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Ideal Podcasting System

A client of mine called up and asked about a good podcasting system. They’ll be releasing their first podcats within the week but they record it on a studio somewhere here in Makati.

Basically, they wanted to setup an in-house system to do their podcast. What hardware requirements are needed to record podcasts for 3 or more people, what type of microphones are good enough yet affordable, some headphones maybe or a combo, some other device that could hook up a live podcast with a Skype or GTalk conversation so remote participants can join in. The client is an expat working with a local NGO and has some experience with radio broadcasting so they’re a little particular with the quality of the recording.


Been listening to Leo Laporte’s podcast, This Week in Tech (TWiT), and got some ideas of the gadgets he’s using for their podcast but those are outrageously expensive.

If you have some recommendations or know how to set the system, I’ll hook you up with them. If you know someone who has experience with this, tell them to shoot me an email. I don’t have any figures for the budget though.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Yuga…

    Obet, Dre and Chica have a multi-podcaster set-up that uses Skype. Manong Guard and Kid Flash X use the GizmoProject.

  2. Alex says:

    Be happy to try and help. Your budget will drive a lot of what you end up selecting. Basic minimum for three person podcast- three good mics with mic arms, three head phones, a mixer, computer and usb interface. If you want to increase the quality also add in a compressor/gate/ limiter. Also you will need software like Audacity to edit your podcast.

    Check out this link for more info http://digitalpodcast.com/podcastnews/index.php/2005/11/10/audio_gear_from_any_budget

    Send me an email if you need more help.



  3. berniej says:

    If they are willing to invest some money on that project, they can use the *new* garageband (from Apple) and the recently released “iWeb” to publish it.

    Although I have not seen the Keynote speech of Steve Jobs last night, I heard that he created a short podcast using that setup — the catch is that your client should use Apple hardware. =)

    Look up what Steve did at 12:47 PM in this link:

    Hope this helps!

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