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Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker Review

Want a portable Bluetooth speaker that is eye-catching yet capable of producing great sounds? Then you might want to take a look at the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker. It comes in five appealing colors, packs great audio, Bluetooth connectivity, and a price tag under Php9k.

Design and Construction

The Bose SoundLink Color sports a straightforward but clean-looking design that comes in five colors: Blue, Mint, Red, Black and White, hence the “Color” in the name. The body is mostly made of plastic with rubber strips that goes from the sides to the bottom. It looks boxy but Bose curved the sides to make it sleeker and comfortable to hold.

On the front we have the Bose logo and the speaker grille that covers two drivers and the front bass radiator. Right on top are rubber buttons for the Power, Bluetooth, Aux, Play/Pause, and Volume (the first three buttons have corresponding LED lights).

Down at the bottom are four rubber feet to make sure that the speaker stays in place and doesn’t produce vibrating noise while playing.

Turn it on its back and you’ll see another grille for the rear bass radiator. Found at the lower right part is the microUSB port for charging and the Aux In.

One of the best features of the SoundLink Color is its size and weight. It measures 5.3 x 5.0 x 2.1 inches and weighs in at just 1.25 lbs which doesn’t take much desk space and it’s easy to lug around in a small bag.


Connecting to the SoundLink Color is easy. Just open the Bluetooth radio on your smartphone or tablet and connect to the speaker once it is discovered. It would be nicer though if this is equipped with NFC like the JBL Pulse for quick pairing. Once connected, a voice prompt will tell you that it is connected to the device (connected to “name of device” ) and you can start playing your tunes right away.

The SoundLink Color can remember up to 8 most recently used devices. And since it has Bluetooth you can place it anywhere within 30 feet range from the source. If your audio device doesn’t have Bluetooth you can opt for a wired connection via its 3.5mm auxiliary input.


Sound Performance

If you think this portable speaker can’t churn out loud, small party-worthy sound, then you’d be wrong. The SoundLink Color is capable of producing loud sounds that you won’t feel ashamed playing it outdoors. It won’t blow bass in your ears but it’s good enough for a small gathering. Play it indoors and it would sound much nicer since the sound is more contained.

As for the quality of sound, the SoundLink Color is good in delivering bass. It’s punchy and robust, however we feel that the sub-bass lacks a bit of power. You can still feel it but there are times that we crave for more of it especially when it comes to party and hip hop music. Bose probably played it safe on that lower end of the spectrum to make sure the sound doesn’t get muddy when you crank the volume.

Mids and highs sound good as well. It’s crisp and clear without becoming harsh or piercing. It could use some boost though when it comes to clarity to emphasize the edgy or sizzly parts like cymbals and guitar riffs. Looks like Bose limits this as well to prevent distortion at higher volumes. Still, this speaker can certainly satisfy especially if you like rock, classical, or acoustic music.

Battery Life

The SoundLink Color is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that promises 8 hours of music. True enough, we were able to get almost the same battery life when mostly playing at around 60-90% volume. This is good enough for long trips or outdoor activities.

If you’re low on power, an LED indicator above the power button will turn up red (yellow when full), reminding you to plug it in. It utilizes a microUSB port for charging and comes with its own charger. If you forgot to bring it you can just use any smartphone microUSB charger and it will recharge the speaker. You can even charge it with a power bank if you like.


The Bose SoundLink Color is an amazing speaker that comes in a portable package. It doesn’t have fancy features like waterproofing or NFC but it has a nice build and youthful appearance which very well compliment the sound quality it produces. Although small, it is loud and has a good battery life.

Good audio hardware from a respectable brand come with a price though and we’re talking about a SRP of Php8,500. So if you have the budget and you’re the always on-the-go type with good music to share, the Bose SoundLink Color is a good one to have.

Bose SoundLink Color specs:
2 speaker drivers
Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP
3.5mm auxilliary input
MicroUSB port
5.3 x 5.0 x 2.1 in
1.25 lbs
Blue, Mint, Red, Black, White

What we liked about it:
* Great sound quality
* Good build and design
* Easy to use
* Portable
* Comes in 5 colors
* Good battery life

What we didn’t like:
* A bit pricey
* Lower bass and upper highs are a bit restrained
* No NFC

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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11 Responses

  1. ace says:

    How long does it take to recharge from empty to 100%?

  2. Rex says:

    What will happen when the battery dies? Is it user-replaceable?

  3. Lewel says:

    Does it sounded mono? Considering that the 2 speakers are close together. Thanks.

  4. Kupz says:

    Bose – Better Sound Through Research!

    Mahal sya pero di masasayang pera !!!

    Proud ouwner of Bose Soundlink mini. Mga kapit bahay na mamangha sa tunog.

  5. ewanlangha says:

    purely for music only?
    no microphone for handsfree features?

    well its a bit better than JBL flip 2 w/c is P6,4K

  6. Karl Mac says:

    Bakit “a bit pricey” pede namang “pricey” lang. Magkano ba ang “a bit”?

  7. gaze says:

    Bluetooth speaker ‘braven 440’ i bought has also 2 speakers have very deep lows and clear cut sound, also rechargeable, has also input 3.5, can charge ur phone for 80-100% while still playing music for 4-5hrs, can survive water splash or rain fall but not dipping it in h2O, also has the led indicator, has on and off sound indicator and when its successfully connected. Price is 3500 only, downside is the base is so good it bounds off during some deep lows when in full volume. it does not distort when u max the volume. all u have to do is place is on top of a towel or something soft and flat so it wont bounce off. got it in Trinoma Electronics area 2nd floor. worth every penny, if you have 8500 to splash, choose any higher end Braven and get more functions like can charge ur fone twice, in and out 3.5, has led light torch, more beefy sound to cover large areas, the braven 440 can fill up 3 studio condo sized rooms and have a mini party. great when watching on notebook, games or plain playlist

    • Kupz says:

      Braven din dapat bibilhin ko. Pero di ko talaga kinaya tunog ng braven. Maganda naman tunog nya, pero napaka layo talaga sa tunog ng Bose. Iba talaga tunog ng Bose. Mahal sya pero sulit na sulit talaga.

  8. PogiAko says:

    Saan po nakakabili nito?

  9. PogiAko2 says:

    Saan po nakakabili nito???

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