Down with the flu

Down with the flu

Looks like it’s the peak season for the flu again. Everyone in the house is sick and I’m the last one to get it big time. No, it’s not dengue — I had it when I was 12. I’ve had several trips to the manghihilot and the spa to no avail.


Still, work does not pick a time and place so I’m half-resting.

Moving on… very, very slowly.

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8 Responses

  1. Marco says:

    Get plenty of rest and take your vitamins!

  2. Alwell says:

    Get a Flu vaccine from a doctor. Vicky got one and 1 week after she got sick hehehe. Funny no?

  3. sylve says:


    pre, dats why it’s called flu vaccine / flu shot..tehehehehe

    r u guys coming over this weekend?

  4. yuga says:

    It’s been like this since Sunday. Nahawa yata ako sa kapatid ko. Drum drum na na liquid (iced tea dna lemonade) na inom ko.

    @ sylver

    Ano ihahanda mo dyan sa week end? BBQ party yan di ba?

  5. LadyVi says:


    magaling ka na? calling u sa haus kaya lang wala namang sumasagot :(

    anyways, pwede pasabay sa sunday, pakidaanan na din ako sa ofc :D

  6. vi says:

    kuya yugs… ayan ha… nakisali na ako… kinda back on my techie side again… ei i know ur well na… papayat ka na ksi laka mo snoar last night…

    had fun with everyone yesterday.

    thanks Kuya Alwell, Te Vicks, and to Kuya Bes syempre…

    Enjoy the week…

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