Week-end AfterMath

Week-end AfterMath

Got back from a short trip to Baguio. Yes, it was raining most of the time but that did not prevent us to take a well-guided tour of the city — Mines View, The Good Shepherd, Burnham Park, Ibay’s Silver, Wagwagan Central, The Grotto, and the strawberry farm. (Pictures will be posted tonight.)

Unfortunately, my phone got yanked. Of all the places in the world, SM Baguio, while we’re doing an early morning shopping for personal stuffs. Must have been fished out from my jacket pocket. Just bought that phone last May. Darn. All of my 400+ contacts are there, lost to oblivion. Double darn.


Those contacts are priceless.

Okay, moving on… I’m getting anew one, preferrably post-paid. :)

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9 Responses

  1. Jon Limjap says:


    Sayang, sana you bought a generic USB bluetooth dongle and then downloaded Nokia PC Suite for free. The PC Suite has a backup facility for the addressbook. You could practically restore your old phone to any new Nokia phone… if you had the backup.


  2. yuga says:


    About two months ago, I bought a USB bluuetooth dongle and use it on my PC to connect to my 6230. Though it was running fine, I could not do a backup using the Nokia PC Suite. Not sure why but my old USB-to-IR cable was the better option.

    I also thought I could do internet sharing with it. I sold the USB dongle a week later.

    I think I still have a cvs backup but it was 3 months old. A lot of contact numbers have changed since then.

    For now, I’m thinking what phone to buy. (If I still have enough cash).

  3. Rickey says:

    Which reminds me… I must backup my contacts as well. The irony, being in the tech field… and yet no backup!

  4. yuga says:

    Ahh yes, I do weekly backups for hundreds of clients, but not for myself. :D

  5. retz says:

    awe, sayang naman un
    that’s the ploghost policy “cliente muna bago sarili” hehe.
    there’s a software out there that could let you back-up ur phone at http://www.iphone-forum.com pwede rin sa iRda

  6. yuga says:

    I am using Nokia PC Suite but it doesn’t seem to work with my new phone.

  7. Kates says:

    You’re back with no phone. Kaya pala wala kang moblog eh. Magandang back up yung magnetic pocket phone directory.

  8. yuga says:

    I’m now in search of a good phone backup software. Any suggestions aside from Nokia PC Suite?

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