On GMA 7's Mel & Joey this Sunday

On GMA 7’s Mel & Joey this Sunday

Note: If you are a first time visitor of this blog and want to know more about the Mel & Joey Episode on Blogging, please read this: Welcome Notes to Visitors from Mel & Joey Talk Show.

We wrapped up the longest interview I ever had last night, just before 10PM. The interview, which lasted about 2 hours, was for a feature on Mel & Joey about blogging as a career or an alternative source of income. I’m sure the final results will not be any longer than a couple of minutes when it’s aired so I’m curious which takes made it to the final cut.

Mel & Joey


The last time I had cameramen visiting my place for an interview was for ABS CBN’s coverage of the new Apple Macbook launch (and why it’s so blogging-friendly).

This one is a little more thorough as they also asked me to tour them around the house, show them stuff (esp. the gadgets) and take an hour or so of footage. So, if you’d happen to see that segment, I’ll tell you offhand that’s not what my pad usually looks like — it’s always messy. They also want me to spill the beans, esp. on the revenue part, so I just point them to the recent poll we just had the other week.

Btw, If my voice sound a bit weird, that’s because I’m still a bit ill with a clogged nose.

Update: Looks like J. Angelo is also in it.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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55 Responses

  1. noemi says:

    Ah I will watch out for it. I don’t normally watch their show but if you’re there why not??? whee, blog celebrity talaga ano?

  2. ChrisH says:

    weeeee!! :D

    may friend ako na celebrity!! hehehe…

    i, as well, will have my own 15-minute of fame, pero di ako pang-Mel&Joey e… pang HeroTV lang… hahaha… more of that in a future post…

  3. Kates says:

    Wow. Showbiz na showbiz. Next thing, baka may ka loveteam ka na. :)

  4. Ederic says:

    Abangan natin ‘yan sa Kapuso network. ;)

  5. Angel says:

    Mel and Joey this Sunday… Can The Buzz be far behind? Abangan! Exclusibo! =)

  6. Jomark says:

    Im one of the millions Yugatech fan. As a matter of fact i have made a clone or sort of his blog. Its just an amateurish attempt on my part as I am not yet a pro blogger.

    Good luck.

    Here’s my blog link:


  7. Jomark says:

    Its not even a close one.

  8. marhgil says:

    wow! aabangan ko yan :)

  9. Nick says:

    you think, you could provide the video here??

  10. hmmm//good thing that we have GMAPinoyTV… i’ll surely watch!

  11. Marcvill says:

    Me too! I’m one of the billions of Yugatech fans…

  12. Abel says:

    Hi Abe,

    Hope you could record the show and post it online. I won’t be around to watch Mel and Jay this Saturday. Come to think of it, I don’t ever watch TV shows. Just DVDs and youtube. Haha!

  13. AJ says:

    somebody capture that segment and store it in perpetuity in youtube. :D

  14. L.A says:

    Your a STAR! Abe!!! Yehey!!!

  15. Jomark says:

    Just need to see it.

  16. beatburn says:

    It’s another significant contribution to the cause of pinoy blogging.

    Will definitely watch the show. Even if Joey can be somewhat obnoxious.

    I’m a Vic Sotto fan. hehehe.


  17. yuga says:

    Thanks guys! Will try and record it pero I know GMANews.tv publishes their TV shows online too.

  18. we always watch M&J every sunday. i won’t miss it for sure unless a blackout happens… hope not.

  19. beeps says:

    kelan to Yugs? showbiz ka na talaga. You Really Love to be in the SpotLight :)

  20. beeps says:

    Yugs, btw just tell me when this will be shown. I could ask someone from AGB to Records the whole show. :)

  21. Rob says:

    yep! I’ll try to watch Mel and jay although i really dont watch their show. hehe.

  22. The next celebrity .. Mr. Yuga ! Go Yuga! Congrats!

  23. I thought it will be aired last night but it was not. Was it moved or it’s really not scheduled for last night?

  24. yuga says:

    I didn’t wait for the show. Thanks for the feedback, I will ask them what happened.

  25. They ran out of time. The blogging episode will probably be aired in August 2007 na.

  26. yuga says:

    Yup, their researcher texted me and told me it has been moved to August.

    Sorry for the wait, guys.

  27. ivy says:

    kuya abe, hinintay ko din yung show hehehe,, tinext pa kita? natanggap mo ba? heheh cge wait ko yung artista sa august ha!

  28. jehzlau says:

    from rags to riches na talaga! wohOOOoooooo!! astigGG!

  29. joseph says:

    Just saw Mel and Joey a few minutes ago. Gandang raket.

  30. Rex says:

    I just saw the show. Just some basic info for those who have no idea about blogging. Nothing new. I guess they edited out the details. 2 hours? Whew..

    It’s nice to know though how much some of us bloggers are earning.. Hmmm, our peso might spike further if millions of Filipinos get on the Adsense program!

  31. xel says:

    i really want to know about blogging, i really want to try if i have the edge on it.. hehe.

