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The dark side of blogging…

(warning… rant ahead.)

I really don’t know how to start this. I am a bit amused and a little irritated. Irritated that a person would dedicate a blog just to insinuate, harangue and trash on fellow Filipino bloggers without cause or reason. Amused in the sense that this person still keeps on reading the blogs that he so eloquently spurn. C’mon boy, and whoever told you to read our blogs anyway? Haven’t you gotten enough reads about adsense, recipes, seo or podcasting that you still have to read our crappy blogs?

I would have passed it off as a humor blog pretending to make something out of nothing with the author indulging himself in an ocean of self-deprecating wit. It must have bruised his ego to learn that he’s not alone in the blogosphere. Or shoud I say he feels that his efforts are not being recognized by the blogging community despite his best efforts to churn out dozens and dozens of splogs each month.


But despite his best efforts to cloak himself with anonimity, no one is truly anonymous on the internet. So let me give this guy some words of advise:

If you want to hide your identity on the internet…

  • Make sure that your domain is cloaked by a private whois.
  • Don’t use the same Registrar and hosting provider to host all your blogs.
  • Don’t link your anonymous blogs from your pseudo-public blogs.
  • Don’t ever post your public email on your anonymous blog.
  • Try to change your style of writing.
  • Don’t use the same nick/handle to reply to comments on your anonymous blog.
  • Don’t use the same AdSense account on your public blog and your anonymous blog. Haven’t you heard of the publisher ID?
  • Add a no-cache meta in your blog header so Google would not have a copy of your old blog.

I guess you’re not as smart as you think you are, huh? Oh, and yes, you can blog about this one too. We’ll be waiting.

And what’s with that MySpace profile? Can you spell Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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23 Responses

  1. liz says:

    :) wicked , curious ako sa url nya..hmm

  2. nicknich3 says:

    C’mon yuga. Out with the url.

  3. kates says:

    Parang ako yun ah? Hindi naman siguro. :)

  4. I wonder if that’s the point of such blogs: to get traffic. Afterall, negative publicity is still publicity. ;-)

  5. Karla Redor says:

    abe where’s the url :D

  6. yuga says:

    No URL for him. You’ll just get shocked with all the porn, paris hilton and poker blogs he run.

  7. phpprince says:

    yuga, this is Gerald Lacuarta, webmaster of PBP.

    Good evening comrade. To verify authenticity of this reply I will post this code here >> DFGRE99998

  8. phpprince says:

    yuga, this is the webmaster of PBP.

    Good evening comrade. To verify authenticity of this reply I will post this code here [DFGRE99998]. This code will appear on the PBP sidebar.

    First, I visit your blog at least once a week your links are interesting. And I visited it today and I saw this post. I was expecting you will blog about this because you are the webhost of Cat, and you are the big Daddy because you run PinoyBlog.

    Let’s be forthright here and let’s put this in the proper perspective and set aside the anger that was built upon you by the misinformation and “panggagatong” you have received.

    First, I did not trash cathcath. I never mentioned her domain name. I only linked to her website in one of my blog posts about delusional bloggers. In my opinion she’s delusional in the same way you think that I have a personality disorder. Freedom of speech.

    MV. I merely said there was this podcaster who was boring and linked to his site.

    Retz. I felt he was consumed by success that his ego is in orbit, so I made a parody of the PinoyBigBlogger aggravation, and then linked to him on a post about egotistical bloggers. I pitied him because he looked he was lacking sleep because of the pressures of coming up with PBB stuff everyday.

    I bump into retz because I have a PBB fan site, which is sleazier.

    I was thinking of a delusional blogger and I thought of Cat, whose website I found through Retz. I was just annoyed by those cat-play of words. I was thinking of a boring podcaster and I thought of MV.

    My freedom of thought. Right of free speech.

    On hindsight, however, I thought that linking to them that way was rude and impulsive. So I removed the links. But then the trackback worked. It was too late, and here was Cat ranting, then MV joins in.

    Now, why the biggies of the Pinoy blogging scene would make an uproar over my exercise of free speech is unfathomable, to the extent that you will track my home address (which is not really hard — you can whois some of my 50 domains), follow all my links, check my adsense ID et al.

