Xiaomi Smart Kitchen Appliances under PHP 10,000

Xiaomi Smart Kitchen Appliances under PHP 10,000

They say that apart from the dining area, the kitchen is the soul of any home. That’s why most people are keen on investing in good kitchen appliances. With a solid smart ecosystem, Xiaomi offers not only smartphones but also smart kitchen appliances that make things quicker and convenient. It also improves the quality of the dishes that you’re serving on your table. We’re giving you some good tech additions to your kitchen that will help you make sumptuous treats without requiring technical skills in cooking.

Mi Smart Coffee Machine

Made for coffee lovers, this coffee machine doubles as a hot water dispenser. It has a one-button rotary knob, LED light indicator, and an adjustable cup holder for mugs with different height. Its s coffee capsules are compatible with most brands, comes in two modes for making either an American or Italian-style coffee, 550ml water tank, and compatibility with the Mi Home app.

PHP 6,990

Mi Smart Microwave Oven

The Mi Smart Microwave Oven has an optimal capacity of 20L and has a down swinging door for bulky plates. Equipped with a 700W Toshiba magnetron and 7 layers of heat protection, the Mi Smart Microwave Oven is optimized to heat different types of food. It has 9 heating modes, including fast heating, 3 thawing modes, 2 sterilization modes, and 11 preinstalled recipes, with mode included in the app.

PHP 4,495

Mi Induction Heating Rice Cooker

With a capacity of 1L, Xiaomi’s Induction Rice Cooker has over 3,000 heating methods accessible through the Mi Home app to match the needs of the users. On its top are digital controls for quick monitoring of time and other important information of the rice cooker. Inside is a cast iron that evenly distributes heat to the ingredients, thanks to IH heating technology.

PHP 4,495


Youban Smart Air Fryer

This 2.5L air fryer features a multi-layered non-stick coating basket and a high-speed circulation technology that ensures equal distribution of heat and cooks meat in its natural oil. It has up to 200-degree Celsius of temperature, touch controls with the one-key operation, multifunctional cooking modes, and an LED display.

PHP 2.795

Mi Induction Cooker

If you want a gasless stove, then go for a good induction cooker. This one from Xiaomi has over 100 healthy cooking modes that can be accessed through the Mi Home App. It supports low-temperature cooking and has a plethora of features like intelligent controls, equal heat regulation, and a double non-slip base. On its center is a display that shows the current temperature of the induction cooker.

PHP 2,490

Mi Smart Kettle

Ideal for instant heating, this smart kettle from Xiaomi is made from stainless steel for good insulation. It can heat water up to 1.5L and features triple safety protection that automatically turns off the kettle once it boils and prevents electric shock. Users may adjust and control its temperature up to 12 hours wirelessly through the Mi Home App. It has Bluetooth 4.0 and is powered by a 1800W power cable.

PHP 1,799

The mention items are available in Mi Store Philippines Viber Community and Mi Stores nationwide.

And that sums up our list, Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments down below.

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