YugaTech's Online Tech Buys: June 2020

YugaTech’s Online Tech Buys: June 2020

When it comes to buying products online, the YugaTech team is keen on verifying good deals and quality—especially when buying expensive items. By refusing to go outside more often, most of us spend our time online shopping for the gadgets and tech accessories we need and want.

So to guide you in your online shopping, here are the tech peripherals and accessories we bought online for the month of June.

Editorial Team

Abe Olandres – Editor-in-Chief

Got the Osmo for a 10k bargain and thought it’d be useful for future vlogging. Meanwhile, the Mi screwdriver is for my home DIY fixing.

As for the rest, I bought these items for personal needs and to complete my tech bag. They were old needs, some are upgrades of existing ones or lost ones. Just timing since there was a sale. I’d recommend that people wait for bargains for items that are not urgent. The regular sales in Lazada are good timing.

Louie Diangson – Managing Editor

I bought most of these products during the sale. The phone holders are for maximizing the space on my desk and to make it more organized since we use plenty of gadgets for work. The USB-C hub and the wireless keyboard is for work as well and to experiment with my Samsung Dex set up. The odd one here is the switch tester as I bought it just to have something to fidget on but it’s also colorful enough to be used as extras for product shots.

I would recommend some of these accessories to those who need to organize their desks or want to optimize their workflow.

Alejandro Maquinto – Multimedia Producer

I needed a new case to house an ATX motherboard and a powerful enough cooler for a 12-core processor. The Kraken X62 is a top-notch AIO that can hold its own, and it’s cheaper than the 360mm options. It’s easy to recommend to people who have high-end machines that are also looking to overclock their systems.

Jewel Sta Ana – Senior Multimedia Producer

I need a regular workhorse which can handle seamless multitasking and run basic office software that’s why I bought it. Also, it comes with a free RAM and SSD upgrade. It was a steal for its price point. I’d recommend it for those who are in a tight budget but in need of a laptop for office and distance learning. Do note that you’ll have to upgrade its RAM and SSD to at least 8GB and 256GB respectively for better performance. It already has a built-in 1TB HDD which you may also upgrade in the future, should you need bigger storage.

Video Team

Joey Maceda – Video Production Manager

I cook a lot at home, but usually with a spontaneous, freestyle, always-winging-it attitude. I decided it was time to start measuring my ingredients for a few reasons. The scale allows me to count calories and nutrients, I can cook more consistently, and I can finally write down my recipes with precise measurements.

I’ve actually owned one of these cheap digital scales before and it didn’t last as long as I wanted. I mean, what did I expect from something under PHP200? However, I would still recommend it if you’re looking for something cheap.

Justine Basco – Multimedia Producer


I bought the electric mosquito killer for our home and thought it looked cool and affordable. It works, but not as good as the traditional version so I don’t really recommend it. Then I got the Marshall Major III for my usual editing and everyday audio experience. It’s stylish and can be used via Bluetooth or an audio jack so I recommend it if you’re looking for those qualifications in a headset. It’s quite pricey but I got it during a Lazada sale for PHP 5,890.

And lastly, I was very happy with the neon flex lights that I purchased. It’s more expensive than LED RGB strips, but it’s brighter and looked great for studio shoots. I highly recommend it including the seller since they were very accommodating.

Alyza Angeles – Multimedia Producer

For the month of June, I bought this Star Master Night Light because one night I got really bored staring into nothingness and I thought seeing stars would be nice to amplify my emo moments. I found it really relaxing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a nice night light. Apart from that, I also bought 2 cute phone cases. A Sailor Moon one and a case that protects your phone’s camera. If you’re clumsy like me, you should definitely buy the latter.

AJ Viray – Multimedia Producer

I bought these items because I just feel like I needed it for work. And yes, I recommend them—especially the ring light and laptop stand, they’re definitely good deals.

Arel Ebana – Multimedia Producer

Since I’m on YugaTech’s video team, I need to have at least one backup hard drive to store all our assets as well as my project files. I bought the Seagate 1TB Backup Plus not just because of its function but also due to its look that compliments my Macbook’s design aesthetic.

Even though it is quite pricey, I still recommend this hard drive. Aside from its form factor, its got a pretty fast read and write speed, plus, you also get a complimentary 2 months Adobe Lightroom subscription included.

Josh De Leon – Multimedia Producer

As we’ve been working from home, most of the tech things I’ve bought for June are mainly for my Desktop and multimedia equipment; particularly focusing on storage space and camera add-ons like such as SSD’s, lights and a 3.5mm adapter so that I can use the Rode as a standalone microphone. Staying at home also made me want to upgrade my home-office aesthetic, so I recently got into customized mechanical keyboards and got a Geek GK64XS Kit.

If you’re looking to upgrade your computer especially for maximum productivity, PC upgrades are definitely worth investing in.

The Andoer fill light can also be used for other things like lighting up dark places of the house to being an effective mood light during night time, making it my most versatile purchase yet. And did I mention it’s USB-Type C?

The keyboard kit on the other hand is really just something I wanted to reward myself with and to help keep me motivated to stay planted on my desk more. Although I do admit it’s not the most necessary computer-related purchase out there, I can’t deny that mechanical keyboards are undoubtedly fun to type on. It has Bluetooth connectivity and charges with Type-C as well.

Enzo Angeles – Multimedia Producer

I don’t really buy that much tech products but the last thing I bought was an Xbox One from Datablitz controller for my PC. I Bought it because it’s hard to memorize controls for the keyboard and since it isn’t really a high-end one. Also, I don’t want to break my keyboard. I recommend the Xbox One S controller so that setting it up for your PC will be easy.


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