Gardening Gizmos under PHP 2K You Can Buy Online

Gardening Gizmos under PHP 2K You Can Buy Online

The quarantine period has made some, if not all, a baker, barista, online seller, and a plant parent. That’s why the demand for gardening tools and gizmos are growing more than ever. Some are even flexing their makeshift indoor garden, keeping their lush collection safe and sound. We’re giving some unique gardening tools that halamoms and plantitos may add in their carts for maintaining their plant babies healthy.

Author’s note: The following products are available online and cost less than PHP 3,000.

Automatic Irrigation System Controller

Every plant enthusiast knows that proper watering is one of the essential keys to the plant’s growth. Any excess or lack of water supply may affect its growth. Ideal for those with a large collection of plants in their garden, this automatic irrigation controller sets the watering time for your plants. Apart from being waterproof, this device can be attached to a faucet with a connector and programs the exact watering time and cycle. It is battery operated and can supply water to your plants from 1 second to 300 minutes up to 15 days cycle.

PHP 1,488 in Lazada

Hydroponic System Growing Kit

For those who want to start their journey towards having a green thumb but have a small place, then growing vegetables, flowers, or herbs is possible through a hydroponic system. This planting method does not require soil. However, it exposes the roots directly to highly oxygenated water with a nutrient solution. This hydroponic system growing kit has 12 pods ideal for cultivating vegetable, flower, or herb seeds indoors.  Some kits come with a light to enhance growth. This one comes with an aquarium air pump, buoy, 12 planting baskets and sponge, tweezer, silicone hose, buoy deck, and a box that will hold the seedlings.

PHP 1,346 in Shopee

4-in-1 Plant Soil Meter

Aside from water and sunlight, recreational gardeners should also watch out for the PH level of the soil as it affects the absorption of nutrients of the plants from its roots. This helps them in determining the ideal type of plants that will thrive in the soil, as well as soil life. This multipurpose plant soil meter measures the temperature, PH level, moisture, and sunlight level on plants by sticking the test probe in the plant’s soil. Powered by a 9V battery, it has an LCD equipped with a light sensor and control buttons.


PHP 589 in Lazada

Pressure Spray for Plants

Indoor plants, such as ferns, philodendrons, and calatheas, require high humidity levels to survive. A few spritzes may help it to thrive. This pressure spray has a capacity of up to 2L. It has an adjustable nozzle for spraying water either directly to the plant’s roots or as a fine mist on wider areas such as leaves.

PHP 279 in Shopee

Grow Lights

Just like water, light is important for plant growth. And as we move more plants indoors, some might not be getting the light that it needs. That’s where grow lights come handy. The device we found can simulate sunlight, has a flexible gooseneck, timer, and powered by USB.

PHP 1,396 in Lazada.

Self-Watering Pots

If you have germinated plants and want to have a more convenient way of watering your plants while conserving water supply, then you should try these self-watering pots.  These pots keep the roots moisturized, offer flexible growing space, preserves nutrients in the soil, and prevent the formation of weed. Its cotton string supplies the plants with a consistent water supply. These pots are also appropriate for nursery gardens which require various pot sizes.

PHP 59 – PHP 98 in Shopee

And that sums up our list. Gardening as a hobby doesn’t have to break the bank.  We hope that we were able to help you jumpstart your journey towards living green. Have we missed anything on our list? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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