Privacy/Security with Firefox Extensions

Privacy/Security with Firefox Extensions

My FireFox installation crashed this afternoon. When I launched the browser again, it asked for a new profile and wouldn’t use my default one.


Exasperated, I deleted the profile and created a new one. Alas, all my settings, plugins, themes and all are gone. *sheesh* I pulled up Flock and use it since it still has all my logins stored (Password Management) while I’m re-updating Firefox. One of the first extensions I re-installed was Adsense Notifier, among others.

I then realized, I am using a plugin made by someone I don’t know and this plugin knows my Adsense account login. Should I be scared that the Firefox extension could highjack my AdSense account? Of course. Should I stop using it? Hmmmm… let me think about that a little more. I’ve heard a lot of people using this extension and there hasn’t been any incident of this nature. Besides, Mozilla wouldn’t have made it available for download if it knew there’s something wrong with it. :D

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  1. One possible way of checking where your account login details goes to is to sniff your outgoing traffic when you use that particular extension.

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