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DepEd-accredited homeschools with online platforms

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many parents are thinking of enrolling their children in DepEd-accredited homeschools. For one, homeschooling lowers the risk of COVID-19 infection since students are not required to go regularly in physical classes. It also offers options for alternative learning, combining traditional methods with technology which makes it more interactive. According to a report of Manila Bulletin ,  the Department of Education is currently looking at homeschooling as a temporary solution for millions of Filipino students who got their classes suspended in the middle of the school year.

We list down some DepEd-accredited homeschooling providers that you might want to check out for your kids. These organizations adopt e-learning and follow the recommended curriculum mandated by DepEd for home study programs.

Homeschool Global 41

The first in our list offers more choices for both students and parents who want to try various home study programs that employ various learning delivery methods. It currently has six hubs located across the country and has accreditation on international education agencies such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the US Department of Education.  Based on either open or boxed curriculum, it offers blended and distance learning to regular students as well as children with special needs. Homeschool Global also offers online group tutorials for core subjects like English, Math, Science, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, and English.

Levels offered: Preschool – Senior High School

Click here to inquire 101.

CFA Homeschool 57

Founded by Catholic lay preacher and minister Bo Sanchez, the Catholic Filipino Academy Homeschool (commonly known as CFA) focuses more on the holistic growth of students. Apart from academic-based programs, it also offers spiritual and extra-curricular activities that students usually experience in regular Catholic schools. Parents are encouraged to guide their children as teaching coaches from Nursery to Grade 6. Offering STEM, HUMMS, ABM, and Arts & Design strands for its Senior High program, CFA teaches core subjects with training from industry experts who serves as mentors of their students.

Levels offered: Preschool – Senior High School

For inquiries, you may call the following numbers: (02) 8721-1088, 0917 5996 737, and 0998 9907 834. You may also send an email through [email protected]

Kairos Homeschool Academy 16

For the Filipino-Chinese community, there’s Kairos Homeschool Academy which offers both academic and non-academic subjects. Apart from following a specialized curriculum based on face-to-face and modular learning, the homeschooling institution also implements Christian education to its students and requires learning of the Chinese language as part of its core subjects. Tuition fee ranges from PHP 43,000 to PHP 63,000. Each student enrolled will receive a complete set of workbooks, tests, and grading sheets good for the whole school year.

Levels offered: Preschool – Gr.6

For inquiries, you may call the following numbers: (02) 8448 2504  or 0917 6946 477. You may also send an email through [email protected].

Living Learning Homeschool 18

Following the Charlotte Mason method, which focuses on the atmosphere, discipline, and life, the homeschool provider gives a plethora of additional support to its students including consultations, parent trainings, living book recommendations, guided memory work, and composer study lessons. Requirements called as portfolios are submitted online and examinations are conducted by parents.

Levels offered: Preschool – Gr. 10

For inquiries, you may send an email through [email protected] or click the link here 64.

Chosen Homeschool 13

This home education provider under Chosen for LifeChange Ministries, Inc. offers three types of programs to cater to its student’s needs. Giving access to other learning materials via Knowledge Bank, Google Classroom, and DepEd Commons, students are required to attend the online lectures once a week per subject. Serving as partners for monitoring the milestones of their children, parents should attend training and workshops being provided by the Chosen Homeschool. New students would need to take an assessment exam first before enrollment to determine the type of program that would suit him/her. And since it aims to help other financially-challenged students, 65% from the tuition fee of the enrollees goes to its scholars for their allowance and school supplies.

Levels offered: Preschool – Gr. 6

For inquiries, you may call the following number: 0956 527 5683. You may also send an email through [email protected] or click the link here 34.

The Learning Place 30

Using the mastery-based learning system on the printed modular and the-learning platform, it ensures that every student absorbs each lesson before proceeding to their next module. Students can choose to take a mastery evaluation test either on a quarterly or annual basis to evaluate learning competencies according to their grade level. Just like other home school programs, The Learning Place requires students to submit their own online portfolio.

Levels offered: Preschool – Senior High School

For inquiries, you may call the following number: 0926 736 7494 and 0905 952 1318. You may also send an email through [email protected] or click the link here 73.

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy 23

This one provides equal opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds by offering homeschool programs that support both the customizable and DepEd’s prescribed K-12 curriculum. It assesses the student’s performance based on written works, hands-on projects, and quarterly exams on major and minor subjects. Offering distance learning, it mixes modular, internet-based, and blended learning.

Levels offered: Preschool –Gr. 10

For inquiries, you may call the following number: (02) 8682-7941 and 0936 182 1391. You may also send an email through [email protected] or click the link here 40.

B.U.I.L.D. Up Christian School 15

Another home education provider that offers flexible programs, it allows the collaboration of online teachers and parents in nurturing knowledge on grade-schoolers.  Curriculums are designed to be flexible for the learner’s unique style of learning and intelligence. As a Christian school, it also focuses on values formation.

Levels offered: Preschool – Gr. 6
For inquiries, you may call the following number: 0917 871 5476. You may also send an email through [email protected] or click the link here 56.

And that sums up our list of DepEd-accredited homeschools with online platforms. Do note that there are more accredited institutions you can find online. However, they didn’t disclose if they support online learning. Have you or anyone you know experienced homeschooling? We’d love to hear your stories.

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    can you help my son to get school visa so they can study in Philippines? they’re from Malaysia Chinese speaking. thank you

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    Hi! My daughter is 13 years old and has diwn syndrome. I would like to inquire about the curriculum that will be best for her. Thanks!

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    Hello good day..i would like to inquire about your homeschool program this enrolment for grade 1..pls..thank you..i would really appreciate ypur response

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    Hi is Canadian Tourism and Hospitality institute is accredited by deped?

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    I am looking for Grade 11 program for my daughter. We decided for her to stop schooling because, she suferred from clinical depression. Now we observed that she is well, that we decide to enroll her. But because of COVID 19, it appears that she will not be able to. I am looking for an online home school for her. Please.can you revommend? She is now 18 years old female, grade 11 student. Thank you.

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    Ano poh module ng grade 2 ha

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