Nokia's 70% Holiday Sale on December 4

Nokia’s 70% Holiday Sale on December 4

Looks like Nokia wants to redeem itself and will be doing another sale this December 4. And this time, they’re promising up to 70% off on several handsets, including the C6 they put on sale a few weeks back.

The sale will happen on all Nokia Stores nationwide, the whole day of Saturday — December 4, 2010.

Nokia 1280 – Php890
Nokia 1616 – Php990
Nokia C3 – Php4,990
Nokia 5230 – Php4,990
Nokia C5 – Php6,990
Nokia C6 – Php10,990


Ads were published on PDI earlier but we’ll have to confirm this with Nokia Philippines as well as the mechanics. Will post update once I get them.

Update: We’ve confirmed this with Nokia Philippines. The sale is a go!

It’s limited to 1 unit per person. Open to cash and straight credit card purchases. The ones listed above are just the latest models. There are also older models that will be offered on discount as well.

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85 Responses

  1. Sabana says:

    Sayang hindi kasama N8

  2. Gotta to go to SM Naga this weekend. Hope to get a new phone. =)

  3. ron says:

    are those the actual discounted prices? C6 for 11k? Doesn’t seem to be as enticing.

    Hopefully the other units will have better sale prices.

  4. jay says:

    why limited to only one per person? pano kung 20 inaaanak ko?…………….dadalhin ko sila lahat sa store! pila pila 890 taymis 20 equals P17,800 swak na swak sana sa budget hehe

  5. mr. bogus says:

    whole day of Saturday — December 4, 2010.

    hmmmmmmmm!!!! abangan ang susunod na kabanata!!! :-)

  6. moses villena says:

    @ronald redito,..w0w you are buying one,..cgrado ako nokia c6 yan,..

  7. I’ve calculated for the discount rates on my blog ( and the best on this list is the 5230 and 1616 (30% off) while the worst discount is the Nokia C5 at just about 7% discounted.

    I’ll wager that the older phones will be the ones to get closer to that 70% cut.

  8. Pedro says:

    aaaaaaargh just bought a new phone… waaaaah… :p

  9. godofredo says:

    at bukas, mag-a-announce ang LG na meron din silang sale. woohoo! :P

  10. Pedro says:

    sale ng LG? Noooooooo…

  11. Carlo says:

    Very tempting. :)

  12. nexusboy says:

    why are they dropping their prices?

    Nokia C3 was originally 7,250 and since they introduced promo price of 6,250, pagkatapos nun, the retail price never went back to 7,250 but instead it went down to 6,100 or as much as 5,900.

    tapos ngayon C3 will be on promo price naman of 4,999? it’s been like 4 months pa lang since it was launched nag depreciate agad ng 2,250? well its good for consumers. i hope its mutually beneficial to the company :)

  13. Charli3 says:

    will be lining up if N8 is included. *sigh*

  14. JunHouse says:

    naku..wag nyo na patulan ang LG.. buti pa nokia.. medyo matapat sila.. :) good luck..

  15. BoyTuwad says:


  16. Dong says:

    at least Nokia try to make it up to the last terrible or is it horrible sale event,
    this time around one whole day at all Nokia stores,
    LG? bombed by North

  17. Al says:

    I was just about to bash the phones that r listed,bigla q nrealize hnd nga pla lht ng tao s pinas into smart phones…gudluck with this sale…I was waiting for the canon sale kso slr’s r not on d list pla..:(

  18. Kimikol says:

    Kahit ba po sa hindi SM o mall basta nagbebenta ng Nokia?

  19. mariang palad says:

    boo nokia!!!symbian?jurassic os!!!

  20. mariang palad says:

    boo nokia!!! symbian os? jurassic os

  21. mr. bogus says:

    nice to be back!!!

    lg 1hr sale = chaotic
    nokia 3hr sale = langgaw

    Nokia’s 70% Holiday Sale on December 4 = abangan ang susunod na kabanata!!!

  22. Al says:

    Nokia wud still succed s pinas, first its d only phone most ppol r familiar with..and most ofthem use it for txtng or caling..unless ppol get used to mobile browsing and instant messagng or use applications they won’t realize how crappy slow and buggy their nokia phones r..

