by the S4 Active, the phone is waterproof and dustproof.

samsung galaxy s4 active zoom mini plus 63 2

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Zoom Mini Plus 6.3 will come in Exynos Quad, Exynos Octa, Snapdragon 600, 800 & Tegra 4 variants – which will be released in different time frames for your convenience. When they were asked on which ones will receive software updates faster, all they said was “it will arrive someday”.

A part of the interview as well, Sung also mentioned that they didn’t want to keep it all for the Galaxy S5; they wanted to produce as much S4 devices so that everyone will have an S4. This is the most perfect strategy ever since customers will now be extremely satisfied, and this is expected to save the company from its falling shares of stocks and slowing down S4 sales.

The Galaxy S4 Active Zoom Mini Plus 6.3 will be available this month for a price of Php39,990 (not to be confused with the Galaxy S4 Active Zoom Mini Note that is in the works – will be released next month).

Editor’s Note: Just in case it was not clear, this is a satire.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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48 Responses

  1. just me says:

    another freking nonsense from bob freking. who is this guy sleeping with, or dry humping for that matter?

  2. yogi says:

    Yeah! Nice one! all variety rolled into one! LOL!

  3. bull says:

    Reading the title, I already kinda knew this was a joke. But I still read anyway. I guess the joke was on me…

    In other news, I don’t see the point of writing articles like this outside ‘April Fools’ Day’. And last I checked it’s already July tomorrow… I guess I should get some tech news somewhere else.

  4. Joenil says:

    high specs smart phone na, digicam-grade lens at water shock resistant pa! kung naging dual sim pa ito, SOLD na, it would truly have it all :)

    • iconic says:

      sigurado pag irerelease to sa china dual sim!
      s4 sold in china is dual sim capable.

  5. daniel says:

    i thought it was true, until that last line.

    But who knows… you know samsung releases too much variations of the same phone. If they are going to release another S4 variant…. this could be a fitting product.

  6. Omega Red says:


  7. garz says:

    Nice one, Mr, Editor! I almost cried “ridiculous!”

  8. red says:

    Editor’s Note: Just in case it was not clear, this is a satire.

    well i should’ve known. kung pinost ito above all paragraphs, i shouldn’t waste my precious 3 minute of my life reading this foolishness. and oh,i almost wasted another 1 minute for posting. deym

  9. Randy says:

    Not funny and this is just a waste of time for an article. Go review something that you can actually review properly bob!

    • garz says:

      I don’t think it was meant to be funny. Don’t you understand the satire?

    • abuzalzal says:


      Well, satires are meant to be funny…otherwise, the message would be all too barren and ineffective

      Simple lang, Pag ‘di mo kayang i-deliver, huwag gawin…huwag trying hard

      @ Freking…huwag mo nang uulitin ‘to ha? Maawa ka sa sarili mo

    • Haha says:

      Etong si garz sure na sure akong si freking dork to hahahahahaha!

  10. quick says:

    mag kano kaya to sa cdr-king?

  11. LLLL says:

    “Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Zoom Mini Plus 6.3”

    Name pa lang ng product ay isang malaking joke na. Well di naman ako against sa mga post ni Freking na copied from other sites, but this one is a big joke. Instead of making BS posts, bakit di mo subukan na lagyan ng improvement yung mga relevant posts mo?

  12. abuzalzal says:

    Not funny…Hindi naman April Fools day

    Baliw talaga si Preking, siya siguro yung tipong tinatawanan ang sariling jokes

    • darwin espina says:

      At least nag try mag blog yung tao. Ikaw, hanggang comment lang kaya mo.

      That makes you a bottom feeder.

  13. hehehe says:

    Why is everybody so serious?
    Acting so damn mysterious
    You got your shades on your eyes and your heels so high
    That you can’t even have a good time

    Everybody look to their left
    Everybody look to their right
    Can you feel that? Yeah
    We’ll pay them with love tonight

    It’s not about the money, money, money
    We don’t need your money, money, money
    We just wanna make the world dance
    Forget about the price tag

  14. Ellyarne says:

    Oo nga naman, why can’t we have it all? =))

    Natawa kaya ako dito. XD

  15. Yusuf says:

    Seriously? Wtf?

  16. wew says:

    i’am enjoying this! bwahahaha! atlast narealize niyo na kung gaano kawalang kwenta tong author na to >:)) masyadong papansin at dork! >:))

    • darwin espina says:

      Your continued visit to this site, reading more articles and even commenting is actually as sign that YugaTech is worth reading again and again.

    • wew says:

      Yap avid fan talaga ako ng yugatech eversince. Kaya concern ako sa site na to, sinisira ng dork na to ang credibility ng site nato. Oh gets mo na? Shunga mo eh hahahaha!

  17. My husband's lover says:

    Wag naman kayong rude sa author!! Baka na stress lang cya sa dami ng lumalabas na galaxy s4 kaya break muna si bob sa pagiging seryoso ng mga company sa pagpapalabas ng mga flagship phones nila. Kahit ako nalilito na.. Bakit nga kaya di nlang nila kinumbine lahat ng variety ng s4. Mas sure pang bebenta un.

  18. dan_md says:

    Wow, you rarely find something witty from Yugatech. This one was nicely done. Kudos.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Si Freking nag ko-comment sa sariling article XD

      at very positive pa ah

      Freking musta ka na?

    • Bob Freking says:

      Seriously? Why would we comment anonymously on our own articles when we editors actually know it was us? This “si Freking din yan” is getting very old and senseless. Every YugaTech editor would know if our commenters are legit, spamming or just trolling.