    I know this is business for you and concerns your passion, but brother let’s put some sense to this. If you will read the post on PBP, you will not see any personal attacks against any blogger, even up to now. My posts border on parody and sarcasm but never did I stoop to a personal level against any blogger.

    Am I anti-blogger? No, I’m not anti-blogger. A blogger is a webmaster and I’m not anti-webmaster.

    Am I anti-profit? No. I profit from the Net.

    The parodies on PBP are what they are. Parodies. To put something different, something that doesn’t seem right but somehow makes sense. We need a blog that will annoy, otherwise we’d be talking about the same things over and over again.

    Comrade, I know you know that we often meet in the search engines. Where you will see yugatech or his clients, you will often see my sites, at least in Filipino related keywords. It’s just unfortunate that this healthy SE competition would degenerate into a mob attack against me, and I hope you didn’t take this as an opportunity to take our SE game to such low levels.

    True you may have never heard of me in the blogosphere because you will never see me commenting on popular blogs or posting on PinoyBlog. Instead, I decided to create my own network of websites. What’s wrong with that? Everybody does it.

    And it worked for me because my sites ranked high without me hopping from one blog to another posting linked comments. And I never bothered to exhange links with others. I was fine.

    I developed directories of my own, I went to webmaster wars in the white-dominated eBay niche, I contributed to PHP open source projects, and yes even joined the very lucrative celebrity niche, as any forward-thinking webmaster will. I even made some “drama-drama” about my life because that was “hot” during the matrix heydays. That page has long been gone because that’s what it is — drama. It’s web marketing, you know that. I was beyond blogs. I was a web marketer, an old school webmaster, more than a blogger.

    I may have put up trash blogs, but who doesn’t? Everybody experiments. It’s a playground. You play around with possibilities, then you abandon them when you realize they don’t work, but still you use them because they’re there.

    If I’m making myself look like an idiot on the Net, that’s the way how I want to market myself. This is all just a show. Some provide the boredom, I provide the silliness and annoyance.

    Comrade, this is just the Internet. Don’t lose your head. We have real lives. You run servers, I have a day job. We go home, get on the PC, then sleep. Then wake up, then work.

    Yuga, let’s play the SE game fair and square. It was fun until some kiddies got poked in the butt and went running to big Daddy.

    Don’t throw the whole weight of all your clients — the so called “blogging community” — against a single webmaster, just because he thought somebody among your clients were egoistic, delusional or needed voice lessons. That’s too much flattery for me.

    Let’s continue the SE wars without the mob. Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling that you shut me out on your own, and without the help of the horde?

    Think of it. Me against hundreds of bloggers. If this was a movie, I would be FPJ.

    Happy V Day.

    This will be my only reply. I can be contacted at [email protected]

    There will be no blog post about this on PBP.



  9. I’m astounded and curious at the same time: How can the whole weight of a “blogging community” be thrown against a single unnamed, un-linked to webmaster?

    (For the record, I’m not a client of Yuga.)

    Parodies and uproars. Glad to see freedom of speech is alive and well out here on the web.

  10. cathy says:

    Manuel V, so true. Sino kaya ang delusional. Yong obscure blogger who feels the whole blogging community is out to get him for his “parody”blog
    o yong pusa na who admits she is dyslexic.

    Hey Mr. Lacuarta, so by admission, you do not know my blog and yet you googlebombed my name and called me delusional.

    If you know me, you would not even hint that I would make sumbong and sulsol to yuga just to get back at you.

    I can fight my own battle Mr. Mukhang Cuarta ehek LA CUARTA pala.

    I did not know that calling Mviloria’s podcast boring is a parody.

    I have to see the definition of parody.

    I did not know that putting up a blog that is
    exactly the same as that of SEO’s marc macalua
    does not have an iota of intent to mislead the
    readers that it belongs to a blogger who worked for that niche for months.

    I did not know that writing in your recipe blogs that it is contributed by pinoycook is not motivated to misrepresent to the fans and readers of Sassy that it is hers. What more, the intro that you are the Pinoycook strengthens the fact that you are riding on Sassy’s popularity.
    Di ba nakakahiya yan.

    No malice?. freedom of speech? tsee

    Yuga is not a dumb person para gatungan. I do not have to make gatong. Susunugin ko na lang siya. hahaha Your reference to him about googleadsense, about blogging consultancy are obviously attacks and not parodies. INGGIT ba. Definitely.

