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Tonton and the 300, a translation.

I’ve been hearing about these YouTube videos from so many people already. Most refer to it as Tonton and the 300. The series features several portions of the movie 300 and Troy dubbed in Ilonggo. Those who’ve watched it on YouTube say it’s really funny even if they don’t know what the people are talking about.

I’ve decided to translate one of the videos from Hiligaynon (or “Ilonggo”) to English. See video and translation after the break.

Some common terms frequently used in the dubbing:

part – shortcut for partner; friend; comrade.)
bord – (brod) slang/shortcut for brother

Don’t read the translation yet. Watch the video first. Then, watch it again while reading the translation.

sang nagligad… previously
Benjo kag ang Batalyon Pitbull… Benjo and the Pitbull Batallion
aus na ni bord? Is this okay, bord?
oo ayus na ni… Yup, this is good.
pulo na ni cla ka tuig ga training… They’ve been training for ten years
waay untatx2, waay man kaonx2… No stopping, not even eating
ayus na ni! This is good!
puro pa na bungutan, macho pa! And they’re mostly bearded, and muscular too!
ako ya waay ko ya bungot! But how ’bout me, I don’t have a beard!

ti anuo ubrahon ta ni cla man? So, what are we going to do with them now?
tan-awa ang isa to waay man bungot… Just look at that other guy, no beard too.
gni man. Yeah, I know.>
i.r. guro to part… He must be I.R., part (don’t know what IR means)
narsing dan nakwa ya guro… He must be taking up Nursing
gani man noh? So it seems, don’t you think?
tan-awa bla. cge lng ah. disiplinado man na. Just look at him. It’s okay. He’s disciplined.
cge ah, mayo man lawas nila macho man… So okay, their body looks good and muscular.
trainingon ta lng cla ah… Let’s just train them.
bungot gd tni galng… If only he has a beard.

dapat may bungot gd na ya! They must all have beards!
tnawa bla ako! Just look at me!
ako gni may bungot man, higko pa! Me too, it’s even dirty!
huo man… ngaw? Yeah, I know… so what?
ti mayo man lawas nila… But they have good physique.
noh? di bala? Don’t you agree?
oo man ah… Yeah, I guess so.
hmm, ayos ah! Hmmm, so it’s done now!
i tudluan ko lng ni cla mag piud2x sang tyan. I’ll just teach them how to fold their stomachs (abs)
ayos? Okay?
kabalo na cla guro ah… I think they know how to do that…
naanu anu ni xa ya? What is this guy thinking?
ako man basta ah. I insist.


“kinumod” “murmuring”
diin to cla mkadto man? Where are they going?
saligbat kpa da! How dare you interrupt me!
bsta ako tudluan mo ko ha? As long as you teach me too, okay?
oki ah!bwas lng kung mkabalik ko. Sure, tomorrow when I get back.
malakat na kami ho… ha?! We’re off now, okay?
bwas lang. ho… malakat na kami ho ah… We’ll do it tomorrow, we really have to go.
(helmet mo tay) (Your helmet, dad.)
(pma ka lng tni mgdako bah) (I hope you go to PMA when you grow up)

“hibix2” crying (to the 2nd degree)

ano na? What’s that?
ari baluna lng… Take this with you.
antingx2 ni basi tuyawan ka to… (It’s a magical medallion. You could get hexed.)
pakabuot ka ha? ayos ah! Be good, okay? Sure!
(gwapo) (i love you hmbal ko) (ayos ah sabat ya!) (Handsome) (I just said I love you) (all he says back is “okay?!”)
(tulok ya ni bungot ko man?) (lakat ko ah) (Why’s she looking at my beard?) (Hafta go now)