      Keep the comments clean everyone.

    • Wew says:

      Waw hiyang hiya naman kami sa mga kinokopya/sinusulat mong articles bob, kung makapag “senseless” ka. Hahahahaha! You better say that to yourself my dear.

    • Wew says:

      One more thing, hindi ganito kadumi ang mga comments before, until dumating ka dito. Ikaw ang nagpapadumi sa blogsite na ito, just so you know :)

    • nono says:

      huys lets look at the positive side, kung sakaling nababasa to ng officials ng samsung malamang sa malamang mapaisip cla na gumawa ng ganito =)

    • r41 says:

      This is definitely a good article, something different for a change.

      However all I’m seeing in the comments section is ONE guy that has some sort of problem against the innocent author.

      I’m just wondering why Yugatech still hasn’t IP blocked this dude yet. If he really thinks the author is bad, then the editor should’ve known that long ago, right? But the author is good, hence he still writes proper articles. There is just this one retard that keeps derailing said author’s articles.

    • Wew says:

      @r41 is it hard to accept na MADAMI ang may ayaw sa freking na to? This “there is just this ONE” is getting very old and senseless.

    • Kamote ka says:

      Kung matalino at sincere ka talaga sa mga concerns mo about sa mga post ni Bob dapat head ng yugatech ang kinakausap mo hindi dito sa mga public comments ka nagkakalat. Ginagawa mong palengke yung site… nakakahiya ka Wew, walang manners. Nakakahiya rin yung pinapakita mo ugali sa ibang mga kababayan natin na nagbabasa ng site.

      Isip isip din.

  19. Freking Disgusted says:

    I used to have so much respect for this site. And then there came bob Freking.

    • darwin espina says:

      Yet, we are amazed why you continue to visit and read articles on this site. And you also put the effort to leave a comment.

      I think you’re only motivating the site to write more like this.

    • Freking Disgusted says:

      @Darwin – using the plural pronoun “WE” whilst being a lone soul knight in shining armor of the author can be summed up in one word: BROMANCE

    • darwin espina says:

      Adding more page views to this site, are we? I’m sure YugaTech thanks you for your visit again and again.

    • StudemtObserver says:

      @darwinespina: Eh totoo naman ah. Di naman talaga nakakatawa yung pinublish niya. Kasi most of US avid Yugatech visitors are used to seeing generally reliable and legit tech news and reviews from this blog. Tapos one day (kahit di naman April Fool’s Day), bigla na lang magpa-publish ng satirical news?

      Just so you know, I am an avid Yugatech reader and throughout those years, I don’t comment on any article at all. I just read every news and review made by this blog…until this article came. It was disturbing enough for me to finally post a comment on an article on this blog.

      Sana naman next time, wag na pong mag-publish ng satirical news hanggat hindi April Fool’s Day. Kasi masisira lang credibility nyo po. Sayang madalas pa naman kayong mag-post ng mga price ng mga gadgets na “soon-to-be-released” pa ang status.

    • Observerofstudent says:

      This is something new in this site… nasa iyo yung kung paano mo iintindihin yung post at kung gaano kalawak yung pang unawa mo. Meron naman disclosure diba? Ngayon kung tingin mo mali ito, pwede mo naman i-contact ang site admin. Sana yung pagka-concern mo dito sa site eh mas concern ka sa pag-aaral mo iho.

    • StudentObserver says:

      @Observerofstudent: “This is something new in this site”…
      Ano yan? Editor ka po ng site na to? Or Freking, ikaw ba yan? Dinedepensa yung sarili? Kasi you sound like you are speaking from an editor’s point-of-view po.

      Anyways, wala akong pakialam if it is what you call “something new”. Syempre naman po, nabasa ko po yung disclaimer(which is nasa bottom pa po ng page). Yung sa akin lang, to avoid confusion, ihiwalay po yung legit news sa satirical news. Ang pangit po kasi pinaghahalo nyo.

      As to these words: “nasa iyo yung kung paano mo iintindihin yung post at kung gaano kalawak yung pang unawa mo…Sana yung pagka-concern mo dito sa site eh mas concern ka sa pag-aaral mo iho.”
      Aw??? Feeling butthurt po kayo kasi marami pong may ayaw sa pinost nyo? Sana naman focus po kayo sa legit news. And no need to get this in a personal level po. Wala pong personalan. Ako, I have nothing personal against the author. What I don’t like is the content po. Naiintindihan mo po? Yung content yung problema. Ngayon, sino po satin ang hindi malawak ang pang unawa?

  20. raiden says:

    saan yung article na napatunay na release na itong product?

  21. Suggestion says:

    To sir Yuga, very win-win suggestion lang po, pakilagay na po sa homepage ng Yugatech kung sino po author for each article para po hindi na namin bubuksan kapag si freking ang kumopya (nagsulat). Please lang po. Thanks!

  22. Adrian says:

    Saan yung article nito po?

  23. StudemtObserver says:

    Seriously, aside from the usual “April Fool’s Day prank”, kailan pa nagsimulang mag-publish ng satirical news ang techblog na to?

    Parang nakaka-disappoint lang kasi through all these time, Yugatech na talaga yung inaasahan ko when it comes to tech news most specially for local tech news. Tapos ngayon you come up with a “satirical” news?

    Oh come on! Sinisira nyo lang credibility ng blog pag ganon.

  24. Juan says:

    ok na sana eh, seryoso, tapos yugatech, biglang satire, di bagay :)

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