Would you sell you 3-month old blog for $18k?

Would you sell you 3-month old blog for $18k?

If you just bought a new domain and put up a blog three months ago then someone wants to buy it from you, would you sell it if they offered $18,000?

Most people would. This one guy didn’t bite it.


This 25 year old guy from the St. Louis was offered a cool $18,000 plus 10% commission for the first year revenues of an upcoming book with the same title as his blog – One Man’s Goal. The publishing house that represented the book author wanted to buy his domain, onemansgoal.com, to promote the book’s launching.

Bryan Clark registered the domain last July 2 and just barely 3 months into the blog this incidental offer was made. He thought about it hard at first but later one decided not to sell. Here are his reasons for not selling the domain.

Do you agree with him? Would you have sold it if it were you?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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24 Responses

  1. Wayne Liew says:

    He is a good blogger with a good blog, if he stays consistent, he will get the money which is more than what will be offered to him if he sells it.

    Time will tell…

  2. BrianB says:

    Very good domain name. I wonder why it was available. It’s better than nonmansland or even the immortal everymanforhimself, which if you couldn’t have has a very good alternative in everymanforhisself. Dot-com, of course. FYI: Too late, all domain names mentioned already registered under my name and I won’t sell for lessthan a quarter mil… that’s dollars, pounds if I don’t like you.

  3. BrianB says:

    Er, Abe. Would you ever go into partnership with someone like me who has a lot of very strategic domain name in mind but don’t have the guts, know-how, wherewithal to purchase such domain names?

  4. Sam says:

    Well if I need quick cash why not? :) But if not, I’d agree with his decision not to sell it if he believes he could earn more than what was offered to him.

    What about you Abe, what would you do?

    Flip Brown Guy

  5. marhgil says:

    kung ako yun, i’ll sell it, and buy the .net. 3 months pa lang naman, wala pa ngang pagerank, and his readers will follow him naman if he moves, di ba? kung 3 years na yun, baka mag-isip pa ako. :)

  6. BrianB says:

    taas na yun sa alexa at taas din sa technorati. Nakakaingit.

  7. Thanks for the link love. I appreciate the support and I’m absolutely positive that I made the right decision to continue my journey.

  8. Sam says:

    Yeah with Yuga’s blog linking to him, tumaas na PR and Alexa nya hahahaha.

  9. BrianB says:

    Yeah, I don’t get about this PR thing. Enga dget and Gizmo do has linked to our site many times pero PR 3 pa rin.

  10. wow. an accidental domainer!
    Depends on the domain name. If I bought it for fun probably (counting my current buy I already have 6 and already sold 1), if I really need the domain then no. Depends on your priorities.

    Congrats Brian.

  11. i would have sold it if i were him. because i don’t have any idea yet how to make that domain grow…

  12. 18k for a domain is real good, especially one thats not earning any revenue or never will. He could take it and start on a new domain or buy a much better domain for 18k

  13. Jeric says:

    18k is 18k US$ pa. Definitely I’ll sell it na lang.

  14. Tiffany says:

    Definitely sell. You’re not doing anything and you get to earn a commission.

    Besides, he can always create another blog and it might double his profits.

  15. Jeffrey says:

    If it was a personal blog or website, i would not sell it.

    But if the domain was bought with the intention of selling it, then i would take the 18k and run.

  16. If it is real offer then i’ll take it but if its just an email from someone with @yahoo email then forget it.

    BTW.. theonemangoal.com or onemanonegoal.com still available

  17. Jazzy says:

    Kung ako un, I’ll sell it, ask for 10% for 3 years, put up 20 more blogs with the money I have.

    If he’ll just spend the money with pleasures in life, he made a right decision. But thinking of re-investing it, selling is probably a better option.

  18. Bicoy says:

    I am a new blogger. I do not have any knowledge with html or any coding system that bloggers are using. All I know is to write, search, read, and earn over the internet. I already spend 14 days straight of sleepless nights just to set up my template and the face of my blog and still spending until now just to read more info about blogging, html coding, and experimenting my blog. I was inspired by you “Yuga” and Mark to blog. The sacrifices I made just for setting up my blog is not enough for an $18K payment. :-)

    If probably I am an expert in html coding I might think twice. Hehehehe

  19. Berlin says:

    I’d sell it. I need money for my start-up.

    However, some blogs like mobiletracker.net can pull in over $120k a year. So if you’re good keep it. mobiletracker.net is owned by a 20 year old kid in Florida.

  20. BrianB says:

    120,000 dollars a year? Wow, and he doesn’t even post that much. He, he. I think I’m going to stick to PMPToday. Seems like a good money earner.

  21. Im also getting this kind of offer as high as $250K (so far) for my mobilegadget.com domain.. the problem is most of it looks not legit as they used either a @yahoo or @hotmail email if you ask them to escrow they won’t reply back they just want me to transfer before they pay.. hahaha ano sila hilo??

  22. I found this blog through Google mate. I kind of liked the theme alot.
    Are you a member of digitalpont by any chance ??

  23. Nhoel says:



  24. Argh! Nasan yung reasons? Di ko makita! Naputol dun sa “Here are his reasons for not selling the domain.”

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