BDO Cash Card ATM Serious Defect

BDO Cash Card ATM Serious Defect

A blog reader texted me this morning about an incident he had with his Banco de Oro ATM Card. He then pointed me to his blog where he recounted the incident:

banco de oro’s (BDO) atm system lets
BDO cash card international cardholders
make balance inquiries and withdrawals
without the need for their personal identification number (PIN)!!!

*after inserting my card in a BDO atm machine
at Sotto St., Makati, to make a balance inquiry,
i mistakenly pressed the OK button before entering my PIN.
to my surprise, the machine took me to the selections menu
where i successfully made a balance inquiry and withdrawal !!!


this is a BIG concern for all such cardholders…
either the cards are defective
or bdo’s security measures aimed
at preventing fraud and theft
are flawed or have been breached.

bdo people! please look into this matter immediately!

*the anitokid asked four of his friends
to try their respective bdo cards
and all had the same results! tsk.

If you have a BDO card, do try it yourself and see if this also happens to you. The problem could be in their system ands not he cards. When it does, report it to their customer service asap.

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100 Responses

  1. That’s very bad news… now let’s see if Philippine banks values the Philippine Blogosphere as their source of information.

  2. Azrael says:

    il try it.and maybe record a video of it

  3. deuts says:

    I just hope this information reaches BDO management first, before any thieves lurking around read this information.

  4. ade says:

    And I was jumping with joy when my workplace switched the payroll accounts from iBank to BDO. Argh.

  5. chase says:

    Got here through Shari’s blog. Nice and I think I learn more stuff from here as well

  6. Don’t forget, BDO is gunning to buy Equitable-PCI Bank 100% to compete with Metrobank and BPI ;)

    Oh, and btw, can someone test if the same bug exists with Chinabank ATMs? BDO and Chinabank are owned by the same group, who knows, they’re also sharing technologies and tech people ;)

  7. L.A says:

    If thats true…thats a super major defect.

  8. Sonnie says:

    Guys have you tried to do transaction when you reached that menu? Because if you do, then either your card will be captured or ejected by the machine.

    I am not from BDO, I just happened to have a BDO ATM Card and BDO Credit Card and transact with it most of the time.

  9. Edwin says:

    now all we need is malicious intent :D

  10. juantanamera says:

    It may be some flaw with the bdo-equitable merger, I think they are having an update on their ATM system, you see people can now w/draw from equitable w/ a bdo card and vice versa at no charge.

  11. Chino Yray says:

    I don’t think Chinabank has the same defect. Well, I can only say that because nothing like that happened to me earlier this day on my ATM.

  12. Pay says:

    that’s too bad! let me try that later ;)

  13. jangelo says:

    “BDO is gunning to buy Equitable-PCI Bank 100% to compete with Metrobank and BPI ”

    BDO is gunning to buy Equitable-PCI so that all credit/debit card transactions in SM dep’t stores and SM malls (yes, even the locators/tenants) will go through them (most currently use Equitable to process card transactions). It’s going to be a monopoly! :)

  14. kid says:

    “BDO is gunning to buy Equitable-PCI Bank 100% to compete with Metrobank and BPI ”

    But they’re already in the process of merging, right? So that monopoly may actually come sooner than later.

  15. jangelo says:

    “But they’re already in the process of merging, right? So that monopoly may actually come sooner than later.”

    Oh, yes. I do believe they already are. :)

    Why make billions, when we can make millions? Muwahahahaha. – Dr. Evil

  16. Edwin: “now all we need is malicious intent”

    – lolerz… true true.

    juantanamera: “It may be some flaw with the bdo-equitable merger, I think they are having an update on their ATM system, you see people can now w/draw from equitable w/ a bdo card and vice versa at no charge.”

    – really? I should try that, withdraw to a BDO ATM with my Equi-PCI, thanks for the info!

    Chino Yray: “I don’t think Chinabank has the same defect. Well, I can only say that because nothing like that happened to me earlier this day on my ATM.”

    – I agree. My girl tried it and Chinabank’s ATM is working abnormally, I mean normally.
    – maybe BDO’s ATM problem is SOP :p (I know, a bad joke)

    jangelo: “It’s going to be a monopoly!”

