Android pisses on Apple logo, Google apologizes after

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8 Responses

  1. accel says:

    Someone’s gonna lose their job at Google today.

  2. aztek says:

    Seriously, Apple deserves to be pissed because of what they’re doing with iOS right now. iOS started to be a cesspool of mess and bugs since version 7 and it seems like they’re dead set on keeping things that way.

    I’m sure that Steve Jobs is having a facepalm in heaven right now because of Apple’s incompetence in delivering quality software and user experience.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure Android user. Whatever you say.

    • aztek says:

      On what part of my statement above did I tell that I’m an Android user, you prejudgmental idiot?

      I’m certain that even the hardcore iPhone fanboys and fangirls out there would say the same thing about the show-stopping bugs of iOS.

      Apple has taken quite a hit in software quality lately and it’s pretty evident with the bugs found on iOS 8.

      Seriously, I don’t know why did Apple fixed something that isn’t broken on iOS.

  3. vic rod says:

    piss baby

  4. John says:

    Ginagaya na din ng Google ang antics ng Samsung? What a buffoon!

  5. Before more comments rush in, the edit was made in Map Maker. It is like the Wikipedia of Maps. Anyone can edit it, create roads, name establishments, etc. The difference is that Wikipedia can instantly reflect the edits made by anonymous users, whereas Map Maker has the entire community as moderators. It’s misleading if we say that Google screens and moderates the edits. The thing is, the higher the number of approved edits a Google user makes in Map Maker, the higher the authority of that person to approve/deny an edit. If the user is a frequent user of Map Maker, chances are some of the common activities he/she does in the app is not moderated and automatically approved. Think of it as a trust-based system. The more approved edits you made, the more the system trusts you. To make the long story short, a Google user made the silly picture, it’s probably automatically approved, or some other Google user approved the edit.

  6. toofunny says:

    It just shows the INSECURITY of google to Apple! so obvious. hahaha

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