    You claim you are earning from the internet? where google adsense? I checked the traffic. You can hardly get 50 for your unique visitors. Ako lang siguro yon nang araw na yon. Yong click pa?

    Lahat na yata ng blogs na nasa Top Pinoy blogs
    dinuplicate mo.

    1.Pinoybigblogger,pinoybig brother from retz and

    2. recipes from Sassy and other food bloggers

    3. SEO from marc macalua

    4. Sexy blogs (porn and matching /escort)

    Do you have to go this low. Nasabi pa namang graduate ka sa UP, naging opisyal ka ng UP publication, tapos masahol ka pa sa mga slut tabloids na sinusunog sa bangketa para hindi makapollute sa isipan ng mga bata?

    5. pinoyblogpress for pinoy blog. Ikaw lang naman ang nagsusulat sa group blog. ginamot mo pa ang pinoy blog ni yuga para makuha rin ang keyword pb. Ow do ihave to be a rccket scientist not ot konw your motive. heh.

    6. Hindi mo magaya ang cathcath, kasi. Kasi it takes one like me to make a Ca t talk. kita mo yong sinabi saiyo ng pusa ko? Style mo bulok.

    Akala mo ililink ka namin. Beee
    Maglilink na kami ng kagaya ni retz na walangsawang nagpapasalamat sa mga tumulong sa kaniya pagsimula niya at kung saan siya nkarating at hindi kagaya mong magnanakaw ng ideya ng may ideya. Tapos makikipeace ka kay yuga.

    Parang gusto mong magbenta ng humburger at chickenjoy at ginagamit mo ang salitang JOLLYBEE for Jollibee tapos siniraan mo pa ang Jolibee. Hindi mo naintindihan. Ibaba mo muna ang iyong utak at pahingahin, masyadong stress
    na kaiisip para ka makilala sa blogging world.

    sorry no link of url for you. tsee.

  11. Sassy says:



  12. yuga says:


    The truth here is that I never read any of the prior posts of Cathy and MV referring to your blogs so when I posted about this one, it was purely my own observations based on your posts in several of your blogs. Nobody came up to me and asked me to identify who owns the anonymous blog nor was I enticed to retaliate on their behalf.

    I will not go into the details which of the posts in your dozens of blogs “parodized” me, Connie, Retz, Marc and God knows which other Pinoy bloggers you’re making fun of. Cathy has quoted that several times in her blog. But the very idea that you take much effort in doing so is distateful and unrespectful IMO.

    If you call such acts is your right to free speech, then I can also claim the same with my entry here in my blog. Besides, MV already pointed to the fact that I am not naming you publicly or linking to your blog so how can that be putting pressure on someone that is virtually non-existent? And I guess it would be really rude of me if I pointed out all your scraper portals and recipe listings to all my readers here.

    And since you deleted your “About Me” in PBP and you have private domain info in your PS blog network, I got the impression that you do not want to take responsibility or own your words when you parodize us. You fairly well know as a ex-journalist that you are accountable for your own words and actions.

    And another thing, this is not about competing for keywords in Search Engines. This is not about you getting more traffic than any other pinoy blogger here. This ain’t about who writes better and who gets higher placement in SERPs. It’s about respect and humility.

    I am not really sure how you wanted to be be identified on the internet and in the pinoy blogging community but I sure hope you don’t want to be called a splogger and a barnacle.

  13. Sassy says:

    Splogger, splogger, no links for sploggers.

  14. Sassy says:

    it really behooves me how anyone can clain freedom of speech under the circumstances. for a journalist, especially, who’s supposed to know that no freedom is absolute. and that the right to freedom of speech can never be used as a cloak to hide darker motives.

    freedom of speech, my foot.

  15. jobert says:

    This reminds me of Sir Walter Scott:

    “..The wretch, concentred all in self,
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
    And, doubly dying, shall go down
    To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
    Unwept, unhonored , and unsung…”

  16. Greg Moreno says:

    One way to market your product (or yourself) is to polarize people. If people love you, it is good. If people hate you, it is good. If people can’t tell, that’s bad, because you’re in the zone of mediocrity.

    Peace and goodluck to all Pinoy bloggers!

  17. Aavaisha says:

    ( gluks in here….(

  18. Abbie says:

    Glad to hear it

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