    – Yes it will be. Experts are saying that once a complete merger of BDO and Equitable-PCI is done, they will overtake BPI and Metrobank by far. Some experts even say that it will take a BPI and Metrobank merger to take back the #1 spot – which no one of those interviewed believes it will happen (the BPI + Metrobank merger).

    – The group said though that they will keep Chinabank and BDO separate, as BDO is under the SM Group while Chinabank is Henry Sy’s personal investment separate from SM.

    – But imagine holding a BDO ATM or Equitable-PCI ATM, BDO is a member of both ExpressNet and Bancnet while Equitable-PCI is a member of both Bancnet and Megalink. :p

    kid: “But they’re already in the process of merging, right? So that monopoly may actually come sooner than later.”

    – Last I heard from the local news, BDO already hold 40% of Equi-PCI, and that BDO is trying to buy (and win) an additional 30-40%. The hardest part I was told is getting an approval from the BSP to get 100% of another bank, coz it must go through PSEi and SEC’s approval, since Equi-PCI is not going down at all, and it is larger than BDO.

    – The day it materializes, it will be the first buyout of a bigger company (Equi-PCI) by a smaller company (BDO) :p which is not very common… What’s this… “Only in the Philippines”? hehe.. (are there other public buyouts of a bigger company by a smaller company?)

  17. Ang-ang says:

    Sad to hear that is really alarming and freaky I guess swith to other backs is the only remedy I can say

  18. karla says:

    monopolies suck :D

  19. marhgil says:

    Thanks for blogging about this. I just reported this to BDO via their e-banking service.

  20. DrEVL says:

    its a fricking cash card! its not supposed to have a PIN! Do you enter a PIN each time you pay a 50 peso bill to buy a pack of yosi?

  21. eugene says:

    hey i seriously got scared coz our payroll is banco de oro… i went to the atm and used my bdo cash card and it asked for my atm pin. was not able to do even balance inq without my pin

  22. beeotch says:

    Knowing the ATM machine by heart, this will never happen on a properly programmed machine. But if does happen, its going to be limited to that machine alone.

  23. mamra says:

    letse ni BDO! cge lng unavailable, transaction cancelled…ako balance nakuhaan pa gyud ug 1K…letse talaga!!!!!

  24. Ivan says:

    Perhaps the guy just got his card and it is his first time using the card, which would accept any PIN.

  25. ellahkoi says:

    how’s that?
    well, i’ve already tried it
    but i can’t do a transaction
    without my pin.. hey, i’m not from bdo
    by i do have a bdo cash card..
    i registered a 6 digit pin
    when i activated my card..
    maybe you didn’t registered a 6 digit pin..
    its different from your mpin,,

  26. withdrawer says:

    naka withdraw ako 58k using different atm cards from this machine!

  27. geraldine cunanan says:

    will i get back my debit money from bdo? my remittance card is from Wells fargo, i used dbo atm machine service but it was debited.. how can i get it back?

  28. geraldine cunanan says:

    how will i get back my deit money from bdo atm machine in sm. sta rosa laguna May 01, 2008,. my card is remittance card from wells fargo,,, i used BDO atm machine service but unfortunately it was debited… pls do help me

  29. princess says:

    FYI lang po…
    Please check your money before you leave after you withdraw in a bdo machine kc baka punit n ito at di n rin nila i2 papalitan ng bago. So this is just a warning to you guys!!!

  30. It is impossible to walk rapidly and be unhappy.

  31. Joe says:

    maybe, you did not put a pin. It’s not possible dude. I tried it.

  32. ecs says:

    maybe because a cashcard’s process is different from that of an atm?

  33. Andre says:

    BDO sucks!
    During pay day almost all of there ATM’s are offline, if online it could not disperse a cash. Anyone experience bad services from BDO?

  34. bitch! says:

    bdo!!!!!!!!!????????????… damn ur bank.. they dont have a good cutomer service.. irresponsible employee… walang kwenta! i dont like there system! they dont inform us that they will close our account and to open new account! i think your a scam bank!! I havent receive yet the money and try to alibi bal bal bal…. the employees are ireesponsible they dont entertain us..!!!!!!!!!
    im very disappoint with the bdo! sorry guys! u dont have a good service!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i willtransfer to another bank!!!!!! 4 sure!!!!!!!! and peopel will know it!