  32. vbignacio says:

    well ive seen the last part of feature, and i think the interviewed blogger should have mentioned a monthly income starting from $1 upwards. $300 or more per month for bloggers with a basic knowledge of SEO maybe. but for newbies, i doubt they could reach $5 a month with their blogs. im sure many Filipinos will start blogging, but for how long before they get disappointed and quit?

  33. yuga says:

    Yup, I believe that part where I also said people start out from zero was omitted altogether and that not all bloggers can earn such. The $300 and up are for established probloggers based on survey and interviews.

  34. mysterious says:

    hey yuga,just wanted to nkow kung papano ba magstart ng career na yan?at san ba pwedeng mag-sign up?email mo nman me oh..please:)thanks!

  35. nice says:

    nasa youtube na ba yang interview na yan???

  36. Carmela Javier says:

    how will i get information regarding that blog? that will help in earning? im interested. please help me.

  37. angela says:

    Im angela, sana po ipalabas ung Favorite Anime ko ung “FUSHIGI YUGI” sa GMA7 please sana po mapagbigyan ang REQUEST ko…….more GOD bless***

  38. Dolly Calimon says:

    RE: Your show dated November 11, 2007.

    Pls give us the full contact number or details where we can buy the electronic gadget for cancer patients.

    My friend is a cancer patient and he wants to try this gadget.

    Thank youy very much.

  39. Bless says:

    Good day!!! I took a chance to email your show because of your episode aired last November 11 with regards to the “Electric Therapy” that you featured. Our family has a history of high blood and asthma, and as I watched your show, I was very impressed with the testimony of the patient who tried and is still using the said device. May I please inquire as to where I might buy and how much it would cost me if it were to shipped here in Baguio City? Does it have a warranty?

    Thank you very much and I am hoping for a quick reply to my queries.
    I am from Baguio City, and i watch most of the shows of GMA7 especially topics which feature health related issues.


    Bless Alimorong
    Baguio City

  40. mara says:

    meron kasi akong napanood noong october ata sa mel and joey na pinakita nila ang isang school sa phils. na myroong mga kinukuha na mga tao na my deperenxa ang ngipin. gusto ko lng sanang malamn kung anong dental school un kasi interested ako at ano ba ang e-mail add. ng mel and joey thanx.. lots!!!
    i’ll be waiting for ur reply…..

  41. good day sir/madam: napanood ko ang episode nyo about colloid silver a kind of a medicine na kayang makagamot ng katarak my lola kailangan syang operahan sa mata dahil sa katarak kayo po ako nag e_mail para po malaman ko kung saan ako pwede mkabili nito at mag kano ang programa nyo ay maraming makukuha na bagong kaalaman. nag titiwala sa inyo grace.. mag hihintay ako sa inyo.. god bless and more power………….

  42. grace says:

    ask lng me sa E_mail add sa mel and joey if you know pls. send me.

  43. Jonathan Tajaran says:

    ano po ba ibig sabihin ni joey de leon sa inispelling nya sa kanta nyang mr. kong dj????!!!!!!!!!

  44. Jonathan Tajaran says:

    ano po ba ibig sabihin ni joey de leon sa inispelling nya sa kanta nyang mr. kong dj????!!!!!!!!!

    pls. pls. pls.

    answer naman po


  45. Bernadette M. Bao-idang says:

    Sir Joey and Madam Mel,

    i’d like to inform you that Mr. Michael V. is the third Filipino to be featured in the front cover of the Reader’s Digest. The second one is Ms. Ligaya Cabal in the March 2001 Reader’s Digest issue. i am a Reader’s Digest reader and i got a copy of that issue which featured Ms. Cabal.

    More power to your show and God bless!


  46. Raul Decena Jr says:

    pwede ko bang malaman yung website kung san pwede isulat yung lovestory naming magasawa, kasi may pacontest sila this coming valentine…

    tnxs. more power

  47. Vio Rodriguez says:

    I’d like to feature my boss Atty. Dominador D. Buhain, President of Rex Bookstore in your show Mel & Joey for having thousand of rare antique collections and he also visited more than
    200 countries,being 19th most most travel man in the world

    Mr. Vio Rodriguez

  48. mharis says:

    ..hi,1st tym coh poh mqcomment ir..luv coh poh kau lalo na unq palabas nionq “HANEPBAHAY”..very interestinq..qodbless always

  49. mharis says:

    ..ask coh sna f pano poh sumali..cnabi poh ni tito joey about for valentines day,try coh poh kc want coh poh surprise ung bf coh kc poh sia nlnq lqe anq nqt-treat sken..f ndi pde ok lng poh..

  50. aysa andres says:

    please help..i dont know if im in the right page but i know you can surely help me..am looking for a best place in quezon province where me and my family will gonna spent are holidays…isearched for some places over net but i just saw beaches,,beaches aregood but am also looking for some adventure and much good places..like places with nature and fish ponds as well
    I hope that you can help me..pls email me at [email protected]

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