Home at Last!

Home at Last!

I’m home at last. Arrived yesterday around 2pm yesterday afternoon and since I have no luggage with me, I went past immigration in a jiffy.

I really wanted to go to Marc and Gail’s wedding that afternoon (sorry po!) but I was so tired, I didn’t get any sleep during the 15-hour overnight trip, and I have nothing to wear (even shoes!). Just woke up this Sunday morning (5pm) and I think I can still feel the jet lag (where am I?). That’s prolly one of the longest sleep I’ve had in ages — 14 hours.

I think I will still need a few more days to adjust and go back to my regular programming.


Got a lot of missed calls and text messages. Sorry I can answer right away since my Php1,000 load were all used up from international SMS roaming. That’s pretty expensive huh? I haven’t gotten the confirmation for roaming deactivation yet too.

Anyway, just glad to be back and sleep on my own bed. *hehe*

Sorry guys, all your pasalubongs are still in Karachi. :D

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4 Responses

  1. KK says:

    Hey, Good to know that you are home safe.

  2. touche says:

    welcome home!

    i hope you now act uon my application in phil. top blogs, its still suspended or something..i hope its not for anything but just because its a new blog.

    thank you and wish you well in your endeavors..

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