Lark: connecting organizations one step at a time

Lark: connecting organizations one step at a time

For companies with teams working in different parts of the country or even the globe, using a collaboration tool for productivity and communication is a must. It connects teams, offers faster access to organization heads and files, and saves travel costs. One of the collaboration platforms available in the market is Lark. We recently talked with Lark’s Regional Product Specialist, Mr. Andeed Ma. Currently, he is helping Lark to expand their presence in the Philippines. Here’s what we learned about the platform.

Lark is a next-generation collaboration suite that enables teams to work together productively. Working through cloud storage and requiring an internet connection, it has six major interactive features: Calls and Meetings, Messenger, Calendar, Docs, Mail, and Workplace.

This suite of tools integrated within Lark allows organization heads and team members to schedule and conduct remote meetings, connect and communicate with colleagues, track and rearrange work schedules, sync and access documents on a cloud space, manage emails, and link third-party productivity apps. This improves workflow, allowing users to instantly communicate, collaborate, and accomplish tasks internally with co-workers and even externally with clients in just one click.

According to Mr. Ma, who has been a cloud-business leader for more than 12 years, Lark brings teams together efficiently who are working remotely, not only during the pandemic and in any given situation.

“What we offer in Lark is a way to chat, work on a single document, schedule a meeting, launch a video conference, and everything in one place. We try to make things easy for everyone.”

As someone who has solid experience for large enterprises in the SaaS environment, he knows how important it is for large businesses to utilize collaborative business platforms, especially global companies with regional headquarters worldwide. Some local enterprises also offer remote jobs to their employees. These factors lead businesses to utilize more collaborative business platforms. However, most of these tools require expensive subscription plans. Lark, on the other hand, is free.

Apart from unlimited video call minutes up to 100 participants, unlimited searchable messages, AI translation from over 100 languages to Chinese, English, Japanese and Thai,  200GB of cloud storage, 500GB of email storage, and multiple team admins, Lark offers access to third-party apps through the Lark Workplace.

This special feature lets enterprise administrators use many apps in project management, customer support, office management, security and compliance, finance, productivity, bots, travel, and analytics. They can also use it to optimize workflow in different departments of an organization, monitor their staff’s attendance, approve documents and leaves, check reimbursements, and more. They can also customize and manage their activity through the Lark Flow, an integrated Smart Assistant to simplify workflows and boost user’s productivity.

Lark users can also create and edit documents while having an ongoing meeting in the same platform’s background. This makes it ideal for those who have offices in different timezones, especially those in the content creation industry, requiring sending, editing, and exchanging files in real-time. Its calendar also syncs according to the timezone where the team members are, so scheduling virtual meetings is a breeze.

“Understanding that there are also participants in the Philippines that support other countries in terms of curation of contents, Lark also offers things like cropping features that can be done within Lark itself and minutes of meetings that can be captured within the platform,” Mr. Ma added.


The platform also redefines mobility across its users, making it cross-platform. This means that users may connect to Lark through supported desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

With its special features and tools, Lark is an all-in-one productivity platform that accelerates growth to small and medium enterprises by optimizing productivity, saving time and resources, and finding easier ways to communicate effectively within small groups and even in larger departments. Most importantly, the platform helps organizations in data production, recovery, and business continuity.

“Today, we do things, perhaps, in five to ten seconds and get into the real work,” Mr. Ma shared.

To fully enjoy Lark’s features, Mr. Ma encourages users to use more than three major functions mentioned above.

Lark also features regular releases and updates free of charge so users can get the latest upgrades on the platform’s features and ensure account security. As Mr. Ma shared, Lark releases it every two weeks.

“These are just some of the innovations that Lark is always providing to its valued end-users,” he emphasized.

At present, Lark focuses on how users can conduct virtual meetings, especially in the areas of engagement, and on writing the minutes of meetings within a video conferencing session. It is also working on other applications natively built into the platform to streamline businesses’ work processes.

Lark’s latest campaign focuses on helping businesses shift to digital. They need the right tools and information to achieve sustainable growth. With this, the company recently launched the New Normal Business Council and Mentorship Program to support businesses. The program kicks off with a series of free webinars and online consultation sessions that features business insiders and industry experts. This is free and open to professionals, freelancers, and business owners from the micro, small, medium, and even big enterprises. The webinars are scheduled on November 10, November 24, and December 3.

Lark will also choose two participating businesses throughout the three webinars which will get a mentorship program, additional 100GB Lark cloud storage for one year, and PHP 300,00 worth of PR and marketing support.

“What we hope to really achieve here is to help business leverage on Lark, to work productively internally, and to engage external customers closer.”

Interested participants may register through this link.

For more information, visit the Lark website here:

You can download Lark here for free on the following platforms: Windows 7 and later,  Mac OS X 10.11 and later, iOS 11.0 and later, iPadOS 11.0 and later, and Android 5.0 and later.

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  1. Robert says:

    Our teacher introduced lark to us, but after a few meetings none of my classmates were impressed. They were inconvenienced to be exact. Here the things we hate about it

    1. The android app is very heavy, after several uses it was already eating 800+ mb of memory space
    2. It was also heavy on the ram too
    3. Eats a lot of bandwidth during our live classes, very bad!
    4. Not philippine-internet friendly, a slow internet connection will make your experience suck bigtime.
    5. No desktop companion
    6. It was very hard to add someone to the groupchat
    7. our teacher was choppy around 60% of the time, it was more on their end because zoom and meets weren’t as bad as that

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