  35. raven! says:

    honestly i dont like your system policy…. you ‘re a very selfish bank that I ever know….you dont have a good customer service and system management….I regrets to join in your your bank….. and now I know I would like to transfer my transaction to other friendly bank and have a good customer service ……How i wish your bank will be bankrupt which better for you bdo……I hope so….

  36. Ciel says:

    guys, don’t panic. I think there is a revision about the steps in the atms. after entering menu and placing the amount, then pin code will be ask. :) hope this help and always be careful in handling your cards.

  37. BDO>> CRAP says:

    guess what!!!!!!!!! BDO is a crap!!!!!!!!! if ever you are planning to make transaction with BDO, better yet make hesitation, or never ever do it for the rest of Ur life!!!!!!! there system is really been so DAMN!!!!!!!!!! BDO could never be trusted………. they possess these system which is not reliable…… how could they make those better ways they have said for all of their commercials?…… BOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have transaction with BDO over at their ATM machine, I am supposed to withdraw, my balance has been deducted, but my money didn\’t came out…… IS THAT WHAT THEY COULD CALL AS BETTER WAYS?………. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!









    what they kept on telling me when I am calling them almost everyday?>???????????


    HOW LONG WOULD i WAIT?????????????

    FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE?????????????????

    BDO???????????????????? bANKRUPT DE ORO…………


    ALWAYS KEPT OUT TO BDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. hi… i also got worst experience with BDO… I don’t like their services… I can say BDO is not reliable…

  39. Banco de Oro (BDO) was known to be the largest lender here in the Philippines but could you imagine a universal bank that sucks?!

    BDO really sucks!! I got my worst experience when a bullshit ATM machine ate my P6K Cash Card account load … Until now the money was still not returned yet… I have called the toll free, the first time I called; an agent told me that processing will took 5 days of investigation and gave me a reference number. After 5days, I called to follow up my account; unfortunately, the agent told me that there’s no feedback yet and added 2 more days to wait. After 2 days, I called again but the agent told me to call back by tomorrow. Again I called, but same reason; the agent told me that there’s still no feedback. She told me to wait for an SMS that will be sent to me, but I haven’t received any SMS. Again I called, and the agent just repeats what has been the reason earlier. I feel so tired calling all over again and I can’t remember how many times I did just to get my money back. It’s almost one month already and BDO haven’t returned my money yet. I don’t know how and why it goes like this! To think, they got their system and they can easily track all transactions and I believe one day is just enough. All their branches were just like dummies! When you approach to them, they’ll just give a phone and let you talk to a call center agent! Very stupid! Could a call center agent fix this up and return the money on my account?! I feel like I’m bursting already while talking on the phone. Every word I hear was just the same. Where is reliability in their services? The agent also told me ones that the number of calls I made for follow up was part of the investigation. Does she mean it like a proof that I am really not just making a story? Oh c’mon! How I wish to have a gun and say, “CAN I SHOOT YOU MISS?”

    I have lost my patience already. They got plenty of alibis. They brought to much hassle in me and in my work. Do they want me to call every day?!! How could I? I have my work and I can’t have time to call at their toll free every day. I’m not really happy with what BDO had done. I need my money back… I’ve got several bills and rents to pay. I need to pay my boarding house and my internet bills. BDO is making a bad day for me… And yeah… BDO is really the largest! The largest provider of INCONVENIENCE! It sucks!!

    ang tagal nang investigation kahit may “HARD COPY” report sila sa mga hindi na-dispense withdrawals!! infact, 2days waiting would be enough but here I am, almost a month of waiting…

  40. doc says:

    ^^^ I smell a multiple personality disorder hahahaha

  41. crates says:

    really? naku, kaka-open ko pa naman ng atm account at bdo. ask ko pala, di ba yung account number yun din yung nakalagay sa receipt na binigay nila nung initial deposit? yun din kasi yung number na nag-appear dun sa confirmation letter they sent me days after i opened an account. metrobank kasi ako dati. ilang digits ba yung account number sa atm nila?
    thanks so much.