  23. gringo says:

    discounted prices na yan???

  24. echiverri says:

    Alin po dun yung may 70% off? hmmm….

  25. echiverri says:

    alin dun ang may 70% off? hmm..

  26. Martin says:

    70% off? It’s not even 50% off..

    Here are the current prices of these units:

    Nokia 1280 – P1100
    Nokia 1616 – P1450
    Nokia C3 – P5850
    Nokia 5230 – P7250
    Nokia C5 – P7500
    Nokia C6 – P12100

  27. mark says:

    kahit di ganun kalaki ang discount, just to grab the opportunity, i think i’ll go for c3, 5k lang, may wifi pa. =)

  28. Doodles says:

    Bought 2 samsung galaxy 5 at memo express MOA for P7,990 each – originally priced somewhere between P11k-P12k back in August. The flyer said one day sale only. I guess there’ll be a lot of price-cutting from all Phone brands in the very near future. That’s how fast phones become obsolete, I guess. Good enough for me.

  29. gian says:

    confirmed 70% off:
    nokia selected models

    nokia 3210
    nokia 5110
    nokia 5110i

  30. gian says:

    confirmed 70% off:

    nokia selected models

    nokia 3210
    nokia 3310
    nokia 5110
    nokia 5110i

  31. Kobe-air says:

    A very good offer by nokia. But i dont see people really lining up for this one. Unless they include the n8 at 30-50% off.

  32. ang pangit naman ng selection for the 70% off. pero 70% parin yan! haha

  33. Jay says:

    @mariang palad

    I own a Smart phone myself but you guys have to understand that majority of the Pinoy market are still not into N8s and Symbian is still the dominant mobile OS at present.

    Obvious na hindi para sa inyo ang Sale na to.

  34. watusi says:

    inuubos lang ng nokia stock nila para next yr kaunti na lang inventory nila heheheheh

  35. leeto says:

    Correct ka Jay, mas madami pa rin ang gumagamit ng cp ng talk & text lang, kaya madami pa rin ang bibili sa sal;e na yan. Ang hirap kasi sa iba gumagamit ng smartphone para porma lang di na alam paano gagamitin, payabang lang at dyanb tayo Pinoy magagaling.

  36. nalileeto says:


    so what?.. pera naman nila.. e kaya nila bilhin ang mamahaling phones kahit di alam gamitin.. ang hirap kasi sa iba.. inggit lang!

  37. gregyboy says:

    kasama kaya nokia sm pampanga? wala sa list eh hahaah!

    may nakasulat dun sa sales… “SLIGHTLY DENTED ON SALES PACKAGES” <— laspag hahaha!! mga natabunan na stocks mga isesales? hmmmmmmmm

  38. Mark says:

    high blood…haha!
    maganda pamporma… :)

  39. Mark says:

    @nalileto: tama… =)

  40. nalileeto says:


    So what? Pera naman nila yun.. so whether alam nila gamitin o hinde, ang bottomline is wala kang pakialam at wala kang magagawa kundi mainggit na lang.. apir!

  41. concern says:

    let’s wait and see!!!…baka sabihin ubos na or out of stock mga units…hehehe…wag sana magaya yung last sale nila…

  42. toskaram says:

    Wala pa ba ang Nokia C3 Touch and Type? Sana kasama iyon sa SALE.

  43. al says:


    is there anyone sensble around here?
    agree with leeto,ppol has to be practcal and buy phone of their needs…smartphones for stature purposes made iphone the dumbphone

  44. al says:

    trolls…agree with leeto, ppol should get a phone for his needs not for stature purposes, this reasoning made the the iphone a dumbphone…

  45. iDudes says:

    Grab these phones!!!!! Hahaha. nokia phone are just rubbish. good for those cheap phone users… o_O

  46. K1020 says:

    any news of if this sale is ‘offer is good while supplies last’ or ‘limited stocks only’?

  47. dreadblack says:

    Kasama kaya yung NOkia C6-01? Mas cool yun. Heheh

  48. Benx says:

    @ al
    I dont think smartphone or iphone in particular is a dumpphone, some people use it for productivity purposes:

    They use it for :
    Reading ebooks, bibles.
    such as maps, gps, emails, news, real-time infomations, etc.
    Games, Music, movies.

