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Upcoming Talks and Events

I’m sort of gonna be busy in the coming months. Here’s a list of talks and events I’ll be attending so if you happen to be in any one of them, don’t forget to approach me on those dates.

August 25 – Non-profit Sharing Networking Night by the Jesuit Communications, Inc. at the Ateneo de Manila. I already delivered a talked about Leveraging New Media Tools last Saturday. This one is a get-to-know-you-better part and maybe I could help implement some NGO projects on the side.

August 29 to 31 – Nokia Go Play! event in Singapore. Will be covering the launching of new Nokia phones, mobile entertainment software and mobile gaming. Got my ticket and hotel rooms are booked.

August 30 – Sept 2 – COMEX 2007 Singapore. While I’m there, might as well check this one out as suggested by an old friend. I’m also gonna pick up that membership card from the Challenger at the Funan IT Mall I applied for a few months back.

September 8 – Bloggers Kapihan at the Philippine Science High School Campus. I missed this one last year since I was out of the country.

September 14 – Future Summit at the Philippine Science High School Campus.

September 18 – WFDA Youth Caucus.


September 19 to 21 – World Forum for Democratization in Asia (WFDA). I will be one of the panels in the Defending Civil Society and will discuss ways to promote democracy/human rights in the digital age.

September 25 – IMMAP GMM.

October 6 – Seminar on Business Blogging (TBA)

October 9 to 10 – Philippine Search Engine Marketing Conference at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City. I will be in one of the panels that will discuss online reputation management.

October 27 – Mindanao Bloggers Summit. This is not just for the bloggers down under so you might want to check out this one too.

December 2 to 14 – New Media Workshop with the International Academy for Leadership (IAF), Gummersbach/Germany. It’s only for one week but we’re also going on excursions the following week.

My September workshop to Istanbul, Turkey was moved to next year. I’m also collaborating with a local events group to do a series of business blogging seminars for the month of October and November though I don’t have the final dates yet. What do you think would be a good coverage of topics for a series on SEO/blogging seminars?

There are 2 or 3 other events we’re finalizing in the next quarter which will involve the online/blogging community but that’s hush-hush for now.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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16 Responses

  1. noemi says:

    Blogging has been really good to you. It’s nice to know that you are giving back to the blogging commmunity and beyond especially NGO projects . Keep it up.

  2. Sam says:

    I agree with Noemi’s comment. Add to that he’s enjoying it at same time racking HUGE cash :) heheheh

  3. Miguel says:

    Philippine Search Engine Marketing Conference — what’s this event?

  4. yuga says:

    @ Noemie & Sam, thanks!

    @ Migs — ask The Macalua! :D

  5. jayvee f. says:

    punta tayo sa lego store :)

  6. yuga says:

    Cool! Libre moko taxi. :D

  7. ernesto says:

    Nice a little busy schedule of your’s yuga I want to go to Singapore also!!!

  8. Miguel says:

    Sounds like a fun event… but I won’t be home yet :(

  9. BrianB says:

    My globe Innove has been out since lunch. I’m stealing bandwidth. Know from who? Another Globe Innove subscriber.

  10. Jaypee says:

    That’s quite a schedule you have. You’re so fortunate to be doing something you love, earning much money and now getting to travel coz of it!

    So when are you coming over to the US? :)

  11. Miguel says:

    I’m sure Abe’s visiting the US soon… my guess is as a speaker/panelist for a blog conference!

  12. goliveathome says:


    Made a comment on a previous blog there is no need to goto the US when he can earn a good living in the Philippines. He is to good to goto the U.S.

  13. Miguel says:

    I think by “coming over,” Jaypee meant, when is Abe visiting the US. Not moving.

  14. malinesky says:

    Hi! i am new into blogging (and still learning!) and just started my blogsite. I just want to request for more info on the upcoming business blogging seminar.
    Hope you can share more tips, specially on putting those ads and links.


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