  42. BDO sucks! I dont like their way of banking and handling clients. My boyfriend has BDO account so I have to run errands for him at BDO. I hate falling in line to deposit then falling again in another line to withdraw.
    BPI is much better. I can dpeosit in their ATM machine.
    BPI is the best for me. I have checking account which they opened in less than two hours. I got my check book when i left their bank. I have savings account with them too. I love their atm which enables deposit. I dont like falling in a long line just to deposit.

  43. catss says:

    after reading all ds comments,i felt sorry for myself, coz up to now i didnt get my money back. i did use a BDO atm machine too, no cash dipsensed, no receipt came out.

  44. catss says:

    Dont know who, where to ask for help. nakakabanas na talaga!!!! Can i seek help kya from NBI?

  45. kryptonite says:

    This sure is gonna be a long comment page. I have an acct with EPCI before and it was alright. But around the time that they changed to BDO, I completely lost the energy to continue banking with them. The conversion was tricky, online transactions were unreliable, … good thing i didnt lose any money on them yet.

    NBI might not be a very bad idea, or imbestigador program kind of thing, perhaps? better get their acts together you know. and inform other people.


  46. mali says:

    Speaking of BDO.. have you guys heard about thier newest selfish policy??? Men, you can only withdraw in the bank where you opened your account with..If you make aver the counter withdrawal to other bdo branch they will charged you a 100php within the area code outside the area code is even more 200php…WHAT??? One of the most important things in choosing a bank is how many branches they have so you can have the convenience of withdrawing from any branch. However BDO is penalizing customer for the very thing they chose BDO for, which is having the convenience of using any branch. BDO shouldn’t be discouraging people from using different branches, they should be using the benefit of using different branches as a selling point.

  47. mali says:

    Speaking of BDO.. have you guys heard about their newest selfish policy??? Men, you can only withdraw in the bank where you opened your account with..If you make over the counter withdrawal to other BDO branches they will charged you a 100php within the area code outside the area code is even more 200php…WHAT??? One of the most important things in choosing a bank is how many branches they have so you can have the convenience of withdrawing from any branch. However BDO is penalizing customer for the very thing they chose BDO for, which is having the convenience of using any branch. BDO shouldn’t be discouraging people from using different branches, they should be using the benefit of using different branches as a selling point.

  48. jake says:

    may cam ba ang bdo? please help.. thanks

  49. cvg-guy says:

    BDO… We Find Ways…

    …yeah, they always find ways para lokohin ang mga depositors. since i got my ATM on February, 2008 for our payroll, i noticed that EVERY PAYDAY all of their ATMs are offline. so kami ng mga officemates ko kailangan pang magwithdraw sa ATM ng ibang bangko. buti nga sana kung ganun, pero kadalasan, yung buong network nila ang offline at kahit sa ibang ATM ka magwithdraw, hindi pa rin pwede…

    hindi ko alam kung anong klaseng “style” ang ginagawa ng BDO na i-offline yung mga ATMs nila every payday. i would understand that there might be a system upgrade or glitch kung ilang beses lang nangyayari, pero PALAGI na eh…

    sana ilipat na yung payroll namin sa BPI!!!

  50. I lost my money when I transact my Land Bank ATM at BDO ATMachine at BDO Cagayan de Oro, Divisoria branch last May 28, 2009 at about 4:00 PM. Can you help me get back my mone?. I’m Homer Y. Lariba with an LBP ATM Acct. No. 1246 0247 71

  51. Raton says:

    To Homer Y. Lariba:

    Hi! i think u have to visit your Landbank branch or call ur Landbank customer service to report the debit by error. it happened to me few months ago and i reported it to the customer service of my bank.they returned my money, 5 days after. i hope this helps.oh btw pls dont post ur personal info like ur account number on public blogs :) just an advice ^_^

  52. paw says:

    same here po…first time ko kuha cash card bdo….at try to reload 5k…..nagwidraw me 3k ala nagdispense na money pati receipt……kakainis….kinain pera ko….call center agent told me to wait 10banking days to investigate what had happen…..til now di ko alam kung maibabalik pa money ko……

  53. Nihl says:

    I’m still upset about my bad experinse sa BDO ATM in Sm Cebu. Nag withraw ako ng 3TP I did not grab quickly and then kinain uli ang pera.I ask someone from the BDO bank and she give the Tel# to call.. I’m been talking to a machine for long time now I give up. Na TY tuloy pera ko..WHaaaa maaa

