Blogging Call Centers

Blogging Call Centers

Over dinner last night, my friends and I were talking about call centers. I was asking a friend who’s an HR officer at Convergys if they are indeed the largest call center here in the country. I mentioned that a few weeks back, published some news about Cyber City Teleservices Limited claiming to be the largest one in the country. Convergys has a total manpower of about 8,000 today but they’re aiming for 24k by end of the year.

Anyway, to make the long story short, I mentioned that out of boredom/curiousity, I tried out applying for Convergys a year ago just to see how hard (or easy) their application process and interview were. I learned quite a lot about call centers because of that. In a way, the experience made me respect more “the profession” of being a callboy or a callgirl (figuratively speaking).


Now, I was thinking of spending some more of my free time doing rounds and applying to top call centers around here, review their screening process, make notes, rate them according to salary compensation packages, working environment, etc., then I’d blog a series about it here or at PTB to include some tips and pointers on how to pass the battery of tests and interviews.

Sounds like a cool and worthwhile project, eh?

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11 Responses

  1. Fleeb says:

    That should help. I doubt if the companies will like that though – I mean if they like having the public know some parts of their screening process (still depends on what you are going to talk about).

  2. bikoy says:

    nice idea. but… now that you’ve announced it, these call centers might be on the lookout for you and not let you go through a genuine application process para bigyan mo sila ng favorable review.

  3. wyzemoro says:

    Goodluck! it will be a big help to be soon call center applicants.

  4. euri says:

    Call center agents does have a kick and to add, well compensated at that. Although IMHO, the screening process is for the companies’ keep.

  5. Fleeb says:

    I feel I’m doomed to be a bachelor for life :(

  6. Fleeb says:

    Eeek wrong entry (my last comment should be in Valentine’s Day…)


  7. yuga says:

    They won’t know what’ll hit them! hehe

    @ fleeb

    lolz! Don’t be too frustrated. Good things come to those who wait. ;)

  8. Jam Mayer says:

    Being in the industry is something that only those working and experiencing can attest to. It is sad that an outsider’s perspective can do more harm to it’s hardworking and dedicated personnel. I would like to suggest a forum or orientation on what we all go through to let others know the truth.

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  10. Kriztin says:

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  11. Kriztin says:

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