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Honda Car Road Test in Bohol

We’ve been road-tripping around Bohol since this morning together with the team of people from Honda Cars Philippines driving four of their new entry-level cars. The sedan has several unique features that would catch the curiosity of gadget-lovers out there.

They shipped in four of the new 2009 Honda City and we took turns driving around as we stop by a number of tourist spots.

honda cars philippines


We were also asked to bring our iPods so we can test the in-car sound system, a request I was more than happy to oblige.

honda cars philippines

Will post more details about this and my impressions tomorrow evening once we finish the final leg of our test drive. This is also my first time to do some sort of review of any automotive vehicle so my focus will be more on the tech behind the whole package.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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27 Responses

  1. Jhay says:

    Kainggit naman. :D

    I miss driving a car of my own. It’s been years!

  2. Obed says:

    Yugatech Philippine CAR news & reviews.

    Yeah! hahaha

    I want to have that car! 1.5 for only 600K+ wohoo!

  3. jox says:

    astig nman nyan tsikot na yan. Panalo!!

  4. Ton says:


    1. How’s the ride/suspension? Stiff? Plush?
    2. How’s the in-car audio?
    3. Back up sensors?
    4. Fuel consumption?
    5. Does it come with the GPS standard?
    (wishful thinking, but hey, worth a shot! haha)

    Bottom line: I love how it looks, but is it worth selling my kidneys for? :)

  5. Brownspank says:

    I really like the new look of Honda City, mainly because it’s an improvement over the previous one (na parang bitin sa trunk).

  6. CC Lozano says:

    Wow, love the fascia of the new Honda City… Want one! (Reminds self of the recession…)

  7. Calvin says:

    hanep bohol ka ulit! kagagaling lang rin namin dyan nung feb.

  8. joeyboy says:

    looks like somebody’s gonna buy a new car soon. Hehe.

  9. ali says:

    very aggressive ang transformation ng new honda city from the old model. come to think of it all of hondas’ current line up had aggressive transformations.

  10. Aldrin says:

    You can invite me next time… :)

  11. Richard says:

    As I see on the new 2009 Honda City has a great look car than the new body Toyota Vios. Great car!!!

  12. richbutpoor says:

    i will buy mamaya. :)

  13. TM says:

    Obed, the 1.5 city is not 600k. There is no more 600k brand new car with that price. 1.5 city is around 800k top of the line model.

  14. yuga says:

    The cheapest Hondy City 2009 is about 670+ and the top of the line is about 860k+.

  15. This is my review also to civic 2009.


    Problema ko lang sa civic, pag car wash mo, may naiiwan na water sa side mirror.

  16. equatiss says:

    Front of the new Accord, side profile of the Avante & Altis/Axio, and rear of the previous generation Vios… Have to see the complete product to tell the full picture. BUT confirm better than the current “Jazz-with-a-boot” design.

  17. mansur mohammed liman nigeria says:

    honda city 2009 is very fine and good looking.

  18. YEAH!!! I like HONDA made car..Because It was adorable.

  19. There is a never-ending list of aftermarket accessories available for your Honda Prelude, but if enhancing your vehicle’s style and improving its performance is your concern, then nothing would beat custom Honda Prelude wheels of course with the corresponding set of tires.

  20. jun says:

    The Honda Cars is one of the most awiting car dealer to put a new dealership in the province of bohol! Hope to have here very soon…

  21. jun says:

    Honda Cars is one of the most awaiting car dealer to have its new dealership here in the province of Bohol! Hope to have it very soon…

  22. jun says:

    Honda Cars is one of the most awaited car dealer to have its new dealership here in the province of Bohol! A lot of people hopping to have here very soon…

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