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The Water Lamp is a paper that transforms into a functioning lamp

Are you an adventurer that spends most of your time outdoors? Here’s something nifty from The North Face — the Water Lamp. It basically is a piece of paper that you fold and use water to scientifically light and use at night during your camping trips.


With travelers in mind, The North Face’s Water Lamp is thin enough to slide into any backpack or travel bag since it is essentially just a sheet of paper. To use, it has an instruction to fold the paper in certain ways and make it stand like a lamp, use water on a specific spot, and it will begin lighting up so you can use it to light a spot while on the great outdoors.



As mentioned in the instructions, the paper illuminates because of the application of water as it “allows electrons to flow from the zinc to the copper in the paper. This electrical current powers the lamp.”

Indeed, it is a handy tool to have around since not only does it provide light, but it is also eco-friendly as it doesn’t require any electricity to operate.

Therese “Gang” Badoy Capati, who posted it on her Twitter account (@gangbadoy), mentions that it is currently available at The North Face in Shangri-La Mall, Manila. We’ve contacted the company and inquired of its price.


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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4 Responses

  1. Zobel says:

    waiting for the CD-R King version. Lelz

  2. snowythen says:

    I wonder if you burn the paper, will the energy power up a mobiphone.

  3. v says:

    So it uses a galvanic cell.

    Wont work with distilled water, which is not a problem. Sea water, urine or even river water has enough electrolytes to run it

    The electrodes should be used up during the reaction so after a long time you need to replace the electrodes.

    Its not a water powered lamp, its a metal powered lamp

  4. jherwynne says:

    Is it the same as the digital clock that also works with water?

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