“gatukar hapi bertday” – plays happy birthday

ganu ka di? What you doin’ here?
naharangan mo kmi aw?…ha? Why are you blocking us, huh?
dn kmnu mkadto? Where are you going?
gano kadi kalbs? What you doin here, baldy?
lntawa bla mga upod ko di…isug2x ni ah… Just look at my companions, they’re very very brave..
ti ano gd?! isugx2 man ni akon! So what? Mine’s also as brave!
anu gd na cla haw?! cge bi…! But what are they made of? Lemme see..
bord! ikaw… ano specialty mo? Bord, you… what’s your specialty?
running rooster sir
hhe.. inagi bah… kaw ya bord? specialty mo? Heh, such a faggot… how ’bout you bord?
dancing bunny sir
hhe.. agi pagid bah! kaw bord? Heh, here’s another faggot. You, bord?
kicking fish
agitot man na man? How gay is that?
kita ya bords ano ta bords?! How ’bout us, bords. What are we, bords?
ano ta gani..?! What are we again?!


ti batian mo to? So, did you hear that?
PITBULL to… hadlok ka ay? That’s PitBull… scared now?

This is Foreign Language 101, Web 2.0 style.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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47 Responses

  1. Jaypee says:

    Haha..totally hilarious! The other day, I watched the ilonggo dubbed version of Troy. Still with the same character name Tonton. :D

  2. Jaypee says:

    My bad, in this video character is Benjo. Is it done by the same people who dubbed the Troy video?

    Btw, it’s more funny if you can understand Ilonggo. :D

  3. issai says:

    haha, it’s a good thing i know ilonggo! it’s funny!

  4. deuts says:

    Grapo, I love you siling ko, Ayus ah sabat ya

    Ayus ah!

  5. leo says:

    ROFL! ti ilonggo gani man ako, nagsakit ang tinai ko sa kadlaw ah!

  6. Sam says:

    This is good! Do we have a Cebuano version?

  7. koolitz says:

    @jaypee – yup the same…

    i heard they are from CPU taking up Nursing. There is one video na it was banned coz they mentioned the name of the school…im not sure the whole story though… naghimo na sila gani isa ka video for disclaimer hehe..

  8. leon says:

    Ya, they did that troy video too, dubbed as tonton ang paghaharap.

    Nami man ang ‘benjo mangayo ko kwarta’. Search for it. hehehe.

  9. wites says:

    now i know kung sino ang mga ilonggo dre. *smiles* ti halong halong lang kamo da bords. basi matuyawan kamo.

  10. Joni says:

    Haha! My ilonggo friends love this video! Kaladlawan gid man ah. Pati ang gin spoof nga video sang Troy. :))

  11. jash says:

    mga labutaw gid a :D

  12. Jon Limjap says:

    I think I.R. is actually E.R. (well, you know how Ilonggos tend to interchange Is and Es). I have never seen bearded doctors and male nurses there!

  13. Remo says:

    Hilarious! Basi ma tuyawan ta! Hahaha

  14. Jeffrey says:

    I could have understood it better if it was in Bacolod Ilonggo.

  15. Steve says:

    I liked the other 300 dub too.The one with the Persian asking “Benjo” for money. And the twist at the end where the Persian minion said “balik ta bords!” was really hilarious!

  16. BrianB says:

    Man, this is hilarious. I know people like this.

  17. BrianB says:


    I’ve always wondered what Bacolod Ilonggo was?

  18. BrianB says:

    Translation doesn’t really do it justice. Sorry, Abe. It’s useless to try translating it.

  19. Elizar says:

    I read this post last night, but did not finish.. i have to watch the movie first.. :)

    I just finished the movie, hehehe funny! :D

  20. yuga says:

    BrianB: Yup, I know. Doesn’t do justice. Just that those who pointed this video to me were asking to get the translation so I did the best I could. The humor is in the voice and intonation, not the context.

  21. BrianB says:

    I’m a little disappointed they didn’t use Abe’s nickname.

