SSD vs HDD Price Comparison in 2023

Nowadays, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to storage. We got USB drives, Hard Drives, SSDs, and even cloud storage.

But for the most part, if you wanna keep a large number of files for local storage then you’d most likely look into either Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) or Solid State Drives (SSDs).

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Ssd Vs Hdd

To put it simply, you will be getting much faster speeds when it comes to loading or transferring files with an SSD while HDDs are much slower but are rather cheaper.

In general, most SATA HDDs will have read and write speeds of around 100 to 150 MB/s while SSDs can manage much more.

Then there’s also the difference between SATA SSDs and PCIe NVMe SSDs, apart from being smaller and needing a different slot, PCIe NVMe SSDs are also notably faster than SATA SSDs.

PCIe NVMe SSD (Left), SATA SSD (Right)

Most SATA SSDs usually have read and write speeds of about 500 MB/s, although this could vary slightly.

PCIe NVMe SSDs can manage faster speeds with PCIe Gen 3 going up to 2,000 to 3,000 MB/s and PCIe Gen 4 now reaching 5,000 to 7,000 MB/s depending on the specific drive.

Below is a list of a few SSDs and HDDs available in the Philippines along with our conclusion on which you should get.

SATA HDDTypeCapacityPrice
WD Black Gaming Hard DriveSATA HDD 3.5"1TBPHP 4,650
WD Black Gaming Hard DriveSATA HDD 3.5"2TBPHP 6,950
WD Black Gaming Hard DriveSATA HDD 3.5"4TBPHP 9,850
WD Black Gaming Hard DriveSATA HDD 3.5"8TBPHP 15,229
WD Black Gaming Hard DriveSATA HDD 3.5"10TBPHP 18,500
Seagate BarracudaSATA HDD 3.5"1TBPHP 2,150
Seagate BarracudaSATA HDD 3.5"2TBPHP 2,795
Seagate BarracudaSATA HDD 3.5"4TBPHP 5,095
Seagate SkyHawk SurveillanceSATA HDD 3.5"1TBPHP 2,599
Seagate SkyHawk SurveillanceSATA HDD 3.5"4TBPHP 4,600
Seagate SkyHawk SurveillanceSATA HDD 3.5"6TBPHP 8,759
Seagate SkyHawk SurveillanceSATA HDD 3.5"10TBPHP 18,215
Seagate SkyHawk SurveillanceSATA HDD 3.5"16TBPHP 26,495
SATA SSDTypeCapacityPrice
Samsung 870 EVOSATA 2.5"250GBPHP 1,950
Samsung 870 EVOSATA 2.5"500GBPHP 2,495
Samsung 870 EVOSATA 2.5"1TBPHP 4,195
Adata SU650SATA 2.5"240GBPHP 895
Adata SU800SATA 2.5"512GBPHP 3,395
Adata SU800SATA 2.5"1TBPHP 3,950
Sandisk SSD PlusSATA 2.5"240GBPHP 1,195
Sandisk SSD PlusSATA 2.5"480GBPHP 1,895
Sandisk SSD PlusSATA 2.5"1TBPHP 3,495
Sandisk SSD PlusSATA 2.5"2TBPHP 9,550
PNY CS900SATA 2.5"250GBPHP 850
PNY CS900SATA 2.5"500GBPHP 1,495
PNY CS900SATA 2.5"1TBPHP 2,995
WD Blue SA510SATA 2.5"250GBPHP 2,355
WD Blue SA510SATA 2.5"1TBPHP 3,875
WD Blue SATA SSDSATA 2.5"4TBPHP 22,069
WD Blue SA510M.2 SATA500GbPHP 2,750
WD Blue SA510M.2 SATA1TBPHP 4,250
Kingston A400SATA 2.5"120GBPHP 917
Kingston A400SATA 2.5"240GBPHP 985
Kingston A400SATA 2.5"480GBPHP 1,492
Kingston A400SATA 2.5"960GBPHP 2,533
Teamgroup Classic CX2SATA 2.5"256GBPHP 1,550
Teamgroup Classic CX2SATA 2.5"512GBPHP 1,750
PCIe / NVMe SSDTypeCapacityPrice
Gigabyte (GP-GSM2NE3256GNTD)PCIE 3, NVMe256GBPHP 1,050
Gigabyte GEN3 2500EPCIe 3, NVMe500GBPHP 1595
Gigabyte GEN3 2500EPCIe 3, NVMe1TBPHP 2,795
Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 5000EPCIe 4, NVMe500GBPHP 2,450
Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 5000EPCIe 4, NVMe1TBPHP 3,795
Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7000SPCIE 4, NVMe1TBPHP 6,450
Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7000SPCIE 4, NVMe2TBPHP 11,950
Samsung 980PCIE 3, NVMe500GBPHP 2,895
Samsung 980PCIE 3, NVMe1TBPHP 4,750
Samsung 980 ProPCIe 4, NVMe500GBPHP 2,895
Samsung 980 ProPCIe 4, NVMe1TBPHP 5,695
Samsung 980 ProPCIe 4, NVMe2TBPHP 10,595
Seagate Firecuda 530 with HeatsinkPCIE 4, NVMe1TBPHP 8,350
Seagate Firecuda 530 with HeatsinkPCIE 4, NVMe2TBPHP 14,495
WD Green SN350PCIE, NVMe240GBPHP 1,195
WD Green SN350PCIe 3, NVMe480GBPHP 1,840
WD Green SN350PCIE, NVMe1TBPHP 3,295
WD Green SN350PCIE, NVMe2TBPHP 6,995
Kingston NV2PCIe 4, NVMe250GBPHP 1,225
Kingston NV2PCIe 4, NVMe500GBPHP 1,650
Kingston NV2PCIe 4, NVMe1TBPHP 2,743
Kingston Fury RenegadePCIe 4, NVMe500GBPHP 3,950
Kingston Fury RenegadePCIe 4, NVMe1TBPHP 5,250
Kingston Fury RenegadePCIe 4, NVMe2TBPHP 10,750
Kingston Fury RenegadePCIe 4, NVMe4TBPHP 49,995
WD Blue SN570PCIe 3, NVMe250GBPHP 1,739
WD Blue SN570PCIe 3, NVMe500GBPHP 2,150
WD Blue SN570PCIe 3, NVMe1TBPHP 3,995
WD Black SN770PCIe 4, NVMe250GBPHP 2,325
WD Black SN770PCIe 4, NVMe1TBPHP 8,890
WD Black SN770PCIe 4, NVMe2TBPHP 21,265
WD Black SN850X without HeatsinkPCIe 4, NVMe1TBPHP 6,705
WD Black SN850X without HeatsinkPCIe 4, NVMe2TBPHP 13,750
WD Black SN850X with HeatsinkPCIe 4, NVMe1TBPHP 7,795
WD Black SN850X with HeatsinkPCIe 4, NVMe2TBPHP 14,450
Corsair MP600 Pro LPXPCIe 4, NVMe1TBPHP 4,950
Corsair MP600 Pro LPXPCIe 4, NVMe2TBPHP 8,950
Adata Legend 700PCIe 3, NVMe256GBPHP 1,250
Adata Legend 700PCIe 3, NVMe512GBPHP 1,450
Adata Legend 960 MaxPCIe 4, NVMe2TBPHP 7,150
Adata XPG SX6000 ProPCIe 3, NVMe256GBPHP 1,050
Adata XPG SX6000 ProPCIe 3, NVMe512GBPHP 2,050
Adata XPG SX6000 ProPCIe 3, NVMe1TBPHP 2,595
PNY CS1031PCIe 3, NVMe256GBPHP 1,150
PNY CS1031PCIe 3, NVMe500GBPHP 1,695
PNY CS1031PCIe 3, NVMe1TBPHP 2,895
Transcend M.2 2230PCIe 3, NVMe M.2 2230512GBPHP 3,395
Corsair MP600 MiniPCIe 4, NVMe M.2 22301TBPHP 5,950

