Server Cost Hike due to Power Rates

Server Cost Hike due to Power Rates

One of the Data Centers that we get our dedicated servers has just announced a DC-wide server price hike. This is mainly due to the increase in power rates (electricity). The $8 per server increase might be a small amount if you have 1 dedicated server but that could tremendously hurt your bottom line if you’re carrying 10 or more servers which we do now.

In this age where bandwidth is growing and getting cheaper as well as hardware capacity and speed is steadily increasing, the overall cost of running a server should have become cheaper over the years. Well, in essence you get more bandwidth and disk space per buck but those (hardware) are one-time costs unlike power which is recurring (or on a monthly basis).

So, ok, some services do become cheaper while others getting more expensive. Just look at gas and water.


It reminds me of my growing electric bill from 3 years ago when I first moved into my current pad. I was just consuming around Php1,200 on electricity with a PC, TV, ref and regular florescent lamps and a couple of electric fans. I thought it was an okay rate back then considering that I’m working from home.

Now, I have air conditioning and fans, 2 PCs, 1 laptop, a ref, electric/gas range (seldom used), microwave oven, an oven toaster, a TV, 4000-watt stereo, and half a dozen lamps that amount to around Php3,500 to Php4,500 in electric bills monthly. I don’t know if that’s expensive for what I have but every time we exceed the Php4k threshold, I try to stay away from the aircon. :D

Once, I was even tempted to get that amp-regulator those salespeople trying sell me for Php7k. They claim it can reduce your electric bill up to 30%. Is that true? I didn’t bite it.

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11 Responses

  1. Dusty says:

    Hmmm .. that reminds me, my bill is already due. I wonder if my noc is affected by that increase as well.

    Does this increase affect US-based servers only or even local IDCs?

  2. Berlin says:

    I’m hosted in Singapore — 100% uptime so far in a year and a half.

    Server Specifications

    Price per mth S$350

    * Dual Opteron 246
    * 1GB RAM
    * 2 x 73GB SCSI (hardware RAID 1 – mirror)

    Price per mth S$650

    * Quad Opteron 844
    * 8GB RAM
    * 2 x 146GB SCSI (hardware RAID 1)
    * 2 x 146GB SCSI (JBOD)

  3. does it mean you’re also increasing your ploghost rates a bit?

    btw, we have tv, ref, electric fans and fluorescent and light bulbs, washing machine and a dvd player. 550 – 600 a month.

  4. Miguel says:

    Just imagine if you were hosted in California when they had a power crises. (Yep, blackouts are not for Pinoys only.)

    This is why Google put up a hosting facility near a river with a hydro plant – cheap electricity. And maybe they’ll have a Cold Fusion plant soon, with all the Ph.D’s they have onboard!

  5. yuga says:

    @ Dusty

    Announcements say that this is only for US based DCs.

    @ berlin

    That’s a kick-ass rig you got there. Which DC is this? I ahven’t seen any quad servers being offered in my DCs.

    @ mr nice ash

    Nope, we won’t do any price increase. Never had. Never will.

  6. Layered Tech? Check out this cheap deal I got.

  7. hoop says:

    Try doing away with the microwave for a month and see what happens… I had a friend who bought a microwave and got surprised with his electric bill the following billing :D

  8. ralphot says:

    methinks it’s with the PCs yugs (monitors!!!) or your tv… na laging nakabukas kahit walang nanonood! hehe

  9. kzap says:

    for some reason no matter where i am my power bill is high, even if the aircon isnt on the whole day, im suspecting its the 550 W power source

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