    Bottom line: It will help you a lot if you a resourceful enough.

  49. al says:

    read it again, i said ppol who bought phone for stature purposes made it a dumbphoen. I didnt say that it is

  50. Kobe-air says:

    @jay. I did say that this is a good offer by nokia right. Im just saying that it would have been better if they included the n8 because im planning to buy one. BTW, n8 is using symbian too FYI.

  51. @al but I think buying a phone for stature purposes are important too. Imagine holding a cheap phone during a business meeting where everyone flaunts their cool phone.

  52. K1020 says:

    List of PARTICIPATING STORES can be found in Nokia Philipines website (

    A little observation: there is one small note at the bottom of the image that said: ‘SLIGHTLY DENTED SALES PACKAGES’
    Good luck sa bibili, sabagay, may warranty naman siguro ung mga units :D

  53. Miko Cruz says:

    I heard Robinsons Appliances Galleria will be selling the Nokia C3 for P5,990 on Sunday.

    I guess people who fail to get on Saturday can buy it there, still below the usual retail price. :)

  54. Jay says:


    I am aware that N8 runs in Symbian. My point is there is no basis to state “i dont see people really lining up for this one”, just because N8 isn’t included in the Sale.

  55. mars says:

    A fiasco waiting to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. al says:

    ever been to business meetings? i guess not, business ppol dont look at others phone(ppol who means business when they attend one)…

  57. elysse16 says:

    bakit wrong spelling sila ng “slightly”?

  58. @al – yes i had been, and to tell you frankly they do care whether how you look and even the type of car you drive. Sabi nga dapat mukang hindi itatakbo and pera ng client.

  59. al says:

    lol..wat industry do u work for?..from wer i came from,its the job that gets done that we look @ not your their lame phones,

  60. question says:

    do the math,,,,

    this 70% sale is bullshit.. try to solve!

  61. bing says:

    up to 70% off…it’s not saying across the board.

  62. Kobe-air says:

    @jay, im compairing the event to what happened with their sale event on their c6 model and lg selling their optimus 50% off. I just dont see that this event would create the same kind of mess. Pustahan pa tayo!

  63. daBayrus says:

    ang hirap sa mga Pinoy, pagalingan.. puro sila na lang ang magaling kaya madalas nag-aaway.. magpakumbaba naman kayo mga kapatid.. wag puro angas..

  64. ronsterrr says:

    which unit is at 70 percent off?

  65. adsmasher says:

    i’m here at sm taytay. 70% off units (nokia 5000 and 2630 only) are sold out 15 minutes after opening…5230 almost sold out. Some are 1-1.5k in discount, other units are just a few hundreds in discount. not really a big big sale if you ask me, except from those mentioned above.

  66. adsmasher says:

    here at sm taytay. only nokia 5000 and 2630 are in 70% discount, and are already sold out 15 minutes after opening.

  67. psyco says:

    any updates kung anu naka sale?

  68. kannuchi says:

    Try reading the promo po muna: “UP TO 70% OFF”.

    You can get 30% for some, and 70% for some other models. Not all po. :)

  69. echiverri says:

    wala naman dun 70% off ah. mostly 20-30% off lang. haay:( nowk-ya, oh, nowk-ya.

  70. gie says:

    oh my i just read this now! :(

  71. ren says:

    I passed by alabang town center this morning, no chaos at nokia center, few people in line about 15 siguro. They gave out stubs. Then I went to sm southmall. . .to my surprise. . .walang pila, about 5 people inside the store, parang they were expecting nga na madaming tao pupunta kasi stubs were prepared outside the store. Pero madami tao napapadaan then natingin, surprised siguro na sale. not bad for nokia.

  72. Benchmark says:

    Bumawi ang Nokia sa nangyari nung nakaraan.

    Me and my son passed by sa Greenhills branch…marami ang nakapila yet hinde magulo…and expected na everybody will be able to buy what they want.

