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Three Major Lessons for Businesses From Lark Your Way to Success Webinar Series

Lark has recently made its way to strengthen its stand as an ally for sustainability, growth, and success among businesses in the country after successfully concluding three tracks of the Lark Your Way to Success webinar series. The webinar series aimed to help businesses of all sizes adapt to changes in the workplace.

Lark is a next-generation collaboration suite that lets teams work together productively. It has six major interactive features: Calls and Meetings, Messenger, Calendar, Docs, Mail, and Workplace. This suite of tools integrated within Lark allows organization heads and team members to schedule and conduct remote meetings, connect and communicate with colleagues, track and rearrange work schedules, sync and access documents on a cloud space, manage emails, and link third-party productivity apps and connectors to Salesforce, Jira and Dropbox.

Its webinar series was completed last November and this December 2020, which was participated by small business owners and entrepreneurs who are members of Lark’s partner organizations. Attendees include the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines, Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI), and GoNegosyo. YugaTech is also one of its partner media organizations along with ABS-CBN News Channel, Business Mirror, CNN Philippines, Esquire, Inquirer.net, and UnboxPH.

Each track is composed of three topics and starred industry experts and key opinion leaders who have shared their views on how businesses can adapt, evolve, and innovate to prosper in the future. Check out these highlighted lessons in business growth and sustainability that participants learned at the Lark Your Way to Success webinars.

Businesses without a digitally-enabled workforce may be extinct by 2021

The first webinar session focuses on the value of adapting to change and how going digital is a key solution for this. Joey Lim, Vice President of Sales of APAC in Lark has discussed the effects of the pandemic on businesses and how a new digitally-driven work normal is the future of work. On the other hand, the Entrepreneur and host RJ Ledesma shared the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset and finding business opportunities even in a crisis. The day has concluded with a discussion with the business technology coach Joey Gurango, who shared views on the current workflow trends. Gurango has also mentioned that digital transformation is necessary right now for any business that wants to survive.

Connecting and collaborating is essential for business success

The second track, however, centered on how businesses must evolve to keep sailing in the new work landscape. The session began as Cat Avelino, the Head of Communications of Lark Philippines, discussed best practices in adopting new work methods through local, regional, and global case studies.

Francis J. Kong, an entrepreneur, business consultant, and columnist, shared the dos and dont’s for managing teams and resources remotely. He expressed how this pandemic can make us both better and bitter and how it can also drive us to evolve faster.

Closing off the webinar track were content creator and COO of The Canton Club, Camille Co, along with Charlotte Co. The two explained why it is essential to listen to consumers’ needs and how true connection and collaboration can generate positive results.

Business leaders must lead by example when embracing new ways of work

Lastly, the third track highlights that innovation is vital for success in the future landscape of work. To start, Regional Lark Product Specialist Andeed Ma talked about how businesses can use technology to move in the direction of the future of work and how Lark is an example of a great tool to use for this purpose.

Adding to this, the Digital entrepreneur Carlo Ople shared insights about managing and measuring employee engagement and collaboration while working remotely. Ople has emphasized that it might be best to focus on each remote employee’s key performance indicators (KPI) rather than the on-screen time when assessing productivity.

Automotive journalist, host, and CNN Philippines Anchor, James Deakin, also tackled the need for new normal leaders to lead by example, especially talking about discovering how to use digital tools and showing employees how easy they are to use for work. James himself, who is best known as a TV personality and live event host, led his team’s pivot towards online broadcasting through his podcast and social media accounts.

Two business owners who joined the sessions were awarded as mentees for Lark’s New Normal Business Council and Mentorship Program at the end of the webinar series. The chosen CEOs Joyce Yu of True Blends Tea & Coffee and Mark Joseph David of Pal Maritime Corporation have been granted a mentorship program by Lark, along with an additional 100GB Lark cloud storage for one year and PHP 300,000 worth of PR and marketing support. Both companies began actively pursuing digitization as a means to bounce back from the challenges of the past year. Through this mentorship program, these CEOs can now look beyond the pandemic and accelerate towards future-proofing their businesses.

Lark is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. To start using Lark, head over to this link . You may visit the official Lark website to learn more.

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