  22. cantilangnon says:

    i think IR means International Relations. some universities like UP, MSU,etc offer this course. anyway, lingaw kaau ko bords! hehehe

  23. eric says:

    ahaha ka funny sang video.

    kag nag gululuwa na anman mga ilonggo sa buho. ari di sila tanan ga sawsaw


  24. Miguel says:

    Hehehehe sorry I didn’t find it too funny…

    … but Abe, put up the Best Pinoy Viral Videos site already!

  25. emang says:

    Ti, ano mahimo nila.abilidadan gid ya ilonggo.patok sa net noh!damo gid na mailog sina, bantayi bala, ha ha ha.gailihi ko kadlaw nga!

  26. Hakai says:

    It’s not gonna work after all….

  27. JR says:

    ako ilonggo! ahaha.. those guys are really funny.. They’re plannign to make more so just set abck and wait..

  28. joy says:

    guys, I.R means Incident report. they were talking about beards and just for the info… beards for nursing students are not allowed coz its untidy. hehehe.. teh gets nyo na namin sang IR. amu lng gd na kasimple. nice2x gd na cla ton2x ya. idol ta kmu friend. keep up the good work. kita kits lng ah. kilalahanay man ta. hehehehe…

  29. joy says:

    i guess you guys know what if what is the implication of having an incident report but if not, it means that you have some kind of an offense made and that report will be kept in your record. hay.. budlay noh? cge lng ah…. la lng. just to clear you up with the I.R thingy. daw naham-ot lng ko kay daw gina debatihan nyo gd.

  30. hybrid101 says:

    hahaha coming from an ilonggo, i’m laughing and extremely proud na umabot din to sa manila. i understood the whole thing, and you guys should check out talibong1 in youtube:D

  31. Pangit Ster says:

    :D funny!

    I like the way the dubbed parang sa Koreanovela yung dubbing. Y man gid gin dub ni nila to? budlay man mag dub tani cguro..

  32. I really want to download this Illonggo Version.. I really like my family to see this.. and since they dont have time to be in the internet, they prefer watching this inside there room (where there no internet) is there any availble site that i can download it that I can burn this? please.. it would be a BIG help.. really!!

  33. eloise says:

    I.R gud… better known as INCIDENT REPORT. It’s a very well known term in the nursing kingdom.

  34. edson sazon says:

    woooohhhoooooo!! grabe sakit kaayo ako tiyan ug katawa part pisti the best jud ni!hahahahahah hohohohoho atay ayus gid!

  35. edson sazon says:

    hahahaha kakaiba tlaga tong version nyo bords! hhaaadduukkeeeenn!!!!bwahhahahah tang-ina hahaha tanggal lungkot ko!

  36. Abe,

    Is it true that you yourself have personally translated it from ilonggo to english? or would you care to “cite” who your resouce is with regards to the transcript of the clip and the translation from ilonggo to tagalog?

    Because I seem to see a similar posted article in this blog: http://chronicles.wraithstrider.com
    that is very much similar to the transcript of yours including the spellings and even the number and variation of exclamation marks wich is pretty much “unusual” for me…

    From what I know, the said article is older that yours.

    I’m just wondering…


  37. yuga says:

    Not sure what you mean. My translation is in English and the one you pointed out is in Tagalog.

    The transcript, I personally and manually wrote down as shown in the video.

  38. watep mga tol!!! super funny! even d q intindi ilonggo…. sna may tagalog or even english pra mas gud

  39. gud! nyc mga tol!!! super funny…. sna may tagalog. kh8 d q ntindi ilonggo super twa me

  40. bn says:

    I.R. means Incident report.

  41. Essman says:

    Helpful post. Totally agree with him.

  42. Zaker says:

    I really like this blog post, i am grateful for this insight :)

  43. Tonton and the 300, a translation. | YugaTech | Philippines, Technology News & Reviews is a well put together blog. I dont feel my website http://www.diigo.com/user/kevbabeuea has a lot in common with yours, although I can (and have) learnt quite a bit from you, cheers, Nora Mcknight

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