AKG K612 Pro Quick Review

In the world of headphones, not every pair of cans is meant to be your everyday driver that you could bring on your commutes. Some are more of a stay-home kind of tool and such is the AKG K612 Pro. Let’s take a look at what this sub-Php10K reference studio headphone offers in this quick review.

Design and Construction


The AKG K612 Pro is characterized by its open-back design which gives off a unique sound performance compared to its closed-back counterpart. Because of this, we see the cups with its holed, perforated design demanding attention right from the first glance.

It also has a circumaural approach wherein the sound drivers and ear pads cover the entirety of your ears rather than just resting on top of them.


It sports a leather strap that serves as the headband which supports the head to hold it in place. Stitches are see running along the edge of the leather which adds a classic touch to the overall design of the K612.

Staple to the support are two plastic stems that serve as the main skeleton for the headphones. Since they’re made of plastic, they result to a lot of allowable bending on the entire device but it doesn’t feel cheap. In fact, it’s the opposite as they seem robust.


The earcups that cover your entire ears are nicely padded and are wrapped with a velvet-y, velour material. The paddings initially feel a bit hard, but sets in after a few days of wearing it.


The leather headband is attached to a thin sheet of aluminum which ensures durability for extended use. This implementation kept things light yet durable for the usual wear and tear.


Since this is a reference headphones used commonly in studios, the package comes with a long 3-meter cable and a gold-plated 1/4-inch adaptor so you can use it on normal jacks in addition to the 3.5mm audio input.

All in all, plastic is what makes the majority of the headphones, combined with leather and a bit of aluminum. As mentioned earlier, it feels like AKG didn’t skimp on quality as it feels solid even though it’s mostly plastic.

Comfort Factor


As mentioned, a thin slice of aluminum is what holds the leather headband. It is reinforced by another layer of plastic to further support this moving piece. The whole mechanism shown in the photo above slides up and down the main frame to adjust depending on the needs of its user.

We’ve had it on for quite a while and we could say that it’s a pretty comfortable fit. Not only that, it’s lightweight at 238 grams and doesn’t come off even when you’re moving around. Its 3-meter cable also allows you to move freely and without much restriction.

Sound Performance

Due to its characteristics (light, has large drivers, and open-back design), the K612 Pro is aimed towards sound designers, composers, and the likes to get a faithful and natural sound reproduction when testing or mixing audio.

We’re glad to report that this is what it really is all about since we got lifelike audio performance wherein we could distinctly point out the instruments playing and effectively pinpoint where its sound is coming from. With the K612, mids and highs are warm and detailed, while the lows are also easily discernible.

We just found ourselves wanting more in the bass department since we like (and we’re used to) the powerful thumps delivered by closed-back headphones. This aspect is pretty much subjective and really depends on the user.

Another thing we found lacking was the volume level. The K612 requires a lot of power to drive more volume out of its source so having, say, an additional amplifier helps in this situation. We connected it to a FiiO amp and yielded satisfactory results.

Finally, its open-back design provided a large soundscape and is far from delivering a flat sound. With it, you feel like you’re inside a big recording studio which is always a good thing for sound engineers or audiophiles alike.



The AKG K612 Pro is a well-crafted, lightweight pair of headphones that deliver balanced, natural-sounding elements with a spacious soundscape. It doesn’t appeal to everyone and is most certainly not for your everyday travels. Rather, it’s made to stay at home or at a studio and worn during extended periods of time.

This pair of reference headphones is priced at Php9,339. It is available in A.Refinery Cebu, UP Town Center, JBL SM Megamall, JBL SM North Edsa Annex, and JBL High Street.

AKG K612 Pro specs:
Type: Open-back, dynamic
Design: Circumaural
Sensitivity: 101 dB/V
Frequency response: 12Hz – 39,500Hz
Impedance: 120 ohms
Maximum input power: 200mW
Cable length: 3m


  • Lightweight build
  • Long cable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Open-back design provides a wide soundscape
  • Balanced sound reproduction


  • Not made for portability
  • Not for bassheads

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