  54. donZ... says:

    samE scenario happEned to me 3days aGo… i have my account on bdo.. but since the metrobank atm machine is new and more convenient for me to go because it’s infront of our dormitory.. the first thing i did i checked my balance.. i still have P10,000+.. when im about to withdraw 4000php,, the money did not dispense… then i tried to withdraw again,, thats the timE the money dispensed… on my surprise,, when i check my balance only P2,000+ was left.. how will i get mY monEy back?? they gave me the no. of metrobank and no one can answer my question they’re just giving me different kinds of tel. nos. and the last no. they gave is already disconnected.. and i went in bdo they told me that i withdrawed twice,, even if i did it once… and i don’t know what to do next..idk if the problem is bdo or metrobank… what will i do?? =(

  55. verna says:

    really creepy!!! my cash card got snatched,,.
    and i’m hoping there’s a pin REQUIRED.. damn..
    i have the same sentiments,why it’s always offline on bdo atm machines on payday…*Pissed*

  56. eng says:

    Our payroll account is also with BDO. my god we have lots of problems with BDO cash card. Most of my officemates have their money stolen by an online shopper using their cash cards. BDO said that they cannot dispute the transaction because its valid.

    I hope BDO can make an action on this…

  57. seph says:

    Well BDO SUCKSSS! Some of my office mates too got the same problem their money has been stolen online and its been doing that for three forsaken months. And what so funny is they do acknowledge that this things happen and they cannot dispute of the transaction but it seems they are not doing something about it. Now my company is planning to let the authorities involve.

  58. Adonis Melendres says:

    Well, I think BDO cash card should not be trusted in terms on withdrawing through atm’s…
    they must do something about it, before its too late.
    they should not wait for bigger promblems that could destroy their company’s reputations.
    I just hope they will act on it ASAP.

    Honestly, I withdraw yesterday for about 1300 but there no money despensing on atm. But money account was deducted.. how fraustrating..until now i was waiting that money will be refunded or back through to my atm. How I wish i could change my bank.

    BDO head.. Plssss.. act on this..before it could damage your reputations.

  59. Adonis Melendres says:

    By the can you help how to get back my money?


    costumer service says that my money would return in 24 hours to 5 days.. is’t true.
    base on your experience.. is that correct..
    well wil i claim it?
    just give your friendly advice

  60. rhayz says:

    ohh my… Just have the same issue yesterday T_T. This is very alarming guys!

  61. CY says:

    Guys, if you have problems with the bank they wont listen to you unless you complain directly to the BSP.

  62. stupid bdo says:

    bdo sucks ive been waiting for 10 business days now and still my money is not back at my atm you’re all freaking stupid you lyer freaking peace of crap of a bank I hope you will be bankrupt you f***ing idiots

  63. Necto says:

    F**k F**k,

    Im in the same shit too. Last night my wife is scheduled to have her MRI, and we did a drop of one of their fancy ATM (Cebu Branch) to address the bills needed for the examination. And guess what, after doing withdrawal transaction, 3 minutes passed the screen is still displaying “Processing Transaction….” and then BAM. BAM. BAM. the atm card is the only thing that’s dispense. what the F**k. The first thing I had in mind is to report the stupid situation on the branch where the ATM located. I guess what here’s what I get from the girls from BDO “Sir we dont resolve that issue even if you did use our ATM. you need to call the toll fee 1-800-1063-18000 press 8 then press 0″ And then silly i obliged (thats only way we can do for the helpless poor) GUESSSS WHAT. its been f**king hour I still i was put on hold on waiting for a reps to get your call”.

    Come on BDO, I have been a client for 2 yrs now, and this is not the freakin first time did happen to me.

    ALL YOU GUYS HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM. Dont just rest your case on when they returned your money back..

