The $218 Trillion Phone Bill

The $218 Trillion Phone Bill

This must be the craziest “cellphone story” I’ve read for months:

A Malaysian man said he nearly fainted when he received a U.S. $218 trillion phone bill and was ordered to pay up within 10 days or face prosecution, a newspaper reported Monday.

Yahaya Wahab said he disconnected his late father’s phone line in January after he died and settled the 84-ringgit (U.S. $23) bill, the New Straits Times reported.


But Telekom Malaysia later sent him a 806,400,000,000,000.01-ringgit (U.S. $218 trillion) bill for recent telephone calls along with orders to settle within 10 days or face legal proceedings, the newspaper reported.

It wasn’t clear whether the bill was a mistake, or if Yahaya’s father’s phone line was used illegally after his death.

Telekoms Malaysia must be the world’s richest company by now. (via IowaVoice)

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3 Responses

  1. jun says:

    the calls were probably to mars or jupiter. damn! that’s a whole lotta calls!

  2. Kates says:

    It’s even more than enough to setup a new telecom company.

  3. magicman says:

    Maybe it’s just a joke. ;)

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