Pinoy Pod, a Project and Bloggers' Dinner

Pinoy Pod, a Project and Bloggers’ Dinner

Got an email yesterday from Ben Pimentel of the San Francisco Chronicle telling me that the podcast interview is now up at their site. I actually got the story first from Max when he posted about it.

Included in the podcats are Manolo, Shiela of PCIJ, Rickey and Bryanboy. Max did a nice summary here.


After a late afternoon meeting with Jayvee yesterday at Max Brenner (I love that place!) for a collaboration project that I was excited to be involved with (talk about micropubs and blogging), we’ve agreed to host a Bloggers’ Dinner of some sorts.

This guy’s already getting a huge paycheck from his problogging gigs (and thinking of going fulltime) that he’s glad to share some of the loot with the rest of us. *hehehe*

Sign up here!

Tentative Date: June 17 2006
Tentavive Venue: Decades Metrowalk (kasi buy one take one ang lahat ng beer!)
Tentative Time: 8:30 PM till sawa

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  1. jayvee f says:

    pang coffee lang po paycheck ko :)

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