On average HDDs have an average price of about PHP 2/GB of storage, while SATA SSDs average roughly PHP 4.7/GB of storage, and PCIe NVMe SSDs average about PHP 5.4/GB of storage.

Thus, we can clearly see that overall HDDs are still more affordable when it comes to getting the most storage for your money. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Ssd Hdd Under30k

PCIe NVMe SSD (Left), SATA HDD (Right)

Cause it may very well be worth spending a little extra to get the much faster speeds of SSDs. Most especially that a few years ago SSDs used to be way more expensive than HDDs.

But now in 2023, we can clearly see that gap has narrowed a lot with even some SSDs being priced below PHP 3,000, meaning you’d only have to spend a few hundred pesos extra to get much faster speeds, which is a trade-off that we think is worthwhile the investment.

However, HDDs do still have the edge when it comes to raw storage capacity, as most SSDs up to 1TB have seen much more affordable prices, some larger capacity SSDs that are 2TB, 4TB, or more are still rather expensive compared to larger capacity HDDs that still remain a much more affordable option.

So that leaves us with our conclusion that if you’re looking for fast storage of up to 1TB on a single drive, then it’s probably best to get an SSD whether it be SATA or PCIe NVMe for much faster speeds.

But if you need upwards of 2TB of storage or more, then it’s probably best to get an HDD while pairing it with a faster SSD to install your operating system so that you simply get the best of both worlds.

Editor’s Note / Disclaimer: The SSDs/HDDs mentioned are not all that are available on the market. Prices noted are gathered from official stores and retailers at the time of writing. Your price may vary depending on retailers or current deals. 

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