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Globe hosts Innovation Forum 2019 to celebrate its 6th Innovation Month

Globe’s IT arm, the Information Systems Group, is hosting the 6th Globe Innovation Month. With the Innovation Month, Globe is encouraging its employees to embrace digital transformation through a series of events and workshops.

To kick things off, Globe hosted the Innovation Forum 2019, gathering leaders, game changers, and employees of the company for a two-day discussion on challenges and trends that affect digital customers and the solutions they can undertake to face them.

Through the forum, Globe has introduced the following activities for Innovation Month, namely Coding for Kids, Mindbrew, and DevZone.

In Coding for Kids, children of Globe employees are invited to participate in a free three-day boot camp that introduces them to programming. Together with the help of the Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge (JACK), the children were divided into two workshops, namely Coding Workshop for kids aged 9 to 11 and Application Development (AppDev) Workshop for those aged 12 to 14.

On the other hand, in Mindbrew, key celebrities, influencers, thought leaders, and technopreneurs, have been invited to discuss and share technological insights with Globe employees over a cup of coffee.

Last but not least, DevZone is a free coding workshop and study jams for Globe employees ranging from developers, coding novices, or even non-technical employees. DevZone aims to encourage and empower individuals to become co-creators in the field.

Apart from the aforementioned activities, the Innovation Forum also discussed learning topics such as Digital Services Operations, Digital Enterprise, Digital Infrastructure, and Agile and Digital Workforce. Through an exhibit, Globe’s Partners also showcased technologies, products, and devices that fit with the Innovation Month’s theme of co-creating a Digital Globe.

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