I got a 1.0 in U.P.!

I got a 1.0 in U.P.!

During the iBlog 3 sessions in the afternoon, while were having a quick snack in the lobby when a young kid approached me and introduced himself as a UP student.


Grade A

He explained that he sent me several email questions before for a thesis paper he’s doing about internet marketing and online advertising. The clincher was that he got a 1.0 for it! Wow, I felt that I’m sharing that 1.0 mark with him. And to think that I used to be just a C student back in Ateneo, getting that 1.0 in UP Diliman was joyous first for me. That there made my day. :)

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15 Responses

  1. Blogie says:

    It’s always very rewarding to be part of someone’s success, especially when they appear out of the blue to thank you. :)

  2. Wow! Congrats pre! ;-)

    It is always good to pay it forward ;-)

  3. Jeff says:

    I was right behind when this kid was telling you about the whole shebang; he was actually stalking trying to approach you for like 5 mins before he finally did, and he looked like some scared kid throughout your conversation. you scared him abe! :lol:

  4. Gratz!! It feels good ain’t it? I know how you feel.. in my case, I stopped during my 1st yr college, always uplifting when I hear today’s students graduates because I helped them.

    Helping other people instead of pulling them down is indeed Godly. :D Enjoy it!

  5. AJ says:


    may pangyabang ka na naman yuga!

    galing galing mo talaga!

  6. Noemi says:

    Yesterday, I also heard Marcelle say how Connie, sassylawyer helped me get a good grade for his thesis. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling?

  7. you must be honored…

  8. Zimm says:

    Galing, Bay Yuga!

    Reflection: If you define ProBlogger as someone who earns money from blogging (from ARacoma’s talk at iBlog3), then I am now a ProBlogger. By merely putting my blog address in my email signatures, friends and work colleagues got interest in blogging and some pays me 5-digit fee just to set-up their blogs (and that’s simply what you learn from “blogging for newbies” e.g. opening up a blogger/wordpress account and selecting themes). Yet, I barely understand how RSS works and still doesn’t know what a widget is… being Medical Demography as my background. Now, how would you call me? A Problogger Newbie?

    Request: I work for the UN and I have no enough time for blogging. Requests from friends are flowing in… and I need blog assistants. Can you start a directory of available Blogging Assistants?

    Zimm, the Pidjanga.

  9. Ade says:

    And I referred that kid to you. Seriously. So I can, like, bask in your glory.

  10. Ronin says:

    Hello! I’m the young kid that approached you. It was a paper for Kom 1 (though I think what I did was like a thesis) on blogging as an online propaganda and I did mention internet marketing and online advertising in that paper. Got a 1.0 for it and helped my grade for that subject go up.

    Thanks a lot! (^^,)

  11. Ronin says:

    You too Ade, thanks for all your help man!

  12. yuga says:

    @ Ronin

    You’re welcome, dude!

    @ AJ, ShutterBox, Noemi, Ade

    Ya betcha! Thanks!

    @ blogie

    yeah, t’was a huge surprise!

    @ jeff

    Yup, pre, I think I scared him! hehehe

    @ JC

    I did tutorials my entire college years, from Math/Science to Philo and even had several crisis management coaching (finals the next day!). It felt like it was 1999 all over again.

    @ Zimm

    I’ve been thinking of that for the longest time and even shared it with Gail and Jolo before. Since you brought it up, I think we can revive the discussion and set it up. :)

  13. poell says:

    i wouldnt be surprised…

    abe, the most influential filipino blogger ;)

    great job abe!

  14. Yep, and not only that, the most popular, the biggest, and the most visited :p

    It’s like this: Philippine Blogging = Abe or yugatech.com

  15. Blogie says:

    we are not worthy! we are not worthy!
    (now how do you make that bowing smiley again?)

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