  64. mackers says:

    Today I try to withdraw 5000 pesos because I already have 7000+ Actual Balance in my ATM cash card but unfortunately only 1000+ pesos left. BIG SHIT SHIT f**king shit……………who stolen my money then I report the stupid situation on the BDO SM Cebu. Then she give me the copy of CASH CARD ACCOUNT ACTIVITY REPORT base on activity report I already withdrawn 6000 I don’t remember I do that, coz I am saving my money for this coming Christmas…. Please help me any idea what happened>>>

  65. aie says:

    bdo sucks, i regret opening a savings account with them grrrrrrr, super magnanakaw, kinuha ang 500 pesos ko, sa isang atm ko savings account din, and the other one 400 pesos sa isa ko pang savings account, ayaw ko na lng magreklamo im sure d na yun mababalik, kung sino man mag oopen ng account sa bdo wag na lng sa iba na lng, i heard from my friends metro bank daw pero iwan, sa allied bank oking oki ung cash card hindi nagnanakaw hehehe BDO MAGNANAKAW! ausin nyo naman service nyo, ang fanget fanget! mahiya naman kau! d naman namin ninajaw ung pera namin!

  66. CJ says:

    I agree to all your comments here…OMG…last friday (december 18, 2009), I tried to withdraw 5,000 and it took a long time to process and the money didn’t come out and the worst part is when I tried to check my balance 10,000 was lost in my acount…They said that the money will be credited w/in 5 business days and that’s excluding saturdays & sundays and baka holiday pa…OMG…panu na pasko namin? BDO===Banco de offline de Debit…..GRRRRRR………

  67. CJ says:

    Now my plan is to open a new account on other bank and transfer my money to that account because my BDO card was used by our company for payroll…If I can convince our company I’ll ask them to transfer our accounts to other bank…EVERY PAYDAY OFFLINE ANG BDO…AND DAMI NGA BRANCHES DITO SA NAGA WALA NAMAN KWENTA…BULSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. James says:

    Sa mga nagkakaproblem sa ATM, i think mas ideal na magreklamo kayo sa mismong bangko kung sino may ari ng ATM, wag sa BDO. Kasi they only see na twice kayo nag withdraw, pero dun sa ATM ng bangko in case hindi may BDO ang winithdrawhan mo e baka naka-log yun.

    Kunin nyo ang pera nyo sa kanila kung kinain ng ATM or nag no response for a long time. Hindi nyo kasalanan ang ma-debit ng ganun ganun na lang. Aba, pinaghirapan nyo yun kahit 500 lang yan. Hindi natin ibibigay basta basta ang pera sa bangko no. Ang laki na nga ng service charges atsaka mga penalties.

  69. KAI says:


  70. rheN says:

    nAKU, sad naman..waaahh.. meron pa ba sa inyo ang naibalik pa ung money nyo?badtrip naman..


  72. arline says:

    good afternoon…magiinqiured lng po sana ako kung howmuch po mg open account s atm..for saving lng po..thanks

  73. fotfot says:

    Fake! I also made the same stupid mistake, but it didn’t continue to dispense or check the balance of my card.

  74. dagul says:

    This is a fresh blog!!! I also experienced this stupid BDO ATM machine in SM Molino,. They steal my 10K withdrawal. Guess what? until now, WALA PA YUNG PERA KO! It was happened last March 30, 2010. I withdrew 10k on that machine, after i press the confirmation button, nag appear sa screen “TRANSACTION CANCELLED”. my card ejected and my transaction receipt. No cash was dispense and dun sa receipt ko walang bawas. But the next morning i realized na na debit pala ako! DAMMNNN BDO! I immediately report to concern people. the same thing here that i read, walang silbi yung mga call center agent. maiinis ka lang sa mga scripted na sinasabi nila…. i hope my money will get back soon… ingat lagi sa ATM crds nyo….

  75. josie says:

    ay naku, nakakainis gumamit ng atm pag magwiwithdraw kasi ilang beses na akong nakakaranas ng pag nagwithdraw ako walang lumalabas na pera then when ill check my balance nakabawas na yung amount. paano ba ito maiiwasan?

  76. pia says:

    ask ko lang po kung ganito din sa debit card nila???
    kasi i opened an atm saving account, and they gave me an atm debit card T_T
    please help!!!!

