How to become a better freelancer? Here are some suggestions

How to become a better freelancer? Here are some suggestions

So, you’re already a freelancer, and you might already have a solid list of clients or projects and earning substantially. But there’s always room for improvement. So, if you want to improve your freelancing situation or want to be a better freelancer, here are some suggestions to help you achieve that.

Be organized

With an unpredictable schedule, it’s a no brainer that you must keep everything on track. So, start the year fresh by organizing your plans with a calendar app like Google Calendar. And keep your notes or reminders in apps like Evernote or Google Keep that can sync in whatever gadget you’re using. Nonetheless, if you’re used to writing notes down, it’s best to have a planner you can always bring and maximize for a year or more.

Track your earnings

Time is truly money. It’s vital for a freelancer to know how much time specific tasks require, to identify the ones you can finish in a breeze or the ones that need dramatic attention. In the long run, your time-tracking data can guide you in deciding how much clients you can handle for a certain period and in creating more projects. You can do this on your phone with time-tracking dedicated apps like HourStack.

Keeping some invoice helps too, and it doesn’t require much effort, or at least for some, but it will surely be worth keeping. You can try PayPal’s invoicing solutions that allow you to send your clients a professional invoice via e-mail. Neat!

Be proactive

The little things matter too, in fact, even by greeting your clients well gives a good impact on you, and you know it. Being a little extra pays off, and you can do this by smiling more, offering promos, updating clients of your services, and hey, remember their names.

Improve your brand


There’s always room for improvement and what a great time to start revamping your brand this year. You can experiment style with what works well for you, your clients, or your followers. Start by re-assessing your previous works and don’t be afraid to try something new–even if no one has done yet. You can also get your very own personalized PayPal.Me link. It’s a great way for customers to remember your brand, so be sure to get one here.

Find bigger clients

You will not move forward if you’re staying in your comfort zones. You can attract more prominent clients that will challenge you and unlock more opportunities by expanding your craft. If you’re a writer, try getting into photography and create a portfolio. If you’re a photographer, then try entering the video world. If you’re an influencer, then try vlogging. You get my point…

Commit, commit, commit

Be hands-on with whatever task you have. Invest time and follow through with plans to upgrade your skills and finish projects on time.

Expand your network

Besides meeting new clients, widen your network by meeting other freelancers. Connecting with other people with the same interest can be your best source of finding people to collaborate. Do this by attending events and conferences, or you can personally message them (not in a creepy way).

Manage your money

Payments, it’s a freelancer’s common problem. No matter what freelancing job you do, you are never safe from the hassle of chasing clients for fees. It’s frustrating, but you can do something about it by having a comprehensive contract and keeping on track to remind your clients of schedules. Another way is by creating your personalized business page with PayPal.Me. This customizable payment link allows you to send the link to your client and tell them to pay. Once they’ve paid the agreed amount, your PayPal account gets credited automatically.

So, are you ready to improve your career as a freelancer? If yes, then the best time to start is now.

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  1. Rocket says:

    Don’t forget to do your taxes. This can bite you in the ass really bad at some point down the line.

  2. Gary Verderamo says:

    You guys need a better proofreader. Some of these articles get published with too many errors. Unprofessional.

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