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Mineski to hold “The Gathering” Hearthstone tourney, Php150K worth of prizes at stake

As Hearthstone’s popularity in the local gaming scene increases rapidly as day goes by, it only make sense for Mineski to tap into the success of this relatively new TCG and host one of the biggest local HS tournament to date called “The Gathering” with a prize pool amounting to Php150,00!

Mineski The Gathering

In order to get the best of the best Hearthstone players, Mineski will hold several Branch Qualifiers where players will slug it out to be on the top of the heap.

Mineski Branch Qualifier Hearthstone

In addition to cash prize, the Branch Qualifier victor, along with the two runner-ups, will have a spot on the Grand Final where they will face other winners from other branches before being named as the top Hearthstone player, not mention taking home the event’s generous Php30,000 cash prize plus 40 booster packs worth USD50.


Mineski The Gathering Finals

For those who are interested in joining the Mineski “The Gathering” tourney, here are the rules of the engagement:

1. Each player should register 4 decks, each of a different class.
2. Each player will ban one class of the opposing player before their match start.
3. Each player’s deck will be registered by getting a screenshot prior to the tournament.
4. Matches are Best of 5 in All-Kill format.
5. For the first game, the decks are picked blindly.
6. Players who win their matches will use the same deck. Meanwhile, the loser will change their class with the losing deck being banned for that round.
7. Disconnection will automatically count as a loss for that specific round for the disconnected player unless both players agree to restart it.
8. Game-changing bugs will results to a remake.
9. Players have to pay Php50 as registration fee exclusive of their PC time.

The Taft and Katipunan Branch qualifiers will take place this Saturday, August 23. If you’re interested to join, the registration links can be found on the respective links below.

Taft Branch
Katipunan Branch


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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