Google as the research tool of choice...

Google as the research tool of choice…

Around early last week, I noticed several Google search referrals on my blog forthe keywords “top filipino bloggers” and “top philippines blogs”. When I saw those terms, only two things came to mind — it’s a new curious blogger doing some ego search of sorts OR a company doing a quick check on who’s who in the Philippine blogosphere.

So, when we were done with the Exist PressCon yesterday, that was the first question I asked them. I had other relevant questions thrown their way during the QA sessions, the one I was able to catch up to, since I was unreasonably late because of some snag I had the at Pakistan Embassy (but that’s for another post altogether).

To make the story short, yes, they Googled it. And though my blog was one of the top search results, those pages were actually listing other bloggers — a list that I always exclude myself from out of delicadeza.


Anyway, here’s another list I just found from Performancing Partners, one with Philippines as a tag.

We got some Press Kit and a couple of giveaways but I can’t blog about it because I wasn’t able to make it during the formal talk. Migs wrote something here though. And we had some chat with them about their corporate blog and a few more. I think they’re the first Filipino company to have a corporate blog.

There was one question I asked which covers our academic IT curriculum but I think that one’s reserved for PTB later.

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