Getting a credit card without applying for one?

Getting a credit card without applying for one?

I’ve been on and off the phone with one of my credit card reps and they’ve been calling me for overdue payments since 3 weeks ago. So, ok, sometimes when I’m too harassed I forget which card I paid online so it has happened on several occasion that I double pay (there was one time I paid Citibank 20k for a Php600 bill) some cards and not pay another card.

But this one is a little strange to me — I got a replacement card for an old Metrobank Value credit card. Then a week later, I also got another Metrobank card and I thought it was the replacement for the other credit card. Nothing fancy, just 2 new cards. So, I put away the old ones in the drawer.


Now, the credit card reps kept on calling and telling me I haven’t paid yet. Turns out I double-paid again.

I checked all my Metrobank cards and now the 2 are actually 3 separate cards (the new one was a Visa). Why? I never applied for a new one. How did that happen? I was actually hoping they’d increase my credit limit for the old one but instead they gave me an entirely new one.

I asked the rep why is this so and she only mentioned I have a good credit standing. But it’s beside the point, I don’t need a new card filling up my wallet, I just need a higher credit limit. This is so confusing. I am really getting old.

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18 Responses

  1. Gloria says:

    he he. i thin whoever said is is right: that you should GET an assistant! ;-)

  2. alwell says:

    if you have 3 Credit cards you’ll need to pay 3 yearly fees right? maybe thats the reason why they sent two extra cards heehhe

  3. ralphot says:

    This is so confusing. I am really getting old.

    hehehe! dapat i-change mo na yung sa About Me info mo yugs. di na yan 20-something! :P

    midlife crisis, here yuga comes!

  4. AnP says:

    pre-approved cards for clients in good standing.

    haha natawa naman ako sa yo at nag o overpay. hehe

  5. KK says:

    ID Theft may not be in “vogue” right now in the Philippines but with the rise of credit card users, the international crime of credit card fraud will catch up in the Philippines. That being said, credit card companies should NOT give you a credit card unless you apply for it because it opens up a can of worms.

  6. The Ca t says:

    check out your credit card which you fail to pay on time, sometimes the interest increases.

    there can be one bank with two kinds of credit cards, one a visa and another a mastercard. These are two different credit card companies. It’d not Metrobank which is the lending firm. They merely broker and get commissions and collection fees as their income.

    We have a lot here. Even airline companies have their Mastercard and Visa credit cards,

  7. jayvee f. says:

    you need a yugassistant to help you with your bills.

    and thats the in thing now, overpaying your credit card. i do that sometimes. :P

  8. elmer says:

    “Now, the credit card reps kept on calling and telling me I haven’t paid yet. Turns out I double-paid again.”

    This is a new way for CC co. to suck your money out of your pocket. I wonder if those CC reps are actually using a computer to check your payment or still using the old ledger.

    “I was actually hoping they’d increase my credit limit for the old one but instead they gave me an entirely new one.”

    Again, this is the CC co. new way of increasing your credit limit. The more CC you have the more chances you’ll miss payments (signs of getting older??), the more money they get from you thru fees and charges :-(

    Lesson learned? Pay cash as much as you can, use CC for extreme need only!

  9. Anthony says:

    One technique to waive those annual fees if you have multiple CC is to tell the CC co. to waive your annual fee or else you will terminate your CC.

    It works! coz they do not want to lose a client as there are so many CC co. today…

  10. Fleeb says:

    Or perhaps just follow what Elmer says. Personally, I think I would only need a credit card when I will be buying something online.

  11. Noemi says:

    I maintain only a mastercard because it is confusing to have two. And yes, banks send out credit card hoping to turn you into a spendrift. I always cut them up.

  12. yuga says:

    And to think a year ago I didn’t have any credit card. That’s 1 to 9 CCs in just over a year.

    I reserve 2 for regular monthly online payments, 1 for gas, 1 for gorcery and dinner, 2 for 12-month zero interest purchases. The rest are reserves.

  13. Lynn says:

    Those banks and credit card companies are funny sometimes. I once got a phone call from a bank offering me a card, and I don’t even have an account with them.

    Okay, that’s actually not funny, but annoying.

  14. Miguel says:

    Why of course. They earn more money from savings cards than deposits.

    Abe, that’s a LOT!

    I got a card in 1997, then in 2000, then that’s it. I don’t buy anything on installment, anyhow.

    Just a few weeks ago I got a BPI Corporate Mastercard from my employer but that’s only for my foreign trips. Maybe that will make it easier if/when I decide to get my own BPI Mastercard. I heard or read it’s one of the harder ones to get.

  15. yuga says:

    Migs, I spend in the range of six figures every month on all me credit card bills. That’s why I need backups. :)

  16. Miguel says:

    Now that is the reason why they want to send you more cards.

    You must have all the rewards!

  17. carl says:

    The reason for that in the back office. credit card rep will look for ways to earn commissions. If you have good credit rating they may try to reapply you without your consent. if in case it will approved by metrobank and u activated the card. they will get the commission even if you cancel it few days later.

    the fact is every card approval and customer activated it . they will earn commission

  18. ruth says:

    i got new mastercard from same bank its weird for knowing that they can increase my credit limit instead of sending me new one without notice i havent applied for another one if ever im going to apply in other bank

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