iDrive Online Backup Review

Been using a number of online back-up services for some time now. I even need to upgrade my GMail Inbox from the current 7GB that I’ve almost used up to the paid annual storage of 20GB.

My recent purchase of the new 11.6-inch Macbook Air also prompted me to look for additional and alternative online backup service. The internal SSD is only good for 64GB on the MacAir so I needed more storage I can access anywhere.

So I tried out a new online back-up called iDrive (see here). It comes with a 5GB of free online storage and if you want more space, you can get as much as 150GB for just $4.95 a month. If you’re a sucker for storage, they also offer 1,000GB (that’s 1 Terabyte) for only $79.95 a month. Don’t know what you’ll be using that 1TB for but it might be good if you have multiple work stations.

A few months ago, I also signed-up for Amazon S3 because I needed a back-up storage for my blogs. It turns out iDrive also comes with a WordPress plugin where you can download and install to use with the blog to make back-ups automatic.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

I also use several PCs and a Mac so it’s good to know that iDrive supports Windows and OSX platforms. I’ve downloaded the sync software to my Mac and started backing up files instantly. Will be doing the same with my PC when I get back home to Manila. iDrive is also available as an app for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones which makes it more convenient.

So far, the service has been smooth, pretty easy to use and configure. The pricing plans are reasonable as well. Will continue using iDrive and see how it goes in the comng months.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review by iDrive.

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