  77. meg says:

    @dagul I have the same experience with BDO SM Molino, using my hubby’s Maybank account I withdraw 5k no cash, nor receipt was dispensed byt the machine, transaction cancelled so i moved to another BDO atm and its say transaction processed yet no money and receipt was dispensed as well. I stood there long enough and even tried my other ATM card on the next machine pero wala talagang money. The next to my surprise 5k was deducted I immediately went to BDO SM Molino and they advised me to contact Maybank customer service so I did, pero ngayon Maybank is telling me that BDO apparently dont find any record of debited fund in my account. Im giving them until Thursday otherwise if they insist na walang missing fund i’ll file a complaint or sa media perhaps.

    • Ohmar says:

      Mam nagdepo aq ng 6000sa atm machine pero ang kinuha ng machine is 4000 lng.ibinalik nia ung 2000.walang receipt na lumabas pro nong nag bal. Aq walang 4000 na pumasok sa account.ko. plsss anong gagawin q.atm Resorts world manila bdo

  78. jun says:

    sigi mag file ka ng complaint para matigil nayang pag nanakaw ng BDO na yan. kasi ako din nawalan ng pera.

  79. dagul says:

    Hi All,

    Just to give you an update. I was happy that my money went back… thank God! after a motnh and a half, finally i got my money back! even though i dont have the transaction receipt, someone helped me to process my complain.

    according to the letter that they sent to me, they not claming “Hindi daw nila fault yun at walang system error na nakita during that time. They also claimed that the money was dispense successfully…” pero in good will daw, ibabablik nila. they see me na mejo eager ako at sobrang consistent e, ibabalik daw nila…

    hayyyyyy,,,, after a long days… i learned so may things….

    kaya kayo guys, be extra carefull…
    kung maari, sa bank nyo na kayo mag widraw…

  80. mackers says:

    buti pa sau na ibalik sakin til now wala parin.

    wala n hindi n ako umaasa…^X^

  81. hotpapa says:

    Hindi cguro maganda or sa madaling salita eh bulok atm ng BDO. Kasi sa Land Bank atm, kita agad kung hindi nag dispense ng pera or kung kinuha uli ang pera dahil natagalan kang kunin. May accounting ng pera sa na dispense at natitira sa machine. Cguro may Arroyo sa mga taga BDO.

  82. Hotmama says:

    stupid naman ng nag start nito years back, nagpopost na e hindi pa nagtest. pressing ok before entering your pin does take you to the menu pero wala ka namang magagawa na changes or withdrawal or balance inquiry. maeject lang ang card mo dahil hindi pumasa sa security test ng PIN

    isa ang BDO sa mga atm na hawak ko ngayon and I think pare-pareho lang naman ang mga ito. Nasa tao lang kung paano umintindi sa nangyayari

  83. bona says:

    oh shit! kakaopen ku plang dito ai. sna di aku malasin!hmpf!

  84. danica says:

    attn : Banco de 0r0 VMALL greenhills …

    I have the same experience with BDO VMALL greenhills manila, im using my chinabank account I withdraw 10k no cash, nor receipt was dispensed in machine, transaction say it was over withdraw for the day .. thats why i was lil bit shocked because i know 20k is the limit to withdraw each day i stand a lil bit and thingking why? n i moved to int0 chinabank atm and its say im 0ver withdrawal f0r the dAY wtf is this? receipt was dispensed as well.The next mrning ill g0 again in VMall greenhills chinabank and c0mplain why i cant withdraw 20k in a day? they said u can try it n0w if still u cant withdraw tht am0unt n cme back again here…… but when im try its damn bullshit the 10k i withdraw in bd0 is deducted int0 my acc0unt its really disgusting s0 i file c0mplain t0 my bank they give me referrence # they said wait f0r a week it was happen 0n 0ct 2010 until n0w n0 respnce frm bd0 …. my bank says they see tht it was despence but wtf n0 cash and n0 receipt 0n it ….. I immediately went to BDO VmALL GREENhills but seems they n0t entertain me and they advised me to contact Maybank customer service so I did,. This case 0ver 1 mnth c0mplain ..and as s00n i arrived frm my h0liday in kl . i’ll file a legal acti0ns 0n this and put y0u 0n shamed 0n the media..

