Why and How Should You Build Backups To Protect Your Business Data with Synology NAS

Why and How Should You Build Backups To Protect Your Business Data with Synology NAS

Backing up data is a very important and crucial aspect of living a digital life these days. Unfortunately, a lot of companies skip this step when it comes to their data. The end result is lost data, photos and videos all gone just because they didn’t take that extra time or didn’t have enough resources to have a copy or backup of their data.

Some companies think it’s such a tedious task to constantly back up data. The hassle of having an external hard drive then plugging it into a laptop, sorting through all the files then transferring them from employees’ laptops can be a barrier for a lot of companies who want to back up their data consistently.

The solution to this would be adopting backup software. Some companies, especially SME’s or SMB’s, might have limited IT budgets to purchase backup software due to subscription fees.

Therefore, if you have a company and encountered the challenges mentioned above, then one of the most important things is to find a suitable and affordable backup solution to implement backups of all your files with ease. Making sure all your files at the office are protected and safe from any threat.

Synology Active Backup for Business (ABB)

Synology Active Backup for Business can back up both virtual and physical environments. It fully protects your data, applications, and system settings on Windows, Linux, and VMs. With an easy-to-understand UI, it only takes a few simple steps to centrally manage all backup data of physical devices and virtual machines.


With features such as Instant Restore, you can restart a virtual machine directly from a compressed and duplicated backup file to minimize downtime of virtual machines rather than full restore requiring longer time in the event of interruptions. It can secure your files or even entire systems and rapidly restore them when required. The best part about this is that with compatible Synology NAS drives, Active Backup for Business is completely free of licensing, so you can just back up as much as you like and restore whenever you want.

There is also minimal downtime when it comes to Synology Active Backup for Business. The regular and automated backup makes sure that your data is always protected in case of accidental deletion or ransomware. In this article, we will take PC backup as an example.

How to back up a PC using Synology Active Backup for Business?

After installing Active Backup for Business on your NAS, first is you have to configure a template on Active Backup for Business. Go to Settings > Template > Create a template or select the default template.

Next, you have to install the Synology Active Backup for Business Agent on the PC you want to back up. You can download it from the Synology Download Center. Choose NAS, your NAS model, OS version, and Desktop Utilities tab. Then find Synology Active Backup for Business Agent and download it.

Now to create the backup, launch Active Backup for Business Agent on your PC and enter the IP address/username/password of your NAS.


Once you have connected or logged-in using the PC, a backup task of the computer will be created in the Task List according to the template you selected earlier.

You can also create more than one backup task for each device. All you have to do is select PC then Create Task. Now, you can modify your backup settings. You can schedule your backup to daily, weekly or whenever you’d like. You can also configure it to back up automatically when your computer starts or logs out.

On the left, we can also see the capabilities of Synology Active Backup for Business. You can back up PCs, physical servers, file servers, virtual machines in one centralized portal. All activities will be recorded in the Activities tab.

It’s that easy! Now you have a backup schedule of your computer using Synology Active Backup for Business! It just takes a few steps and is very easy to use.

Restore your backups via Synology Active Backup for Business Portal

Having a backup for your business is essential. To restoring your important application settings, and of course, your precious data, having a backup isn’t even a question. You never know when downtime may occur in your business and you want to be ready for any situation that happens in order for you to not have any loss of files. Active Back for Business (ABB) makes it easier for you to restore your backups and also allows you to have multiple backup tasks for your PC in business. The easy self-service restoration also allows authorized employees to access a portal to recover files that may be lost, saving you a lot of time and money in the process, especially in a company without a lot of IT staff.

To restore your data, you need to go to Synology Active Backup for Business Portal, an affiliated restore portal of ABB.

With an easy-to-use monitoring UI, you can see all the files that are being backed up by ABB. On the top right corner, you can choose the View role (by user accounts) and Task (by backup tasks on your ABB).

You can also see your backup modified time and the size of each backup file. If you want to restore the specific version of file, just choose the backup time on the bottom and right-click the file you want to restore. It also allows you to download the file. It is very user-friendly and easy to understand!

Synology gives you the benefit of having an all-in-one solution for protecting your files and securing them with your Synology NAS as well as using Synology Active Backup for Business. Did I mention that ABB is also free? If you guys are interested in everything that Synology has to offer then click this link

To find your Synology NAS, check out Synology Official Store on Lazada and Shopee, or find local authorized stores here

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