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Globe or Smart: Where are you camping out tonight?

Both Smart Communications and Globe Telecom are holding a launch party for the iPhone 4S tonight. Globe with hold their event at Ayala Museum while Smart rented out the Rockwell area.

As a newcomer in the iPhone market, Smart is aggressive with the launch event so it’s hosting a huge party at the Power Plant Mall — some high-profile DJs, free movie and a brand new car (not sure if it’s a Mini Cooper or a Subaru Imprezza) will be given away to a lucky iPhone 4S subscriber.

Globe, on the other hand, will also be hosting an iPhone 4S launch at the Ayala Museum tonight starting 8PM with Kaskade in the DJ’s booth.

Of course, invited celebrities will also be there to keep people on their toes.

So far, the battlefront is now raging over at Twitter with both telcos drumming up excitement towards the launch event.

I just hope the processing and releasing of the units will be smooth and quick. Otherwise all these Twitter hashtags will fire back and become a nightmare.

The bigger question is — will all the socia media hype translate actually to offline conversions, line activation and ROI?

Let’s bring in the votes — Where are you camping out tonight?

P.S. Before you run and camp out, go check our iPhone 4S Review first.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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32 Responses

  1. Middle, selling iPhone4s jailbreak hehe, just kidding. I’ll probably just visit and wait for a Smart vs. Globe fans showdown ;)

    I was told in Megamall they’ll be head-to-head in the launching, a couple of friends are going there for the fun.

  2. If I can, I will never be at Smart.

  3. Boffill says:

    Since I’m a fan of Kaskade, I’d choose Globe. But that’s not possible. Whew.

  4. Derk says:

    Mukhang mas maraming pakulo ang Smart pero mukhang mas magulo din. Todo na sagutan sa twitter. Everytime EnjoyGlobe or Talk2Globe tweets, SmartCares answers back with their own publicity. I’d rather sleep and get my unit tomorrow as scheduled.

  5. Justine says:

    Smart has Lupe Fiasco and Jermaine Dupri now. And for that alone I would prefer to go to Smart’s launch. But then again I’m not in the country so my preference is invalid.. haha.

  6. Iyan Sommerset says:

    (Future) Pinoy iPhone 4s owners congregating together… They are the 1%.

  7. rorafu says:

    i have to go with globe… with this kind of smartphone, you really hv to stick with the trusted one. See, Been 14 years prepaid subscriber with globe and never had a MAJOR problem with them. with smart.. kelangan talaga magtiya, if not with my co-workers under smart numbers..

  8. duhduh says:

    a chance to win a b-new car? thats a no brianer…

  9. jared says:

    Globe already called me a while ago! I will not be able to get my iPhone 4s tomorrow (Dec.16).. or later at 12 midnight.. approved na pala application ko and i was scheduled to get the unit on Dec. 27, 2011 at my preferred Globe store.. I was a bit disappointed kasi akala ko makukuha ko na before Christmas.. I belong to the second batch na makakakuha ng iPhone 4s according to the agent..

  10. marc says:

    qualified or not, sa Globe ako magccamp. :)

  11. DJ says:

    Smart of course. Cause the more expensive your plan, the better you’re treated. At Globe, be it plan 999 or plan 5000 — you’re all the same to them. True story.

    Besides, who’d pass on a chance to win a brand new car?

  12. cj raton says:

    the smart iphones actual release will be on Dec 20 ..ive heard

  13. Mike says:

    Globe for Postpaid while Smart good only for prepaid. So, Gobe for the win.

  14. Mike says:

    Globe for Postpaid while Smart good only for prepaid. So, Globe for the win.

  15. Rob says:

    I already have an iPhone 4. Not needing the 4s anymore. Siri is quite unreliable here even it’s pretty enticing.

    Had I have no iPhone, I would prefer to camp out at Globe’s event.

  16. Bry says:

    Great news! The new iPhone 4S is yours! You can claim it on Friday, Dec 16, 2011. As a follow up to the SMS message you received yesterday, please see details of your reservation below:
    TRANSACTION ID: 5337-d126
    DATE OF PICK UP: Dec 16, 2011
    VENUE: Davao-Abreeza
    TIME SLOT: 4pm-5pm

    Taga Las Pinas ako dammit!!! Globe Postpaid & Globe Telecom

  17. PJ Reyes says:

    a friend of mine received a text from Globe saying that he will be given an iPhone 4S but when he called the number, they denied sending any text message. and yet the number that sent the message was from Globe, using a 4-digit number.

    here’s the link to his post on his fb page:

  18. Cylord says:

    Lets go with the Best Network – SMART!
    heard they will raffle Apple products, PS3, Xbox and Beats by Dre!

  19. M&S says:

    will party later at Rockwell! =)

  20. Butch says:

    approved na ko sa globe! wish I could come to the party later kaya lang may pasok… tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Carlo says:

    How’d they get the rights to display MI-4? Daming pera talaga ng Smart.

  22. jayb says:

    syempre sa Globe parin!

  23. Dex says:

    Just got home from Smart’s iPhone launch and it sure as hell was dope!! Drink all you can Starbucks, Coffee bean, overflowing beer and Cocktails, food was overflowing as well got to watch Mission impossible for free, and I took home Beats. Kudos to the lucky guy who won the Subaru.

  24. Louie says:

    I think better pa rin ang Plans ng Globe let’s try to compare Globe 1799 VS Smart 1500.
    Globe they have 1200 Consumable Voice+Text, Php 800 Unlimited Data usage and get to choose 3 Freebies Check on the site of globe.

    So for Smart Plan 1500 unlidata, pero 60Mins Voice and 120 SMS. I think Globe has a better offer kase flexible sya kung gagamitin mo more on Voice or Text and get to enroll number for unlimited call and Text.

    The Best part is I think the competition of Services. Finally!! which is good to the consumers.

  25. Blue says:

    Better plans? You sure? I don’t think you can consider it better if you won’t get the optimum services that you want.


    Smart talaga ako, pero I’m torn between iPhone 4S and Galaxy Note. Wooo.

  26. Manila Guerilla says:

    #smartiphone4S launch was the shizzle! free food, free booze, free concert, free arcade games, free coffee, free parking, AND the party was awesome! I heard globe brought kaskade, he left early for a gig, uso pa ba si kaskade? so 2005! just like their service, LOL!

  27. dan_md says:

    Been analyzing the offerings from both Telcos. iPhone 4S sold at the lowest plans:

    Kung plan:
    Globe Plan 1799 (monthly x 2yrs) + P4800 cash out = P 48K total in 2 yrs
    Smart Plan 999 (monthly x 2 yrs) + 999/month = P 48K total in 2 yrs

    Summary: Globe offers better value for your money with unlimited internet and P800 consumable amount (vs 250MB limit on Smart)

    Smart sells the iphone 4s at a lower price P33,200.00 per se (but Globe is yet to release their pricing scheme – may be lower, higher, or around the same range)

  28. Prangka says:

    Cant wait for the apple iphone 5 to be released next year as annouced by apple

  29. Cody says:

    Another option (SMART)

    Unli Postpaid 599 (monthly x 2 yrs) + P33200 cashout = P47,576 (w/ unli call/txt to Smart,RED,SUN) Note: FREE Nokia C1-01 pa!!!


    Smart Plan 999 (monthly x 2 yrs) + 999/month = P 47,952 total in 2 yrs (with only 100 mins free call and 40 free SMS for a month)

    Choose wisely. Use your imagination.

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