  85. Ace Ricafort says:

    Just saw this post. Do you know RCBC’s MyWallet? Cash card din sya and never ko naexperience yung mga ganyang error. May bayad nga lang sila na P10 everytime mag deposit pero okay pa rin kasi kahit magkano saka kahit saang RCBC pwede mag deposit. Gamit na gamit ko nga yung card pag nagpapadala ako sa nanay ko.

  86. bobo says:

    It’s a new feature of BDO. BOBO!..once na mag withdraw ka na or inquire ng balance it will ask for your PIN!

  87. Ace Ricafort says:

    Anong bino-bobo mo? Naiintindihan mo ba ang pinag-uusapan? Kung maka-bobo ka. Nakakahiya naman sayo, summa cum laude ka eh.

  88. seph says:

    BOBO yan si bobo eh, nakikisali din naman alam pinaguusapan…bobo talaga

  89. seph says:

    BOBO yan si bobo eh, nakikisali din naman alam pinaguusapan…bobo talaga

  90. tysha says:

    lipat na kaayo sa ibang bank…wlang kwenta tagala yang BDO kahit card kahit credit pangit ung service nila sobra

  91. newbie says:

    pano po mag withdraw gamit yung cash card..newbie lang po ako..pwede po malaman yung steps.

  92. bobong says:

    wag ka na nga mag cash card, Panay na nga reklamo kacash card ka pa. mywallet ATM na lang gamitin nyo la pang hassle na ganyan, sa RCBC kayo magapply. pwede sa paypal.

  93. bobong says:

    wag ka na nga mag cash card, Panay na nga reklamo sa ATM cash card ng BDO kacash card ka pa. mywallet ATM na lang gamitin nyo la pang hassle na ganyan, sa RCBC kayo mag-inquire. pwede pa sa paypal kung may online business kayo.

  94. jonel says:

    mganda naman sa bdo

  95. winair says:

    BDO sucks! Please read my own fraud experience with BDO.

  96. Abby says:

    Akala ko nga maganda ang bdo. Yun pala mas-worse pa kesa ibang bank! Nung nasa saudi pa ako nagpadala ako ng 1k sr sa bdo account ko. D natanggap. Nung nagreklamo ako sa enjaz may error pala sa pangalan. So i rectified it. Ang name na pinalit ko, dun ako lagi nagpapadala and ok naman laging natatanggap. After 2 days d pa din natanggap, so araw2x akong bumalik sa enjaz para mangulit if bumalik ba pera or may mali ulit. Sabi sa enjaz wala daw mali sa system nila, kung meron mang error, sa part na yun ng bdo. Nag-exit ako after a week, nagpunta agad ako sa bdo sm cdo nag-complain ako. Ang error daw is christina abigail ang receiver’s name eh ang sa bankbook, chrisina lang. Sabi ko, lahat ng documents ko christina abigail, bakit christina lang nilagay ng teller nu sa bankbook. 2nd, matagal na ako nagpapadala sa christina abigail, bakit ngaun hindi tinanggap?! Gusto nila icorrect ko sa saudi. Sabi ko, excuse me, exit na po ako, hindi na ako babalik sa saudi plus sabi sa enjaz dito na daw yan icorrect. So nag-email ang supervisor sa main bdo at sabi sa main bdo magbigay daw ako proof na d ako babalik sa saudi. Eh nabusy ako mag-alaga ng may sakit, it took me two months para makapag-submit ng documents nung sept 2014. Wow kanina tumawag ang bdo sm at sabi binalik na daw ng bdo main ang pera sa affiliated bank sa saudi kasi ang tagal ko. I know, may kasalanan din ako pero alam naman nilang may issueyun bakit pa din nila binalik at bakit ang tagal nila mag-ffup?! Hi-tech na ngaun, puro email na. One month talaga?!

  97. Last 31 Dec 16,my daughter have a 17,000 balance in her land bank ATM card and she was able to withdraw in Pasay BDO ATM booth in the amount of 2000 with receipt indicating that she has 15k remaining balance . however when she balance it on 01 Jan 17 st BDO atm booth at Gate 3, Fort Bonifacio, she was dismayed and disappointed because the balance was only 3k, where’s the 12k, she never had an authority to complaint with coz it was holiday. Result she never had have things to spent for the holiday coz no more money to spent. Hsst. Land bank had promised to return the money but until now we never info from land bank. Pres Duterte pls help us

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