Failed Cebu Pacific e-Ticketing

If any of you have ever tried booking online for a domestic flight from Cebu Pacific, lucky you. I have been trying to get a reservation for plane tickets the whole day without success.

Cebu Pacific has this new e-Ticketing feature on their website which promises hassle-free traveling, or so they say.

Cebu Pacific now lets you fly without a paper ticket. When you buy a Cebu Pacific e-Ticket, we electronically store your ticket information in our computer system instead of issuing you a paper ticket, so you won’t need to worry about losing something that’s non-replaceable.

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Scheduling was ok, filling up forms was a breeze but credit card payment was a pain. I always get an error page while my card is being processed. Now I don’t know if my card was already charged or not.

I called up their 24-hour call center but all I get is either a busy tone or a recording that recommends me getting my ticket thru their website. I got thru but the line was full of static noise the lady on the other end could not hear me. I thought it as just my landline so I tried using my mobile phone only to find out its their system that’s having problems.

Imagine it’s cheaper to fly to Bacolod City and take another 1 hour boat ride to Iloilo than flying straight to Iloilo City. That’s almost 20% less off the bill.

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  1. Phil says:

    I completely agree. It’s okay for economy airlines to cut out unnecessary items like baggage allowances, meals, and other services but please don’t try to save money on important features like the booking system which paying passengers rely on. Some airlines don’t even do proper maintenance or security screening. If you can’t get the booking system correct, can you really be trusted to operate aircraft? Cheap will only take you so far. Try selling your customers some peace of mind.

  2. Name: says:

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  3. ashley zipzer anthonianne says:

    i just want to know the latest peso fare promo then its hard for me to follw evryday to online…so that can u send me everyday info about ur promo,so that i can easily booking.. tnx

  4. Victoria says:

    Experienced UNAUTHORIZED CANCELLATION OF BOOKING for THREE freaking times!!!!

    I booked a roundway ticket for Manila-Saigon-Manila last April 2010 so I could avail the special promo. I got the confirmation receipt and felt very excited. After a week, May 2, I got another itinerary receipt stating that I cancelled my Manila-Saigon flight, leaving me with my Saigon-Manila flight. It was a long useless argument with a customer agent. So i decided to purchase another ticket (have to pay higher for the fare). On May 18, I received an email again stating that I cancelled what I booked on May 2. I got very upset. I realized its costing me lots of money. I was able to reach the guest service manager and settle it through giving my ticket back plus a travel fund valid within 90days. And so I thought everything is ok… until yesterday, I received a phone call informing me that I cancelled my Saigon-Manila booking. haaaaaaaaaaaayy… this is really crazy!!!! they even insisted that maybe someone has an access on my email. But if that’s the case, then why is my other booking (like hotel booking etc) NOT troubled?
    And why notify me three weeks before my tour? and a month past after the cancellation has been done?

    anyone here with the same experience???

  5. gusto ko lang sana mgtanong kung anung ang mga promo this month.plz reply to my yahoo mail account [email protected]….tank you

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