Internet Marketing Bootcamp

Internet Marketing Bootcamp

If you feel that the previous Search Engine Marketing Conference (SEMCON) was too expensive for you but still very interested to learn more about internet marketing, then you might want to attend the Internet Marketing Bootcamp this Saturday.

US Autoparts, with local office MBSTEK Corporation is hosting a seminar this Saturday, January 19, 2007 from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. Topics include Search Engine Marketing, Web CopyWriting, Affiliate/Email Marketing, Web Analytics and Web Usability/Design.

Speakers include:


Mike Villar, Affiliate Marketing Manager
Alvin Jimenez, Email Marketing Manager
Rico Sta. Cruz, Creative Director
Gabriel Libacao Jr & Rhiza Sanchez, SEO Project Managers
Maia Nuguid Senior, Web Analytics Specialist
Jennelyn Tabora, Copy Editing Supervisor

This will be held at the MBSTEK Corporation Office, 1st floor, RCC Center, 104 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City. More information about it here.

Oh, and did I mention this is FREE?

Btw, Jozzua and the Macalua also works for MBSTEK so you’ll be able to meet them there and personally ask them why they’re not blogging anymore.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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14 Responses

  1. ChrisMo says:

    I hope someone could podcast these for those whou couldn’t come, or at least post a youtube video of the event, I’d really appreciate it.

  2. BrianB says:

    What can they say there that they cannot write and publish online?

  3. marhgil says:

    the link is dead. a single quote after the slash killed it. :) let me see if I can attend that. I want to learn some affiliate marketing stuff.

  4. I wish I can attend but I have some other serious things to attend to this Saturday… I agree with ChrisMo… man it was a great idea…

  5. spiderye says:

    how sad i am from mindanao. I hope that we can also have similar activities here specially in Zamboanga.

  6. Perhaps someone will live blog the event using so our friends outside of Metro Manila can still participate in real-time.

  7. On the lmb site which the link above points to, the request invitation form is broken and the map link is also broken.


    I’m sure there’s nothing there that they can’t write or publish online but it would be nice to meet the attendees and the speakers themselves.

  8. such a short would have been very attractive since its free.

  9. Fantastic opportunity, Abe, thanks for posting this … sounds like a lot to cover in 4 hours, but I can’t see how anyone interested wouldn’t benefit.

  10. Kiven says:

    haha alam ko bakit di na nagbloblog sina marc at jozzua =)

  11. Miguel says:

    Jozzua and Macalua… too much work in front of the PC, so they’d rather spend their free time offline?

  12. manu says:

    ill be attending to this one, this time…..hehhehee

  13. ultradust says:

    Hi. You’re invited to attend the 14 hour internet marketing hands on workshop at the Mall of Asia on March 28-29,2008.
    Details at
    -Marie for Jomar Hilario

  14. Thanks for the article on Social Bookmarking! Very informative… and timely! Keep them coming.

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