Starbucks 2022 Planners And Organizers, First Look

Starbucks 2022 Planners And Organizers, First Look

Ahh, tis the season to collect Starbucks stickers once again; Or should I say collect e-stickers via their new scanning promo card system or digitally through the Starbucks app. If you’re waiting for the Starbucks 2022 Planners and Organizers. here they are.

This time, for their 2022 tradition, coffee-lovers will need to collect 18 stickers to claim their preferred limited edition Starbucks’ holiday sets. There are four Siren-themed merchandise packages to choose from and we got the chance to check out the black-themed ones so here’s what to expect.

2022 Black Planner with Organizer

Created with leather-like material, the planner and organizer share a similar design with the Starbucks logo embossed in the middle, together with some mermaid scale pattern at the bottom part.

The organizer has a touch of gold with a zipper that has a star-shaped handle. Inside it has a pen holder, two small pockets that can fit cards or small notes, and a larger sleeve so you can secure the planner or you can use it as another pocket.


The planner itself simply has a black elastic to secure the pages, and it consists of some Starbucks artworks and 30 dotted blank pages plus a weekly and monthly calendar for each month.

2022 Black Tumbler with Pouch

If you’re not into planners, then you can redeem either a white ceramic mug & pouch or this black tumbler & pouch that has a small notebook inside. The pouch has a similar aesthetic to the planner and organizer with a leather material that’s embossed with a Starbucks logo and a siren-inspired pattern.

On the other hand, the 12oz vacuum-sealed stainless steel tumbler comes in a matte black finish with a similar siren-scaled theme with touches of gold. Its slim size makes it easy to slip in handbags.

And that’s it. The sticker collection period will last until January 3, 2022.

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