    Funny nga kasi I saw some stall owners buy units and maybe sell it in their stall with a higher price. Somewhat hinde din siguro lahat nakakaalam nung Nokia Sale na yun. Hehehehe

    But then again, this only means na gulo talaga ang madudulot ng sale if only few selected stores lang may sale and others are not.

    Bumawi nga ba sila? Perhaps…

  73. Benchmark says:

    Bumawi ang Nokia sa nangyari nung nakaraan.

    Me and my son passed by sa Greenhills branch.marami ang nakapila yet hinde magulo.and expected na everybody will be able to buy what they want.

    Funny nga kasi I saw some stall owners buy units and maybe sell it in their stall with a higher price. Somewhat hinde din siguro lahat nakakaalam nung Nokia Sale na yun. Hehehehe

    But then again, this only means na gulo talaga ang madudulot ng sale if only few selected stores lang may sale and others are not.

    Bumawi nga ba sila? Perhaps.

  74. berto says:

    pwede bang malaman ang mga unit na kasama sa sale at magkanu ang markdown?


  75. laben8 says:

    huhuhu di ako nakabili. pang regalo na sana. pero late nagising.

  76. Jayson says:

    This Nokia Holiday Rush is SO GREAT!
    Very organized and accommodating ang lahat ng Nokia staff. May sistema.
    I was there at around 10:30am, got my number: 44
    then got a STUB listing all the phones at a discount! Aside from six units, may iba pang included but hindi ko na inintindi since I already decided what phone model to buy!
    Dati – walang card facility ang Nokia SM Fairview – but kanina, MERON so I used my card (maraming promos ang cards)
    Mabili talaga ang C3!
    Pero 5230 kasi ang binili ko.
    Maganda and I’m enjoying my new phone.
    Maayos talaga…sana laging ganito kapag nagsi-sale sila.

  77. mark says:

    i was able to get c3 in sm batangas. not a big discount pero ok na din, at least mas mura sa regular price. cute pa ung nokia staff na nagassist sakin. hehe.. :) sana samsung naman o lg ang magsale.

  78. watusi says:

    napadaan ako sa sm north 7pm ok ung pila organize may mga guards na naka assist…..haba pa rin pila kahit gabi na…

  79. nexusboy says:

    panay promo at discounted ang Nokia ngayon,

    ang CHEAP huh ;)

  80. maryelogs says:

    Organized and pretty short (yay!) line in Podium. Congrats!

  81. jetaw says:

    @jayson pareho tayo ng nabili.. hehe! kaso sa north edsa ako. at mukhang mas mahaba pila namin kasi mga 10:30 din ako dumating pero pang 71 na ako. at mga 12pm na ako nakakuha ng unit. di hamak namang mas ok yung sale na to kesa dun sa nokia c6 at lg optimus na sale dati. kahit di ganun kalaki ang discount mas marami namang customer ang makakapag-uwi ng unit. organized pa ang pila. nadala na rin siguro sila sa nangyari nung nakaraang sale. hehe! tapos may dala pa kaming baby kaya buti at organized at di magulo yung pila. ang medyo nakakainis lang sa policy ng nokia sa north edsa eh di nila tinutuloy tuloy pamimigay ng stub/number. kesyo para daw ma-control nila. ewan ko ba. ang ginawa kasi nila after makapagpamigay nila ng hanggang number 60 yata huminto na muna sila. kaya ang tendency yung mga pila pwede pa magpasingit ng kakilala nila.imbis na mga pang 65 ako eh naging pang 71 na. ayun at pagkakuha namin ng phone eh naghanap na kaagad kami ng pwedeng makainan at gutom na gutom na kami. pero all in all k yung sale. aprub! hehe! ayun lang. share lang. hehehe!

  82. Paul Anthony Parocruz says:

    I guess it’s the nokia 1280! :)

  83. Jay says:


    ngayon ko lang nabasa to, talo ka sana sa pustahan.

    well, i passed by sm mall of asia that day and saw the long line. others have also written above that the same is true in greenhills, sm fairview and sm north.

    again, hindi porke hindi kasali sa sale ang gusto mong n8, e walang taong pipila sa sale. yan ang point ko.

  84. E says:

    im still waiting for the N8 sale or price drop down…

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