Superman Returns + IMAX Rocks?

Superman Returns + IMAX Rocks?

Superman Returns on IMAX at SM Mall of Asia seems like a really good mix that people are willing to wait weeks just to see the 3D effect. All week-end slots from 9AM to 9PM are already fully booked until the 16th.

SM Mall of Asia

So, we’re scheduled on Sunday the 16th from midnight (12AM) to 3AM.


I guess with all the raves about the movie and what IMAX (short for Image Maximum) could do to your viewing experience, people are pretty curious about it.

But at Php350 a pop, methinks this craze will end the same day Superman leaves the big screen.

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4 Responses

  1. Jaypee says:

    yeah, P350 is expensive for watching a movie in the Philippines but that is cheap if you compare it to what they charge here in the US. it’s more than $10.

  2. vance says:

    imax version of superman returns,well i careless hehe,not that i’m have against it but its not worth going to Mall of Asia with thousands of people, traffic, and the thought of the mall sinking isnt worth 350 pesos! hehe

  3. jun says:

    the movie is touted as the first full feature imax film in the country but the 3d parts just amount to about 18 minutes. it was good but i enjoyed the dinosaur trailer more! it was awesome! the tickets were sold out last sunday when we went there but forunately some people backed out so we were able to watch it at 11 am. it was ok.

  4. anton says:

    IMAX Rocks… I posted my IMAX experience in my blog.



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