LRT-1 kiosks to accept beep payments, load

LRT-1 kiosks to accept beep payments, load

LRT-1 private operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC), in partnership with AF Payments, Inc. (AFPI), has announced the pilot implementation of LRT-1 merchants as new channels for beep payment and loading services.

Under the partnership, stalls can become LRT-1 merchants, allowing them to top up passenger beep cards with any load denomination. Every LRT-1 merchant will have a portable Standalone Payment and Loading Device allowing them to process loading of beep cards and payment transactions without the need for any integration with a Point of Sale (POS) or any external processing system. This promotes faster payment transactions, reduces the need for coins and loose change, promotes accurate and transparent reporting of transactions, and enables handling of less cash for hygienic purposes.


“We partnered with LRMC for the beep card program in order to promote contactless payment. We also believe that with the beep card, we facilitate convenience for riders and encourage more sales and loyalty for both Master Siomai and LRMC,” Big3 Fine Properties, Inc. Owner and Master Siomai Franchisee Angela Hizon shared.

“At LRMC, we believe that safety and convenience go hand in hand. Contactless transactions have become part of the new normal for a safer and more convenient travel experience. We came up with this initiative putting in mind not just our commuters, but also our station merchants which will enable them to create operational efficiencies leading to better customer service,” LRMC Corporate Communications and Customer Relations Head Jacqueline Gorospe said.

LRMC aims to engage more of its LRT-1 partners in this initiative and invites other merchants to incorporate in their business for a safer and more convenient experience.

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2 Responses

  1. Katie Han says:

    Much prefer loading my beep cards through kiosks to minimize contact to other people. Now, I just get the choice to enjoy a snack while doing so.

  2. Dianna Jane says:

    I’m glad they’re looking for more ways to do contactless transactions, especially with more laxed restrictions resulting to more people going out and commuting. I believe it’ll be safer and more convenient for them to top up their cards this way.

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