I was there.

I was there.

Oh, man. Was there that fateful afternoon yesterday. I really didn’t know what to do that time.

Just got out of the Shangri-la Hotel, Makati at about 1:30PM with Jayvee after attending the Sharp Electronics Press Launch. Since my car was parked at the underground of 6750, most of my encounters where with Glorietta employees still busy doing their jobs despite the rush and ensuing panic.

I asked the lady at the parking gate why they haven’t been let go for the day considering the imminent danger. She was wondering of the same thing too.


When I got out on the street, it was packed with people — shoppers, employees, policemen, traffic enforcers and tons of vehicles trying to drive away from the scene. So was I.

Actually, I wanted to go out of my car, take the digital camera I brought with me and go to the scene to take some shots.

Alas, it was impossible since I got trapped in heavy traffic and another client was already waiting for me for our 2PM meeting. I didn’t blog the whole afternoon as I did not want to add to the confusion and hysteria. It was also my way of paying respect to the victims that have passed away during this tragic event.

May their souls rest in peace.

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16 Responses

  1. GM Tristan says:

    Good thing you’re not hurt. I feel sad for all those innocent victims and their families. May they rest in peace. My condolences and sympathy go with them. There is talk that this was done by the government. I blogged about GMA’s official statement a while ago.

    Take care, everyone!

  2. Joseph says:

    Kaya pala you were not able to post the whole day. During Estrada’s Senate impeachment, there was LRT bombing. Now that GMA is hounded with bribery issue, comes Glorietta. WTF is happening to our country?

  3. We (me and co-OJT-ers) almost decided to go to G4 for lunch. Lucky we didn’t. Lucky you didn’t get involved as well

  4. BrianB says:

    Megamall has a sale tomorrow, yugs. I’ll drop by and have a look-see. It would be a good idea to blog about it, if Mega seems relatively deserted. Take pictures, I mean.

  5. issai says:

    I’m glad your not hurt. My deepest sympathies to the victim’s families. No one has the right to kill innocent civilians, it’s heart breaking.

  6. I heard on the radio that officials (not sure if the government or of G4) is pushing for the opening of the other sections of G4 to the public carrying the “Business as usual” sign. Is it true?

  7. Good thing my client decided to meet with me at 6750 not in Glorietta where I suggested.

  8. Dusty says:

    This is really scary.

    I was supposed to go to Park Square to look at some routers after lunch. Good thing I got swamped with work otherwise I would’ve been passing by exactly where the supposed bomb/lpg blew up. Dang!

  9. ernmesto says:

    I was in front of G2 during that time near Landmark I am tal;king to a taxi driver then explode and it seensa unusual to me but people there has no reaction what the heck then I went to my appointment in Legazpi Village and all I can hear is Ambulance all over

  10. vance says:

    Zobel! Has announced that the whole area except for G2 will be open! No rest?

    Just imagine if it happened in SM, more people would have died since a 3 day sale is somewhat going on..

  11. that was hell…security lax?

  12. Allen says:

    Me and my officemates were having lunch at greenbelt 1 when this happened. We only knew about this incident when we returned to the office… may their souls rest in piece.

  13. Good thing the press launch didn’t end early.

  14. leo says:

    Good to know your safe and sound.

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