Hundreds line up at Nokia 5800 launch

Hundreds line up at Nokia 5800 launch

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Over two hundred people lined up early today in front of the Nokia Store at Boni High Street to pick up their Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

If what I overheard from Nokia reps count was right, about 272 or so people signed up to get their reserved units. The Nokia 5800 is released at a special pre-order price of Php19,990.


nokia 5800 launch

Nokia PR shared accounts of people coming as far as Cebu to pick up their unit and several others already lining up very early in the morning just to be one of the first 58 to get a free Sennheiser HD-205 headset. They were initially worried nobody would show up.

Though the Nokia 5800 launch isn’t anything near to the numbers achieved by the iPhone 3G when it launched last year, this could be the longest line for any Nokia product in the country ever.

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22 Responses

  1. That will only mean Filipinos are not poor :)

  2. calvin says:

    hahaha tama si dexter. financial crisis pala ha.

  3. jhay says:

    Not exactly. 200+ lined up, where there are over 80 million of us Pinoys at present.

    Just goes to show that we’ve been under a crisis long before the current one. ;)

  4. TechPinas says:

    That’s still a lot. :)
    Congrats to Nokia Phils.

  5. What’s so special about this Nokia 5800? What are its notable features that motivated those 200+ souls to line up and or travel as far WIDE?

  6. Hi there!

    Me and my officemates have been waiting for this phone for months! Yeah, it is kind of pricey right but I guess this is better than getting an Iphone which is a lot more expensive in the first place!

    Will Yugatech review this one?

  7. L.A says:

    My friend line up for 5800 but he said they have limited stocks..

  8. Jan Alvin says:

    Yuga, I’m experiencing something odd in your blog.

    When I go to, I’m being directed to your adsense archive. But when I go to your, it seems fine.

    I wonder why?

  9. Bruce says:

    I’m rather annoyed that they moved up the release by one week at the last moment. I’d registered for the pre-launch and had plans to go down to Manila during the weekend of the 17 and couldn’t make it for the 10th. If they don’t have stock of them for sale at the retail store when I do arrive in Manila it will be a double slap.

  10. Obed says:

    more techie pinoys despite of financial crisis…

  11. joelmreyes says:

    bahala na crisis basta bago ang phone :)

  12. crush says:

    yes, please yuga, a review would be nice.

    i think the financial crisis has not really hit us yet so people still have some money. wait till the middle of the year and if people would be lining up for gadgets then me pera nga ang pinoy! :)

  13. edieboy says:

    galing talaga over 19000 peso cp lang……..

  14. RuFeLa says:

    im one of those people n pumila hehehe ika 103 ko. i’ve blue 5800

  15. RuFeLa says:

    galing pa ako cebu

  16. Juan says:

    Even if the financial crisis hit the Philippines, there will always be more than 200 Filipinos out of 80 million who can afford to buy luxury items. A mere 200 people can not possibly represent the financial status of the rest of the Filipinos.

  17. Patrick says:

    They get the Sennheiser HD-205 for free?! Dang! I just bought one for 3k.

  18. Slim_Lady says:

    For those who have this phone, may I know from which country it was manufactured? Thanks!
    And by the way I’m planning to go to Manila to buy this phone but after reading all the blogs here, medyo think twice na ako.. Should I wait for this phone to be launch here in Singapore?

  19. coolkiko says:

    got my phone a week ahead on ebay pero nagpareserve din ako… nagulat lang ako may tumatawag sa akin the day before… hehehe

  20. Sam says:

    to all those who have the phone 4 more than a week….any defects occurring? meron ba nasira o ayaw mag-cooperate ung fone?? please…I need to know!!!

  21. Jade says:

    My relatives always say that I am killing my tine hefe at net, however I knbow I am getting know-how daily bby reading thes pleasant content.

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