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Samsung Sero QLED 4K Rotating Screen Smart TV Review

TV screens have evolved ever since they existed back in 1972. Fast forward to the 21st century and huge, flat screens that can access the Internet and streaming services are what you would see nowadays.

The Sero QLED 4K Rotating Screen Smart TV is no exception to that, but it comes with a twist. And by twist, I mean Samsung has given this TV the power to change its orientation.

Samsung Sero Tv

So what does the Samsung Sero TV have to offer? Let’s find out.


The Samsung Sero TV catches your eye with how unique it is. At first glance, you would think that it’s a screen you would see in the malls. The screen is a 43-inch screen that comes with its own stand that has the TV’s speakers. It’s quite a heavy set so be sure you’ve got someone who can back you up in setting up this device.

Samsung Sero Tv Review

The TV is made of plastic and has 4.1ch 60-watt speakers below the screen. We’ll get into that more in a bit. For ports, the Sero TV has one antenna port for your cable television needs (if you still use cable), four HDMI ports with one being an Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), one Ethernet (LAN) and two USB-A ports.

Samsung Sero Tv Ports

The remote of the TV is a SolarCell Remote. This means that you can say goodbye to your double or triple A batteries as the remote charges with sunlight or indoor lighting. It isn’t a bulky unit nor was it heavy to hold with one hand.

Samsung Sero Tv Solarcell Remote

You have your essentials such as the power button, home button, back button, play/pause button, volume and channel buttons, but you also have buttons for an Internet browser, Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. The upper right button is unique to this TV as this allows you to change the orientation of the TV, allowing you to use the screen in either vertical or horizontal view.

Samsung Sero Tv Remote


As the name suggests, the Sero TV uses a 4K QLED matte screen with a 60Hz refresh rate. The colors pop out, allowing users to have an enjoyable viewing and playing experience. This is thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology which grants the QLED screen to have 100% color volume.

Samsung Sero Tv Display

I was able to watch videos and play on the Nintendo Switch with the Sero TV and I had quite a great time as it wasn’t an eyesore to use the screen for long periods of time. You don’t have to worry about glare on the TV as its matte display reduces this.

Samsung Sero Tv Hdmi

My only gripe with the TV is that, while watching on the device is a treat for those who are seated on a chair or standing up, those sitting on the floor would have an awkward viewing experience as the angle of the TV feels off. You would on notice this if you nitpick, or have the TV propped on its stand like we do. Still, it isn’t too bad, but it’s something to point out.

Samsung Sero Tv Review Ph

I played an assortment of games such as Pokemon Scarlet, Persona 5 Royal, and Mario Kart 8 on my Nintendo Switch that was docked to the TV. You can see how smooth the characters move on the screen as the assortment of colors would jump out on the screen and pop out without any lag or delay. It was nice to explore Paldea, go through Shadows and Palaces, and drive past your friends in races.

Samsung Sero Tv Screen

Watching videos on the device is no problem either if you aren’t into gaming. I watched episodes of Black Butler, checked out Honkai Star Rail trailers, and binged Physical 100 on Netflix and you can see the details of the media evidently. From glistening sweat drops to fur and little sparkles, you can be sure that the Sero TV captures them well.

Samsung Sero Tv Review Philippines

OS and UI

The Samsung Sero TV uses its proprietary OS: Tizen which runs smoothly for the most part. You might have to get used with navigating around the UI at first, but it isn’t that hard to pick up.

Samsung Sero Tv Ui

The TV is able to connect to your device and showcase whatever you see on your smartphone to the screen. The connection is based on how strong your WiFi is for both devices so if you don’t have a strong signal, you can expect sudden disconnections. It can also detect whether you’re using your phone on portrait or landscape as it rotates to follow the orientation you’re on.

Samsung Sero Tv Rotating Screen

Well, most of the time. I have had moments where the screen would not rotate but the view would only change on screen. This could be because of the WiFi connection, however.

Samsung Sero Tv Phone Connection

You’re also able to download different applications on the TV like other streaming services and even games that you can play. I got to try Solitaire and Doodle Jump which were a bit tricky at first to pick up, but you can get used to it eventually.

Samsung Sero Tv App Games

There are also different picture and sound profiles that can change automatically based on what you’re doing with the TV. For instance, when I plugged in my Nintendo Switch, it was able to detect that I was going to play video games so it switched to Game Mode, optimizing the refresh rate of the screen. Of course, you can still customize the preferences to whatever you’re most used to.

Samsung Sero Tv Picture Modes


As mentioned earlier, you get 4.1ch 60-watt speakers below the screen. I didn’t think they would be loud at first, but man was I wrong.

Samsung Sero Tv Speakers

Even at the 20-30s in volume, the speakers really come through and deliver loud and punchy sounds. I didn’t ever feel the need to go beyond the 50s and even then, I would lower the volume because of how loud that was for me already. You can be sure that you’ll be able to hear the vocals of what you’re viewing as they always came out clear for me.

Samsung Sero Tv Volume

For those who are looking for bass on their TVs, the Sero has enough to give you that oomph to whatever you’re viewing, but it’s not as intense as to make the whole room quake.

Samsung Sero Tv Gaming


You can’t go wrong with picking up the Samsung Sero QLED 4K Rotating Screen Smart TV especially if you’re looking for a TV that won’t be too big to hog all the space. You get a 4K QLED screen, and though it only has a 60Hz refresh rate, you still get a smooth viewing experience.

Samsung Sero Tv Os

The biggest point you get here is a ROTATING SCREEN which is something to impress your guests and give you the ease to present with your phone no matter what orientation you’re using.

Samsung Sero Tv Vertical

The only gripe here is the OS’s learning curve and awkward viewing angles, but for what it can do and its price, it is a great contender for your next TV. With all that you’re getting for the Sero TV, it comes with a PHP 74,999.00 SRP, but there is a promo price going on that reduces the Sero TV’s cost to PHP 68,249.00. You can also get a 1-year Disney+ Subscription through the Samsung Redemption website, a free Galaxy A14 5G Black and Sero Wheels that you can attach on the stand to wheel the TV around. These offers are available on Samsung website (but is not exclusive) that will run up until May 31, 2024.

Samsung Sero Tv Colors

What we like:

  • Rotating screen
  • Loud speakers
  • Vibrant colors

What we don’t like:

  • OS learning curve
  • Awkward low viewing angles

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